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Unreachable, uncatchable, hard to claim.
An untamable spirit, fierce, full of love. As dangerous as a hurricane, more calming than a dove. Some claim she’s a warrior, retaining belligerence.
Pandora! NO! do not open up that inbox! you will release all evil and sin! they will not forgive you for being unorthodox!   unless they do not figure out it is you, who has long luscious locks 
Her eyes were soft She was beautiful up close By nature and for no one else But men desire what they don’t have Her eyes were panicked She told him no Cried for help But no one came
In the Dark   Time slipped through my hands and now was the moment that I had been dreading. Then, with a hushed tone,
I look around I see the beauty of the world As it revolves around me  I hear all my 30 of my friends calling my name Telling me to hurry up and come play I touch my smoothe skin 
Hello.  It's me, the girl you left you left in high school. Hello. It's me, the girl you left at door to your first job interview.  Hello.  It's me, the girl you left at the church altar. Hello.
I can remember wishing I had lighter skin Ashamed that my melanin didn’t fit in Her Ivory skin Tulip lips Seafoam eyes stared at me
When I knew I was growing up I thought I was out of luck I lost my brother Who was truly like no other  I was depressed and sad I was really mad The choices I have made because of this were not smart
Each scar tells a memory It's your turn to tell your story. That's now a part of you You just have to find the clue The way you see it may be blurry.  
No one knows me Hiding between lies and decite  No one knows me Faces are made up, and walls as high as the eiffle tower No one knows me Trying to hide the pain that going through my daily life  
There are only two types of fear When the outcome is beneficial and when the outcome is detrimental. can't hear my own thoughts can't feel my own hands How come it's when we have control 
I fear Nothing. I’m afraid that it will sneak into my head, slowly, many years from now, and nibble away at my mind.
This is a story, my story of broken glory It isn't very pretty, it's honestly quite the contrary So buckle up. This may be slow right now but trust me It hit 100 miles an hour before it started Because now, you don't know me.   I am sad to say thi
I jab at my food, make it into shapes,rearranging the roasted kernelsand carrot bits into a psychedelicmasterpiece.
What poetry has taught me is to be more creative   To write what I felt and to hear it sound right in the mind as well as out loud. To broaden my mind and be imaginative,
What poetry has taught me is to be more creative   To write what I felt and to hear it sound right in the mind as well as out loud. To broaden my mind and be imaginative,
the man in a boy’s façade.  an exquisite salesperson, a  fruity hint like citrus. he thinks with precision, like a marksman with his fifteen bullets and his  quivering mockingbirds,
The love we shared was shattered in pieces When I placed your photos in my book's creases I was torn apart when it all ended Badly crmupled and emty-handed   I knew it was the last goodbye
I have been through it all From dawn to midnight I survived the heartaches, bitte truths And yet I am alive   I have been through it all From a start to an end I learned to walk, to run
To the woman I strive to be,   I desire to be a woman of honor With character as pure as the freshest pigment. A woman whose integrity is like the simplest stroke of a brush, Straight and unwavering:
Dear Thorn in my side, You haven’t always had your razor-sharp point embedded in my skin.  
Loyal Elfish Humble Unquie Artist
dear Perception,   while human life is ephemeral, art transcends all time its everlasting infinitude, exceeding the constraints of the hour hand…  
Dear my closest friend   A day never passes by Where I stop and take a look at the sky Thinking of my closest friend And how they came to an end  
Dear Unknown,  I'm not afraid of you, although I should be Your mystic is a whrilwind of "what if's" and "when will's", 
Dear Ethan,  When we met I have already held your body I have already kissed your lips You were once my Ava I loved you so much  I still took you as Ethan They weren't the same person
Love is a paradox Beautiful yet ugly. Beautiful when it is true for you Beautiful when there is support
Good morning beautiful,   How was your day? Can we meet? Did you eat?   I love you It means I accept who you are
look around US, my love, look at the way they treat each other, sidechicks, drunken nights, the love of my life, are You real?   no remorse, no regret, no feeling at all.
look around US, my love, look at the way they treat each other, sidechicks, drunken nights, the love of my life, are You real?   no remorse, no regret, no feeling at all.
I am 16 years of age  I'm a young lady filled with rage But because i love you , ill throw it all away Just to see you happy for another day I'll crosss the largest sea, day and night
Because I thought I loved you, I shamelessly walked in your shadow. Because I thought I loved you, I was blind not to see that you were shallow. "Fresh meat" "Innocent" "Virginal"
Ah yes, the classic fairytale.  Where a young women embarks on a selfish journey for  someone else to save her, her prince to kiss her  her hero to slay the dragon.   
There once was a street rat named Aladdin, Who was crushing on Princess Jasmine, With her pet Raja, And his big tiger paws, He hoped for true love and a companion.   Aladdin met the illustrious genie,
We thought you'd do your part from the very start and provide for us like a small marketer running his cart. But no. You couldn't handle the prod, the pinch, the feuding.
Why does a country full of such beautiful faces always try to put people into their places? Mouths that discriminate run free making others scared to breathe. Some too focused on the faces
Identity war!      People vetted. People gone.           Thought this was our home.
I am an introvert No I’m not a creepy psychopath Who watches people from my upstairs bedroom window I attend events Sometimes
“Land of the free*” As if.   As if women do not scream for equality As if black people are not afraid As if trans kids are not shunned And the gay flag tucked away  
My year My year? A roller coaster taking a nose dive off a pier.   I've lost some, Far and near. Some close and dear. But I persevere   I ask myself, why am I here?
No, 2016 was not my year. I tried so hard to keep your near. Months briming with sadness and loss, left me reeling at the cost. I swore you were the one, turns out you were just in it for the fun.
2016 led so many astray, While I’ve only begun to find my way. What started with goodbye, that was fleeting, Ended with the most sincere greeting; To starting again, Moving past “remember when.”  
Walk with me to find a clover, It times of sun and rain, Share with me your laughter, Which echoes down the lane, Walk with me to find a flower.
What on Earth excited you, about waking up at 6:00 am to get ready to go to school? Was it that cute boy with his locker right next to yours,
    Their noses are higher than their IQ's they step on sweet innocents as if they roses.         When will they relize?      We fumble around as if we've been shotten , but in reality we are all just rotten.
Poetry is like a friend She forms an understanding of my heart She listens to every beat I can always count on her She makes me feel like my feelings and opinions matter When I fall into my most dark times
I crave to adore you when your at your worst Share a love that can not be dispersed I crave to be held close to your chest as my head lay to rest
When poetry found me, I was just in the seventh grade, My teacher droaned on, About different formats, And styles, And then free verse found me.   I grabbed a pen, Snatched a notebook,
Behind closed doors is where it staysDark and gloomy to the mind's eyeIt avoids our creeping gazeWell aware of their ignorant lie
Meaning. Fills life and keeps it away from despair, And darkness that constantly fills the damp air. Sometimes the meanings infront of your face, And sometimes the meaning will be found in an unknown place.
Exposed no longer a child Quickly grew and spent I heard them argue They never reconciled I clenched my pen If not now then when                          I let go  
They   tried,  
All I need? I guess when it boils down to it, The bare bones, when everything else is stripped away Are just... Words. The words that both anchor me And set me free   Without the words,
There is no moment in time without expression. It begins with a PRACTICAL need                                                 (we NEED a tombstone.
