the power of words

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Ya Know .... I Was With Some Poets When THIS Was Said ... “When it comes to your poems, what defines success ?“
Unity in Diversity Separation. Rampantly ruling the modern world. Black. White. Muslim. Christian. Countless wars waged on misconceptions and prejudices.
Sometimes I Write Right Through The Night ... !!! Until SUNLIGHT ... Retires My Mind ... I Guess The Darkness Suits My Rhymes ... ? And The Times I Like To Write ...
i am drowning in words i wish i could say   but, i cannot   it is why i wrote them instead of spoke them
Words are powerful little weapons, They can build castles and tear them down. Power-packed like a loaded pistol, Waiting to shoot until no one's around. Our words are deadly and can kill,
Frozen. Stuck. Words failing to form. A story too long to focus on. Suddenly, A butterfly thought. Fluttering around before landing on a new paper. The world fallen silent.
What does Poetry mean to me? The words in my head that I can't get out. That's Poetry. My fingers flwing over keys as my head clicks along. That's Poetry. Poetry is me. With a computer. And my brain.
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