All I need is a brain of my own, that is able to think, to wonder, to remind, and to roam For if it wasn't for my brain I wonder where I would be because the path I go down is completely up to me
Stranded on an island, and I'm all alone I have to bring one thing and one thing for my own  Some will say a phone or maybe even something to read No not me, I want something I will need
I am... Someone who doesn't stand out in a crowd, who lingers with friends,  hiding in the background. I am... The one who watches, warily guarding those who I know,  and those I don't.
ou Only Mentioned What “I Am” By Kelsea Thompson   Dear…. Barcode why should I be a copycat I’m told not to be copycat
 Horrible and unmorally making dreadful and odd decisions Being the person everyone hates As the days pass I machure Changing into the to the person you would adore
I am... This christain girl who just wants to spread the word of God The minority that worked her ass off in high school to get accepted into a PWI The athletic girl who enjoys playing every sport
I am 17 with a heart cold like ice I am 17 chasing cheese like mice I am 17 learning from my mistakes I am 17 aiming to be great I am 17 with more and more mistakes I am 17 becomming better every day i wake
I Am.. Today I am different than I was yesterday. I survived yesterday so it makes me stronger for today.
"Let me kiss away your pain" It's not that simple My scars are not visible But the cuts are deeper than any knife I don't let my struggle show  
I am flawed, I am different, I am moody, I am normal.  
Everything was great on that sunny day,  my sister calling at work? What did she need to say? Her voice was muffled and I couldn't hear, 
Summer time is now over,                                    
I am from a place where my roots run deep Like a “Virginia live oak” that’s iconic of the old South Stretching from the Coastal Plain Tidewater to the Majestic Appalachian Mountains and back to the place where
Freedom Stand up for what you believe in Fight for what you believe in Even bleed for what you believe in We are all born with it as we cry our way on to the American soil   Freedom
No kidding, I’m black And you’re white And she’s Hispanic Don’t lose your head We’re all just colors No need for all the panic The only difference between us all Is the complexion of our skin?
Shes screaming out to the girl she once knew,
your mind starts to crumble like a sheet of paper written with words that no longer have meaning,
Get ready for the picture Take the picture Filter the picture Edit the picture
i'm an 18 year old kid from a smallass towni'm up in the twin cities now tearin up that art school shit (nah)and fuckin up on the dailybut that's just me you gotta put up or shut up
I am who I am A loser, one who did not succeed.  One who fails to meet expectations.  One who doesn't understand how to work the system. One who doesn't care about the repercussions to their actions.
I am an artistic soul. I sing, I dance, I make digital art. I am a diverse homosexual male With the essence of a female A flare of masculinity And a celestial heart.
when i was eleven i described something as being “so gay” and my mother told me never to use gay as an insult because i had two godfathers and they were in love with each other
Mirror Mirror, on the wall Let the pendulum swing and fall. 
Strong That's what everyone calls me Like it's my name Like it's my filter They say I don't have to be But it's my only lifeline   Strong If I don't be it, if I don't use it
Hate is a good thing, When it comes to bad things, But hate is for the next generation. When they look up to rap kings Who promote bad things, gold bling, and diamond rings.  
A book—Book of Life you call it? What can your Book tell of the supposed life I have chosen? Can it acquit me of my unwilling contribution to the institution that has enslaved my mind, soul, and spirit?  
Every day is a gift,  all the days just flow so swift try to live positive & for others try to uplift... <3 You are here for a reason bigger than you I know some time you wonder what am I here to do? Is it some thing huge &  grand, here...
Me, Myself, Personally…   I am, the smile that stretches for                         miles
What's life without an aim
Every moment i perch myself upon that plastic seat, i wait. Every time the sting of feelings prick my eyes, i wait. Every sound that occurs to my ears, i wait.
What really makes a man a man? Is it the guy who can make a dream a reality? The brother that can make a fantasy his destiny? Or the gentleman who attends meetings dressed fancily.
i wake in the morning, having no warning, of how i would be looked at like i have on a funny hat.   i walk through the halls with no fear at all knowing that who i am
I am I Corageous but shy Captivated by the birds Who are just like I Stand firm on the ground But seek peace in flight. Whether in darkness or in light. I am I strong willed and kind
I'm a leader. But my value doesn't depend on how many followers I have.   Picturesque.  Pounds of makeup doesn't define beauty nor does 100+ likes on a photo.  Social Media. 
Graphite. Eraser shavings. Coffee-tinted paper. It all starts with a blank page and an ephiphany of creativity. The pencil feels at home in my hand as it glides with precision.
I walk into the bathroom i turn my head as my eyes interlock with the me within, I SEE With you
    Scared. Scared is a word I could describe this as. But perhaps,  It's the gentle shedding. Of old skin, or weathered leaves. Both things changing.
Yellow leaves, from the maple tree that lined our street Falling stars race across the sky; it makes me fall to my feet
You want me to hide.
I never really understood why Instagrammers hashtag #NoFilter As if it were some kind of excuse To say “Hey! If you think I’m ugly, it’s because I have #Nofilter.” I find it rather unnecessary to
What would I change?
Not every bird is born with the instinct to fly. Not every child is born into a world of pretty pictures. Some must crawl before they walk, doodle before they paint, or wobble before they soar.
Its been a minute since I've felt it, so I'll start off with a hi.
All around me I hear laughter, Yet I am not laughing. They did not hit me, but inside my soul is hurting. I look whole, but inside I am just a pile of broken pieces Waiting, hoping, praying
I sit and I stare into the mirror at my chest.
Didn't anybody tell you that Longchamp bag  supposedly made in "Paree" won't matter in ten years And didn't anybody tell you it's rude to make fun of him because he can't afford that
I was crying all the time, She couldn’t be there for me. The children were sad, My heart was hurting.  
Red Dresses by Clacie England   An invincible, cautionary soul Holds itself high above it’s worth No misgivings; a person is as tall as they want to be Breaking social stereotypes
There's something you don't understand.  Maybe it's the different lives we live Maybe it was what I was wearing
I am flawless But not in that way I am flawless Because I live today I dreamt of suicide once upon a time And I literally thought That death would be fine I looked down the barrel
What are filters? Filters are cover-ups, concealing the truth, Concealing the true identity to which the entity does not wish to share. They cover, so others do not see. From press, to speech, to a selfie,
Broken she looked, As she sat on those stairs. Once a halfway point- But it just could no longer be there.   Trying to find peace, I just had to set her free, as something about her-
I see them down the halls  Hear their hatred along the walls. Do they not care? Their words are something I cannot bare.  Why must they pick on me? All I want is to let be. 
There were times when I wasn’t happy with who I was. There were times I was too confident in myself There were times where all I wanted to do was run and hide.
Me at my core is nothing more than a little boy Who wanted a pet dinosaur A boy who wanted to become rich and famous and become a candy connoisseur
Mirror, mirror On the wall.
I wake up, #FLAWLESS. No make-up. Bra-less. Should I wear jeans, or joggers? Every morning I go through all this...   20 minutes til I catch the bus, Eyebrows on FLEEK, hair looking plush,
I can post a picture on Instagram of me, And think I look okay enough for the world to applaud.  But then I see that girl, who seems to be much more than I could ever be.
Looking towards the future Reflecting on the past Seeing the person in the mirror with new eyes Worthless and hopelessness has left the frontal lobe Walking down the enlightened path Awaken from the dead
Peaceful minds, peaceful thoughts.
Hidden faces, secret thoughts, and unseen emotions Building a superficial wall of counterfeit endeavors Masking internal desires and devotions Disguising each fault from past friends and lovers
Okay soNice to meet ya but I wouldn't wanna be yaBecause being myself only gives me a spellA kind of happiness one could never tell
Life is an ocean, Filled with mystery and fear.  We fall in line with its rhythmic motion, Pushing us through the hardships and the tears.    Imagine swimming through life, 
I guess I never really thoug
When you are humiliated, abused, or attacked You feel as if something you should have, but lack Your soul is alone, but precious are you Wishes and wonders why people have not a clue  
Like long standing mountains, I am weathered and flawed, Made beautiful by life's disastrous, awesome turns. I am insecure, Searching for meaning in a life I once thought I did not deserve.
You are probably wondering what I look like without a filter I have Flaws Too many to count My forehead is too big My mouth too wide My skin too dark I have black heads
I grab a rag from the old wooden stand; Society was staying my hand. Begging and screaming to not take it off; But as I stared at myself in the mirror; I was not happy with myself.  
the girl they see quiet, shy, sweet, strong, the girl I am. loud, outgoing, smart, deep, I am both girls unfiltered. and im completely happy,
I'm racing my ghosts. They drift silently
To Bully is to be cruel, Noreason reason to do so, Hurting people, Making many cry for no reason, They become depressed and build up anger, Many kill themselves to end the pain, And for what?
Without a filter I'm just a kid, Without a father and a mother in prison, I've seen some things that you'll never see, Things that make small children scream, But what you can never see,
Sexual preference  Is not just sexual preference Is spiritual preference
Who am i? I am me, myself, and I l am not you, him, or her,
  Im standing on top of a hill tired and out of breath yet i see how similar my way up that hill is to my life.
See, society has this pre-conceived ideaabout how a black personespecially a black girlshould act.  
Its a feeling not a knowing. Curiosity and randomness lead me to you. I feel so blue. We are so clueless. Where to begin and where to end.
Like Thunder Roaring Through The Night  The Sounds of Boom Get Louder Like A Gun Shot Over The Horizon Cries of Fear Heard From Street Corner To Street Corner Trees Are Falling Like Soldiers In A Great War
Reality is the harshest form of rejection. So Ill tell you while I have your attention.
People always say a picture is worth a thousand words
I am the girl that you see in photos without any makeup,
Small with a big attitude Accompanied by an even bigger mouth A sweet, loving smile that will quickly turn into a pout Kind of boy crazy... okay maybe a lot Can't blame me, I mean some are quite hot.
"Look in the mirror and tell yourself you're beautiful' . I'd repeat it. Look in the mirror and say " I love you". I'd try , but nothing would  come out . I'd go mute. I spent most of my life trying to hide myself.
You may play me out and have the media cover me up and show me as a lie.but this kind of rage and heartache can never be covered up with all the bloodshed flowing in the street, and many not understanding why
NIght comes and goes im in a deep sleep dreaming about what happenes next  i wake up tired and my long day startes i have to use public transportation to get to my destination 
My heart made of gold holds intentions so true Reveal to me your demons held inside of you Open up and let your guard down a little bit too Releasing your pain is just what I'll do
Sometimes you have to reflect Look back to the past Take a trip down memory lane Pop some Advil because there will be pain Close your eyes and start What's the first image that crosses your mind?  
I am that poor girl whose waning hope gave birth to passion Or perhaps I am a pupeteer with a marionette by the name of "Semantics"  Some days I am the crisp morning drizzle
Through a window you think you can see the other side
Hoping for destination, she  gropes toward brightness, across spaces like tundras.
  Spending the day stuck in a simple bowl                          A
On this world of 7 billion Me? I'm 1 in a trillion Unlike some of you out there, I voice my opinion and do not care If you think I'm right or wrong That's the secret to staying strong. 
Master Mind
Everything is created In a Bang We bang to create life The Universe bangs to create Life We bang ingredients to build a cake We bang our heads to make a mistake. Everything is just a bang.
On Always on In our hands we look Lighting up our face Words flash color bash technology hold us And we can let go
He Stood Tall Forever growing Tall as a mountain Larger than a Building He's an Idea that is always growing
Walking down the halls I see it everywhere In some way shape or form bullying is going on. This needs to stop.  I am but one person but my voice is heard by thousands.
For starters I'm more confident than anyone I know Litteraly, nobody can match me when i put on a show
Pay attention to the eyes,  the windows to who she really is.   Meet Miss Hyde. Spontaneous she is  Outspoken, yet respectful. Life of the party and responsible Definition of style,
Every aspect of my life has Always been a splintered crack between myself and who I wanted to portray.  It wasn't my fault.  I just wasn't good enough.  I was not satisfied with who I was,
I remember the dark road The road I left behind I remember the knife in my hand and  the thought in my mind. For so long I sat My dreams were all blind But I would no longer wait
Society Damned if you do
To be honest,  Society, It's the worst, And it's the best.
I am sick of this. Aren’t you?
When I close my eyes I'm travelling with backpacks hanging off of me they aren't heavy because they're just enough
I stand at the horizons of other men,
I have two faces but I only show one No one knows my true face, none All you can see is my mask Nobody even cares to ask Who cares?   My real face shows my trepidation
A man once told me He told me you see That you can be anything You wish to be   But what he says And what I see Are nothing but visions Of obscurity   The mirror reveals
I come from rice and beans The food of my people
"I love you, sweet heart" No, you wanted me. "You're my little girl" No, I was your toy. "I didn't hurt you" Yes, you did.    "You're such a spaz" I'm sorry, I just get excited.
Being two people at the same time is hard.
Rumor has it that scars of gold kept you hidden behind a veil of words that were forbidden to hear, and the tattoos of watercolors began to slosh around on your marble skin, until no single pigment could be found.
I stand behind the curtains of an unaccepting society Pulling at the seemingly infinite weight Yearning to be nothing but myself   The curtain weighs down with He/she
I protest - Not for peace in this  world - We will have no peace - I protest - I Scream for thought - I refuse  to remain at peace -
            "The road less traveled" Frost was and is still onto something. We, humans are so scared and dependent: Waiting for someone establish and cultivate a barefaced modus operandi.
When I had no place to go, your door was closed.  And when I knocked, I heard it lock. So I let the rain cover me, and as it flows with my tears, I know that I will soon have to face the mirrors.
Fidgeting, sweating palms, racing heart- Please relax I say; my insecurities can rip me apart. I'm so scared, on the fringe of fright. This disorder makes me believe that I'm not at all bright.
Someone once said that we all wear a mask to hide our true self and to fit in with the rest. But whose mask is the best. I think we have reached a point where everyone has a mask. I don’t know who I’m talking to and that makes me feel bad.
Dear mom, 
People judge me by the looks and the actions they see daily. It is hard to show them the real me. The reason I don’t show the real me because I’m afraid
"Shes strong beautiful has the whole world at her hands"  yet shes sad scared and surrounded by everyone yet feels so alone  "Shes Beautiful.."  She Cant stand to take full body pictures  "Shes confident"
My illness defines me, I see no way around it. They don't believe in me, They think me weak,  They think me fragile,  They think me suicidal. The people who should care for me. 
I am a slave to their words, a mutt in their eyes, for bastards like me were not meant to survive, I have the face, the nose, eyes, and lips of a Salabie, a rich man’s name,
I find you really nice and cute and all, But I doubt you'd ever love me for the colors that hide inside of me. I could tell you that I’m burgundy And you’ll laugh back, saying “red”.   
I dance to the rhythm of their hearts I speak their tongue for they can understand the words that flow out I bite my tongue so they don’t hear my inner thoughts
  I was handed a mask at a very young age. Society offered, and like the rest I took the bait.
I’m on the inside looking out Biding my time till I can stride out I push and I pull and I purposefully repeat But these durable bonds are unbreakable My unlivable cage is indestructible I yearn to be free
I am her. I am that girl who is the most liked in school. I am that girl who everyone loves. I am that girl that everyone admires. I am that girl who all the school boys like.
Do you know the girl behind the mask? Everyone thinks they do; they could not be more wrong.  Photography saved her when pain changed her, Reality made her the very thing she had feared;
Changes don’t happen overnight;  but if they did, think of it this way: dusk is the beginning of the bad stuff. The darkness sets in slowly, and then all at once,
Melt the liquid make-up from my solidified face. I have let my friends, my family, and myself weld it straight to my face. It masks my freckles, my fear, and my blemishes.
It's been my dream in life to be taken seriously To be intelligent To be adept To have a voice   But at every turn it's If you just used a little rogue and shadow
In grade 7, I had an idea. A man. He leads a tiresome, boring life, And when he sleeps, He escapes in his dreams. How beautiful, I thought, A man so in control of his dreams.
A blurred version of myself stares back at me the trail of hot tear stains linger on my cheeks as I ask the reflection "am I beautiful?" the question presses into my mind,
My heart whispers. And I panic.   My heart will whisper and it will murmur. I was scared, And I couldn’t breathe, When my heart leapt forward, And forgot to beat, For the first time.
How I long for the center stage To be finally out of this mental cage How I wish to be who I want to be and to live happy, properous, and carefree   But if I show my very true form
Warmth enfolds me. The cleansing current upon my spine, without it I'd be filthy, and safety no longer mine.   I remain concealed, behind this curtain, due to my most solemn doubt.
I am flawless not because of my looks, But rather because of the way I study my books I am flawless not because of the clothes I wear Because clothes can go out of style just like my hair
The mirror is my perfection. It reflects, contradicts, opposes And reflects, reveals, interposes. I am; I am not. Two same divided. It allows me to realize what pride hid: Mistakes, mess-ups, mull-sided
A facade of what you want me to be. You want nice, I am perfectly pleasant You want smart, I am intelligent You want silent, I am mute When people need me I am there
The same weird looks I receive when people hear my last name are the same ones I get when people get to know me.
The man behind the glass mirror striding with the shadows the voice behind the tranquil singer is he deep in care or is he shallow?   He is neither subdued nor self-centered
All that separates us is a curtain.   The one you’re looking at- The side made of Sugary pink fabric- Is the side I show you. I decorate it with Bright lights of hopes,
Why should I feel lesser because you are jealous? Why should I feel like I should jump off a moving train because I have friends? Why should my best friend belittle me for making changes in my life?  
Change will save the world.  Treating others diferently because of their skin color, sexual preferences, height, weight, likes, dislikes, financial status, religious views,  and disabilities 
I won't cry in front of you, but I'll cry over you. I won't let anyone see me break, but I break down. I want nothing more than to go to school and teach, but it seems like a long shot.
Fiting into my jeans is almost as difficult as fiting in with everyone else. The fear of never being wanted is almost as scary as my fear of being "that girl."
*/ /*-->*/
There was a conversation that never happened Not even a deleted scene More like a storyboard Lost An idea cut from the first draft    And you are costarring
When you ask me who I am there's so many ways I could view it, 
my sweet love
Shuffles of papers of decks of cards Rearrange, restage the stars. “I like stars.”  Reception: laughter.
The gates have cracked The walls have fallen I don’t want to go back I found myself here I cannot let this go
My Reflections As I stand between two mirrors I expect to see my own reflections But I don't The mirror in front of me I see the relfection of a warrior A warrior with a vicious look and a sly smile
I've made a deal with Mephistopheles, One signed in crimson blood.  I resigned a significant portion of myself To a hell in which you can't even imagine And for no greater reason than
My first hour I'm a zombie
Little ones, afraid of the dark, know more than we do. They know secrets are in the dark,
When people see me They don't really see me The smiles The laughs The "I-don't-really-give-a-fuck-about-it-all" attitude Is what keeps me safe
My own chest seizes at the sound of sobs Watching rose petals fall from their stems with ease Remember  How a touch of sweat will form ink globs
"A Poem Written at One in the Morning on a Random Thursday" or "Maybe Curtains and Masks Aren't So Bad After All" or "A P
Respect... such a simple thing yet it is something that is earned
I know I'm not perfect.   Thick thighs and basic brown eyes, Stretchmarks from growing too fast, Calloused fingers from instruments, sports, painting, drawing, writing, clumsiness, and burns,
What constitutes a mask?For me, bright eyes, dazzling smiles,and false perfectionsconceal the truth.
Im fearless and flawless with my feet on the ground And I keep going with my head in the clouds  My heart beat, beats and I'm not slowing down  I stand out from all of the crowds  
I woke up like this. Natural. No makeup.   I worked for this. Curls. Products and oil.   I threw this on. Clothes. Skinny jeans and a hoodie.  
If I were less afraid I would have turned myself inside out and shown you even the darkest sublevels of my conscience.  I would have scooped out my thoughts Like the innards of a pumpkin
you like b
There is something holding me back Perhaps a nagging feeling in my head? Every time I see a reason to offer help I tell myself I would jump At the opportunity.  
Daughter of an Irish man,
I am 16, nearing the end of the 2nd cycl
Following an empty roadAnd down a narrow path
Arrant and austere, Highs and lows. No in between Just excessive extremes Of commendable and baneful times, Blissful and despairing moments That altered me Into whom I am.
Chin up Eyes open This is you You are here You are real   The darkness has finally faded No one can bring you down No one can hurt you.   
staring at a crowd- a clique of friends but, alas, I am not one of them walking on the outskirts, outsider looking in sitting in the back, needing some oil for my tin congratulations I'm the first one
Do I need your approval, For anything in my life? Do I need your judging, your input, your thoughts?   I'm stubborn aloof, unemotional. But, I'm creative, ambitious, original.
Is this me? Who have I become? Why am I different? This new person seems weaker
The doors open for shows at seven, And prohibit customers past eleven. When the time comes and the clock strikes the hour, Hundreds of people charge into the tower. Swarms of customers all rushing about,
At the break of dawn, after the sun’s come and gone, When it’s pouring rain, when you’re in searing pain, When the icy wind blows, and the gray clouds snow, After two hours of sleep, and all you want to do is weep
I speak loudly and I speak proudly about everthing about me Ask me any question and I'll give you a dissertation I wear my heart on my sleeve And so it's hard for people to believe
A heartless beating thumps in my chest My head manifests an illusion of what was
just smile because it’s easier than to confess just wave as if somebody could care less just go and maybe you’ll soon progress just stand even if you’re below the rest   they say
Dancing around as if no one is watching when there are many eyes  Coming up with catchy tunes that can appear on the radio Dressing in a style that is whimsical, free, and unique
On the steep ledge, i reached behind me a flower appeared of the ordinary as my eyes started to close the world seemed to immediately freeze i forced my lids open and trembled in the cold quiet breeze
I sit in class bored out of my mind The teacher reads, but I'm far behind Hamlet's asking, "To be or not be?" I'm asking, "Do I want to be me?"   Do I have to decide right here and now?
You'd be surprised to figure out who hides behind these lies, You'd be surprised to figure out who smiles while in disguise, It's me, the girl who you see smiling all the time,
The crevices of my soul Are left untouched by the purest of men. They do not craft me, I craft myself. A pretty picture I paint to the world,
Hidden Behind The Curtain   It's a masquerade ball monsters are beautified to all
I've heard it said that to see a mans true face, you need only give him a mask. 'Why give someone something we all construct anyways?' I ask. 
Flawless... long legs, beautiful face, gorgeous body. Those are merely simple definitions that describe a little piece of this passionate word.
Who do I say, Do I say that I am? What am I now, Am I now that I was? When will it be, Will it be truly me? Where does this end, Does this end with a dream? Oceans rolled,
Soft little kitten, not quite yet a cat. Sick of the secure and warm caring lap. Wanted to explore and do things on his own.
My drive is singular, self-relient, unparalleled. So please, back five feet away- It is for your own safety. She is composed of the finest leather seats; Durability.
I woke up like this,Dark skinned
Bullets fly and music blares at the moon 6 at night. Essay, study, skip the bed,
I stand before the world in two places,
I see this man.
When  I look in the Mirror I  am Flawless I have two brown eyes that you know are so rare
This is "state of mind"- Mine, but is mind "the dwelling?" Or is it the heart?
Masks are a tricky task. Something we can only percieve. They lead to schemes,screams and being mean.   
I was quite fearfully made my love for Him continues as my faith remains the same.   The open-minded turn back as for me I strive to be a faithful disciple from His tremendous example.  
Mom, Dad, I have a confession to make
Look in the mirror...   Dang, that's nice! I like what I see? Maybe...   Look at my grade...   Dang, that's nice! I like what I see? Heck yea!  
Who am I? to be exact. Well don't we all wonder that. We each think we are one way or another, but act so differently with eachother. Myself, I think I'm curious and smart,
 Wondering if I'll ever be perfect in your eyes I try to stay strong enough to survive the pain I feel on the inside, I feel so lost and hidden while you stand so tall and confident,
A girl born mid February Such little did they know Soon leaping, skipping, dancing girl They planned to watch her grow   They took her home that very night
The human hear
Flaws and All   They say,"Just make sense of it all". When all I see is confusion. I let these pieces fall where they may until I'm disillusioned.
A pretty face with dark brown eyes,  
Keep my gaze down,Headphones glued in my ears.Smile at the right moments.Do the right moves, say the right lines,And no one will ever suspect a thing.No one will know that I struggle.
I'm not going to lie I'm full of flaws I'm full of imperfections I'm diiferent, but that difference makes me shine brighter than the sun I'm flawless in my own WAY
"Hard work beats talent when talent dosn't work hard." A quote from the superstar Kevin Durant entering his rookie season.   You push so long and feel as if nothing is moving forward,
Beep Beep Beep Beep BeepWake up ugly, here's anouther day to be made fun of.What is that on your face?Anouther pimple?Well it'll have to do.Four pounds of makeup, and you're still barely presentable.
I can't appear from an open curtain, I am quite rather uncertain, because everyone already knows wo I am, I don't understand, How to appear from an open curtain.  
Oh that the lovely flower, which has everlasting powerGhost that holds the flower has taken an hourWho, by chance will grow?And no one will ever showBut, if the winds decide to blow
While she sought an escape, Narcotics became her answer; So I had to drape
Silently in the halls I walk Thoughts and images crowd my head No words exist to let me talk Rogue feelings weigh me down like lead   I've built stories inside my head
I don't understand why in today's world It's sexy to be thin To have so little fat, so little curves It's just bones under skin And among so many beautiful girls  Not one of them loves
Education though, it's awful. I walk into school and want to turn around and go School sucks and should be unlawful. Education though. Education isn't fun but you know what is? Waffles.
I am Flawless Not Flawless in the sense of, Perfect bouncy curls that catch the sunlight Smooth skin without blemishes A slim figure, but still womanly These things are not what makes someone Flawless
Here I am with you over there
Why say how I got this flawless? Everyones perfect God did not create you jawless. So speak up erect, With dignity and pride. Tell EVERYONE who'll hear No matter who you are, thin or wide
Driven, empowered Anything is possible Eyes locked on the sky
What makes me flawless is my beauty, My beauty is not only on the outside but also in the inside. What makes me flawless is the love that I have towards Rene. My flawless love towards him is unending.
Lost in mind Lost in heart. Clouds lay my mind Confusion rest in my heart. Decision are made Only when the mind is clear. Choices are best When the heart is rest.
Somewhere between being born and finding you in the land we call living,
People look at me they wish that they could be a swimmer like me. My hair has become a beautiful blonde color from the amount of chlorine  that is absorbed by it everyday.
My pits are flawless It's a weird trait But it's true Smooth skin Light hair Deodorant commercial quality I love my armpits Few people can say
Engulfed in a deep slumber, I hear the eradicating sound of the alarm clock. As I slowly come to my senses,
they ask me, If you could be straight, would you? but things would've been different if i got to choose,
Energy rich, Soul deep The true-self Cannot be broken.  
I am a calm guy who loves hockey. I wonder where I'll end up career wise. I hear the stress my parents exert night after night. I see smoothe ice ready to be played on. I want a life with no worries, stress free.
I've been surrounded by people, who've greatly impacted my life. "Great", such a terriible word. Its nature is a double-edged sword. For one who conquers the world, whether to spread love or unleash hate
My hair was too long, but I cut it and it’s too short My mouth was too loud, but I shut it and there’s still sound My heart was still aching, but I broke it and it still beats
Look at that tree All scratched up and worn With it's branches turning  Towards the sun And even with it's diversity It remains flawless The branches provide shade
The thick red vale that hides my face makes me claustrophobic. The smell of my faults and failures over rides my senses. Let me out. Let me out! Always happy on the outside.
The past is hidden behind the wall, But tonight I am the Belle of the ball.
Spiritually blessed, This wandering soul triumphs; Prevaricating
My mind is free of almost all the bindings. I create something out of nothing   I am invisible because of the over windng. I am not compatible with their lusting   The world treats me differently
I've got a club, it fits just two Consists of only me and you; I got your back, you've got mine Make sure no man is left behind. Up in a fort with winter chills,
It's in one breath that the syllables come falling out, Can't break one down if they don't know a thing about doubt, I'm stronger, braver, wiser, faster, Than I ever been before,
when we startedit was a messno structureuntruthfulnessit was bound to unravelhit the truth lighton some hurtful levelit was bound to fall apartfrom the lies the secrets
Today I wake up study, socialize, breath wash, rinse, and repeat
The sketches in my notebook, and the raindrops on my window This, Blissfully this The art of nature and its beautiful galore, those laughs and those smiles I'd like to see more This, Blissfully this
Words streaming across the page expression flows through each phrase emotions turn from hot to cold anger turns to calm showing other your work praise swells your heart writing breathes life into art
  Oh God, weep upon thy world lost in disgrace, Bound in the transgressions of her first patriarch Has set up for lasting rule this false corrupt monarch; Virtue, love, and humility no longer dwell in this place
Teenage Love<3 pt. 1 his view (imagine)   You were sad so I held you You whispered why did I let him hurt me again? I said you should have never let him..
I am the uninvited guest at a party in December.
i am who i am because i do what i say and what i feel. the question isnt where am i stopping but who is going to stop me . 
Worksheets, packets, handouts too I stare at the blocks of text, nothing too new Helpful, resourceful, that's what they say And I agree, but only 'till I've had my way Dashes, arrows, comments all through
The tree grows, and then the tree dies The wind blows, to the people's cries We are a tree of life, both you and I We grow to live, if even just to try   I love each branch as if each my own
What makes me melancholy, just chemicals in my brain, experiences that I've had, the way my life is arranged,
Winter is a slippery time for walking My clunky boots skate along the ice The temperature is chillingly shocking On this adventure, I’ve only fallen twice   Spring blooms of bright scented flowers
The summer breeze is against my face. The butterflies flap their wings, showing off to the sky. But below, Teens are in the mall, window shopping.  
I said i'm going to rise to the top of the mountain....wait wait wait... I said I'm going to rise to the top of the mountain. Stand on this stage declaring my Name,say. Because I am a king, ayee.
I am in a prison Enclosed by the stress To be someone, to succeed This cage is getting smaller I need some release   Just as soon as I am about to suffocate
Being invisible is easy. Standing out is hard. To blend into the background, To never be seen. It's time to unviel the beauty behind This curtain of invisibility. Life passes, and there you sit,
The first time I heard someone a
 Plants are like people, They all come in different colors Just like Whites, Asians or Hispanics Come in all shades, Like all the colors of people. Just because I am Hispanic,
You have moved forward from you lego days t-ball days, grade school days You have come so far since then, a grand young man You hold the doors and use utter respect, for not only me  but every one  
In his essay "Self-Reliance," Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, "Society is a joint-stock company, in which...The virtue in most request is conformity." Is this not the same society that taught me that everyone was unique?
"Do you need a doctor?"Is what I will say."I'm having a stroke!'"Then come right this way."   I give my timeTo help those in needIn the local ER,Where they all come to bleed.  
Bending, swaying, taunting me, Begging, pleading, wanting freed, white wish-holders dance aloft, dream-cry whispers downy, soft, flying, twirling, sailing high, magic captured, drinking sky,
Each day you wake up, hoping for that magical rebirth that will uplift you and clear your head But it never happens Each day is a blanket of stress, constricting you untils its squeezed the life out of you and you go to bed
I gaze at the many drifting clouds in the sky;  time no longer passes by. The sun engulfs me in a warm embrace  as the soft breeze nuzzles my face. The song birds are singing a symphony of love;
Giggles in the air; The soft baby hair. Squirming in her arms, Not around any harm.   Running up the stairs,  Big blue eyes watching in pairs. Dropping the bag on the ground
When highschool is over and graduation begins, there'll be laughter and joy and faces wth grins. When highschool is over and life offers choices, My words will be heard, my thoughts will have voices.
If you are Caucasian, Asian, or of Middle Eastern persuasion everyone wants to be black for the occasion You wear saggy jeans and you come off like this Do you really know what its like to be black and dissed
A new life Potential with no seeming end A new beginning, no sign of strife But to begin, however, is also to end   A military child Moving from state to state
Fall down.... Get upFall down.... Get upFall down.... Get up We will not fall down againWe will not turn colors againWe will not live again
  The pencil  It lands on the paper, waiting. Waiting for the race to begin; waiting for the picture in its mind to bleed onto the canvas Waiting for it to be caught up by a storm of motivation
I want to change the fact I don't now myself I can't answer simple questions like What do you like What do you do for fun I just want to know who I am  
I own my daysWeekdays? I got this. I succeed.But it's on Saturday and Sunday that I feedMy soul.I do what makes me happy.I live my life the right way, but my wayWhen I do chores, it's still play
A pug who snores and grunts in her sleep, Who doesn't regonize rich from cheap. With a curled tail and a slant to her walking,  And enjoys peering over curtains for people watching.
The wind whips through my hair The other cars zoom by I peer towards my left, And I say, “I can’t believe you’re mine.”   He smiles back at me Our fingers intertwine His other hand on the wheel
Out of anyone and everyone, you're the one I can count on most.   Selfless and caring and charming is what you are; full of compassion.   You believe in me
He downs another beer, His twelfth one tonight. I watch him.
How High   Clouds are neighbors Birds are friends Meer seconds until we meet again   Fear may invoke Do not look down Walkers press the mesh to the ground  
They help me when I struggle, They comfort me when I’m stressed, But most of all they put up with me, And for that they are the best. They pick me up when I have fallen, They cheer me on when I’m at my best,
Darkening gray skies, thunder gurgling in the distance, cracking whips of light sporadically decorate the clouds.   Drip.   Drip.   Drip.  
A jigsaw puzzle, is just like a person’s life. Pieces are missing. Starting off it is very hard, A masterpiece at the end
In this life, we are fighters In our world, they tried to deny us. Time is running out for us We don’t have forever We do not have any time to reconsider We need to make a decision now!
Two years----last time I saw you Thinking and thinking what my life would be if our paths never crossed You seeing something I could not see in myself Seeing a shy, insecure girl in your science class
I have so many people in my life That i adore so much. But the people i perform with Have a special place in my heart. I look at all of their faces as family. Every day i look forward to seeing them
I remember once A story about magic and friendship Love and loss In the story they told me How in a land long ago The earth could breathe Could speak to you if only you paid attention
I’m not really sure how to write a poem about what I love,What makes me laugh,What I’m proud of,Or what I’m awesome at, because that would be an incredibly long poem… But I do know how to make a wicked list.
I've come to understand the power of being too quick to draw conclusions.   Growing up I used to go into situations with preexisting assumptions,   Shutting out ideas I couldn't relate to or accepted
From all the stars in every galaxy,to the electronic melodyof every song that comes through my eardrums.From every relaxing activity
Sitting in my room as the clock goes tick tock, 
Life starts with trouble that takes over the soul. It leaves you breathless and an empty hole,   It can't be filled with concrete or cement. It can't be stopped from growing or causing pain  
Spit on the back of a Barbed Halo They intend to break something they wont As they pound on false salvation Soon begins slow suffocation Other knees broke speeding the process
You complete me. It's not just some high school romance. It's you and I Together. The way you smile The way you laugh The way you cry; It all makes you beautiful.
It’s hard to remember anything about beauty when we feel the world weighing down in our stomachs. 
  Lights Flashing, beaming, blinding, multicolored, bright… This is what I zone in on, when I take the mic tonight.   The applause and cheers fading into a soothing hum.
Its her aspirations that drive her determination and inspires her to be greater. Hard work and dedication, shes commited to versification, on the everlasting road to riches she's trying to make it.
Come and take this magnificent journey, Though my life may seem a little blurry
Before I was, He is Beautifully and wonderfully made I am his When I was lost, he came running to my aid I can never comprehend how he forgave for shedding the blood of Abel  
It's not that I was your cure Or you were my disease Not that I was saving you As you were killing me   It's not your illness Or your dangerous and deadly ways Not that I'm sick
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
I wish problems disappeared when you lay down to sleep at night. I wish they float away like the setting sun. But alas, they don't. And each night you ignore your problems, they grow and grow.
A mere three lines long, please don't feel bad it's so small. 'Cuz nevertheless.
And in this moment, let the mind roam free; release these demons, do it carefully. Mess is not needed, slip away in the night; darkness consumes dead limbs, the demons - they were right.
People talking, looking away, disgust. I walk the hall hurt, confused, depressed.
I'm sad, tears down my cheeks.  Walk to my room, the door slides open. His excitment, running, jumping, barking. My smile big, pearly whites showing Jumps in my arms, licks my face
Delicate toes tiptoed around the edge of the dock, dipping slowly into the chilled water. Erupting ripples followed, lapping and licking the splintered harbor.
She thought she loved,  and found out the hard way. Now he will pay.
my lungs fill with air as the notes enter my blood
Time goes by,Swim suits and Water Parks go away,But memories have stayed.The leafs start to fall,and the nights get cold.
When discouragement fades and emptiness follows
The joy I find when their near The tingling sensations that appears With warm embraces Smiling faces The sound of laughter wafts through the air The glow in my heart for all to see
I am tired of the average poem,
The green grass, the blue sky, the cool streams of water, the flowers, the birds and the bees, Picturesque paradise in a faraway land of lakes and of mountains and trees.  
What is my safe haven?What is my release?Everyone experiences frustrationIn search of a life of easeEscape, Run
The hair brought back behind my ears by chilled hands as we walked through the falling leaves The colors around us vibrant but serene makes me feel warm inside The scent of spices
a book should be like your favorite blanket… worn… with the feeling that you're home…
I sit down  First day, first class New faces are all I see  I see smiling faces Faces, all staring back at me Comforted, that's how I feel Routine, that's what I need 
You are careful. You wash the raspberries one by one with your hands.I am reckless; I eat the unwashed ones straight out of the box as you scowl:“You know they recalled these last month for contaminants, right?”
Forever by my side, 
Music is the rhythm of my soul, It reaches out a fruitful vine. Touching my life, Touching life.   I feel the beat inside, tolling deeply like a tower bell,
Facebook status updateMarch 19th, 2009:is cool like ice on your eyelids, aight kid?
With everything gained and lost in my past I began to think I had hit a brick wall, Yet when you became my first and last I realized it wasn’t the case at all,
The night sky brings old affairsto trample my mindinto a heap of despair The scent of your skinIt warms my mind, hauntinglike a shark surrounding
And so I close my eyes Not for the act of blinking
Summer is a drag At least for dreaded summer babies like me Crunchy leaves Exotic new tea's Fall is the season for me Sweater weather and nice new boots Break out your North Face and cute scarves too!
Ladies and gentlemen, friends from all walks of life, we have had a wonderful summer full of battles sleep, games, and near death experiences.
ShoutShout for a spark.Not a spark but a catalyst of change.A step in the right direction.  
Happiness can be found in the air or in your hair. Happiness can be heard  in the laughter of company or in the peacefulness of your country. Happiness can be felt in your heart or on your skin.
My day begins with the loud turn of a knob,
A sunset in the oarchard
I understand life is not always fair, I never asked it to be. Sometimes I pretend that it is all a dream and when I wake up it will all be back to normal I cry when I realize I cannot alter the past.
Nimble fingers, busy hands- A guilty head tilt off to the right  As delicate lines kiss the page. She spends her imaginary free time in a world of her own. Armed with a pencil,
I’m a poet…and I’ve always k
Cobblestone streets tweet on. Over the bridge, under the stars; like a heart you beat, love a guest to meet. Taste the red fine wine, oui! River sends the Hunchback  to the palace to see the Sun.
my best friends.   we call ourselves “the usual” 
The soul rings and shakes in joy everytime, Intitates the keys that plays on the organ,
My story is unknown No one knows where I've been So now I sit here and wait For my freedom once again.   I'm lonely can't you see I just want to be held Loved like all the rest
Uncertainty is the life I am choosing, but is it not what I requested and demanded? Need knowing is not wanting, is not hoping. Where I end is where I choose, and what I love is what I choose.
Abyss Fluttering into an abyss, dreaming for a way out of this madness I call life. Seeing a way out,
A Resonance Rest    A mystical rise that craves to fall A burst of tones – loud, unmistakable
Carefully veiled behind my calm composure was a life I thought I deserved. Misery, self-destruction and darkness. I was in pain and somehow felt nothing at all. Numbness, helplessness and silence.
Stand up straight.
I walk around the world, confused as a youth, I wonna be successful,
Your parents tell you when you are young, your teachers tell you when you are in elementary school, your teachers tell you in middle school, your teachers tell you in high school,
What do you see, when you look at me? What do you hear, are you even listening to me? Every day I wake up is a challenge. People everywhere, every day, every minute, every second. Not many notice.
Not everyone has had the best life, Just like not everyone has had a bad one. I had to get my emotions right, It was time to no longer run. I don't complain anymore, Even though i know its not fair.
Who am I?Peel back the layers,Scream it to the masses; That I am unclean and undecided. Who am I?Scrub away the sludge atop my skin,
This is it. "I'm drawing the line"
Keeping quiet  Thinking something is wrong  Why does no one talk? Trying but failing.   Always waiting for someone to see me What about them, he or she
  The hill of dirt is a volcano of small spackles of red lava, The sting is a fresh memory of all who have experienced the burn, The pain is still fresh The bitter anger still prominent.
#JustBecause you have an Opinion, Doesn't mean I want to hear it. #JustBecause I'm looking at you, Doesn't mean I care what your saying. #JustBecause I hear you, Doesn't mean I'm listening.
Quiet. Silent. Why should I be? I was born demanding attention. I came into this life screaming.   I write because eloquence just passed me by. Out of my mouth spews forth aberrations.
Reality is plagued with cruelty which we try to escape in every way.Constantly seeking a new exit from the present distaste,We find hideous pleasures in the most unrecognizable treasures.
we've all heard those words "speak what you believe, no matter what" in the world of school, work, facebook, twitter you can't always speak what you believe most of these people will call you out and say
Your face says you don't care if  I'm not speaking about you even if I'm speaking to you. Well, this is about you. About you not showing up and You being the one I'm waiting for and
Always the listener in a conversation,My voice rarely makes an appearance.Being the quiet one gives me a reputation.If I said anything, they would not hear it.
The sun wakes the neighborhood, bouncing off the black shingled rooftops. I close my eyes. Inhale.  And start my descent down the paved hill from my doorway.
HEARTBREAK By: Malaika LeAnne Uding   Sitting on the porch under a starless night,
So you think you're a tough guy?Beating on the weakThat sting in your knuckles echoed by a life timeIs what you createAn artist of despair
Life is gift from God But you have to earn that gift You can’t just expect things to happen Or else they never will   Life is about persistence Hard work and dedication pays off
From the age of zero, starting at birth, where have you been? Did I do something wrong? Do I deserve the Hell and confusion I've been put through? I longed for the love of those whose blood is running through my veins.
" a times we find ourselves looking for time in ourselves ,
If I stayed within the lines, would these words read any clearer?
I walk the crowd yet I am not noticed because I'm not creating a scene I yell my name but no one hears it because I'm not begging for you to take me back
I walk the crowd yet I am not noticed because I'm not creating a scene I yell my name but no one hears it because I'm not begging for you to take me back
What is the love of confidence?
What  a dream...
I found a weed in the garden and called it  "a beautiful flower" but they smacked my hand and called it  "disgusting" "a pest" "undsesirable" and pulled its roots from the ground
I plaster the same smile on every day, Hiding the hurt and burying the truth. I didn't expect anyone to listen, But you did.   You heard my pains and reality, And you still adored me through it.
In the distance, I see blue skies. Empty of tears, but full of life.  
"Long week ended Energy been expended I can barely make a sentence Trynna get it in  But I'm still stuck at the entrance I swear I need a break Sittin back chillin 
  Every story needs an endthat's why were here my friend
One more breath, taking it in. No holding back as I reach for your hand.
Doubt Whe black clouded monster Under which confusion and chaos And self-loathing and grief Drown the souls of the inspirational dreamer and Slowly Kill Their hope
What makes me, me? Is it the way I comb my hair, my brains and beauty, or the shoes i wear on my feet? What makes me any different from you? Is it because i'm so kind
                                         It's easier to be myself in a room full of masquerades.
Society wants me to be beauitful My family wants me to be beautiful My friends want me to be beauitful I am not beautiful, because: they base their judgements on me try to sculpt me, to see
A dad full of push, a mom full hope.. If I don't make it out, Then thats all she wrote. Gotta go to school, Get a good education That's just society's ex-spec-tations I think about the cause..
42 Jackie Robinson's fist clasped in anger From the darkness of confusion His eyes wept pain From the tireless ashes of death.
There is a buzzing in my head. There’s a fluttering, flapping, swishing noise in my head. There is a buzzing in my head. I don’t think you get it. There is a BUZZING in my HEAD.
Writing is an act of thought, A Muse chased into eloquence, A wild idea, tamed and caught And realized through writer's sense The cause itself, irrelevant, The processes behind it too,
we spend, so much time wondering, why we're not good enough,
Dear Dad, You know how much I miss you, But being a good father to your kids had always been an issue, Mom used to say that you were just a drug addict,
“I am, I am, I am.” Oh Sylvia, with your words of gold and your thunderstorm heart;  She whispered her poetic harmonies to me with her dead eyes and trembling hands.  
Looking into his eyes I see the pain
Everyone has a different form of expression everyone is their own piece of art. walking, living, breathing art But what perplexes me so is that they never get to see themselves through someone else's eyes.
I am a living computer I survive on electricity I read sound waves and light waves I have motion sensors, proximity sensors, and heat sensors installed I can analyze chemicals, airborne and otherwise
I used to care too much, now I do not care at all, I have been up with my "friends", but they all watched me fall. My trust was so giving, I thought I was content,
People tell you to speak your mind, but not to be rude. They do not want to hear lies, but say they want the truth. Honesty comes off as being rude, the truth comes off as being too blunt.
Actions speak louder than words don't compare me
In the begining we were all the same Men and women with out a name But, differences made us who we are Characteristics, colors, and all In the end we weren't meant fit in to one frame  
With a swift brush of the breeze, you are beautiful.  Soaking in your everlasting scent, I can see you. The ability to taste your bountiful lips is euforic, in the sense of purity and love.
i live among youi feel emotions just like youi have a family just like every one elsei would feed you if you were hungryi would see you as a friend if given the chance
The hangdog drops, they plunge in pure For fifty feet or so at least, And plummet to their deaths insured As they themselves become decreased, Destruction thus secured.  
Do you ever think about one situation & how one little detail could've changed everything?
There is nothing wrong with asking a question But before you begin, allow me to answer some of the more common ones My scarf does not show regression And yes, I know I look like a nun I have plenty of hair
Does any man 
“what are you?”
Memories of failed fantasies, fill his mind, pushing him to the edge, where the darkness, just isn’t enough anymore.
So Dream Away By Elizabeth Dresdow   What is a Mind? What makes up a mind? Does it have infinite possibilities?
When I look at you I often wonder if I am acctually dreaming,
                                          The truest pain is the one you don't initially feel                     Question, what happened? and was it even real?
Matthew 7:12. Do unto others whatsoever you would like them to do to you. Why is this concept so HARD to comprehend?
I walked with her to the beach Her beauty can be compared to the reflection of the sun off the moon;
What makes me tick         When I look into her eyes I understand what must be done. When I look into her eyes I see the truth. When I rock her to sleep I know what I must do.
It means something to go to college. Whether it be to get an education or gain respect. It means something. Whether it be to make something of yourself or to grab attention. It means something.
Warmth all to your toes Like a cozy cup of tea A blanket of sleeves     (poetry slam tag)  speak your mind slam
That tar that you spit, embellishes oppression Not uncovering another beauty only truly shielding it, no resting Constant stressing about the matters of geography
If my Head is up there a part of  the clouds, then let the words that come out my Mouth,  be the first droplets of a Storm.   Storms can flood towns,  clearing away rust and rubble
Here's a message to every girl across the world. Know that you are not a tool. Stop allowing men to deprive your soul with the pleasure of lust.
Devour. Ingest. Consume.  I am a moster that is always hungry. Hungry for stories. I crave them with my whole being. The twists, the turns, the emotions they stir Sustain me.  Keep me alive.
When the sun goes down, and the moon rises high, When the fire flies glow under a deep starry night, Life surges through my soul, Here I am playing another role to keep people from getting hurt,
Knuckles clenched white throat like the desert I've caught a sickness with no cure   I'll drive familar roads with the windows down Searching for the remedy A dose to make me feel at ease  
Lay me down in a field of wild flowers, Take me away with your magical powers. To a place where there is no pain, To a place where there is no hurt. A place where I can be free,
You go to school. You get good grades. You go to college. You graduate. You get a job. You get married. You have kids. You retire. You die. Guaranteed success.
You cannot see the beguiling manner of those people You, an amiable person Them, a people of many faces You run past the boisterous crowds Only aiming to please Behind the false perfection,
There she goes What does her life show She is happy and she smiles But when she goes home, it only lasts for a while
I was born into a fascade, molded to imperfection. In the first year of my birth, two parents were there. Then a change occured leaving me only one to spare. Grew up with lies, expressed through deceit.
 I was given a bagWith 5 arrows insideA bow in my handAnd a whisper, "Now hide"My heels leave the Earth
  They look like innocent birds,
Long ago, the fire was dwindling With a roar, it kindled and manifested might That devastating roar was realization; I wasn’t truly alive   This is the element of my sign:
Before I knew you I knew i didn't want one of you before I knew you I knew I didn't have a clue once we decided to make you I knew I would love you once we made you I already loved you
Cry little girl.Run and hide.Huddle back into your trenchesWhere the voices lieAnd tell youThat it's safeTo sleep.
I hear a cry. A cry that does not belong to just one but to millions.  They are silent screamers that have no names, no faces, no identities. Against their will they were sentenced to an eternity of cold silence.
Misguided love tells me I hate you Hate to hate but hate stays with you Hatefull hate hates the lies Wipe every tear out your hateless eyes I hate you but you can't seem to hate me
Let me tell you what bullying is Bullying is mean words that get under your skin And the only way to get them out is By tearing open your arms and legs and extracting them
I write to disappear.
My fingers tell a story as they run Sprinting across the paper
I am obsessive,
Yo, My pops hit the intersection, with his leathal weapon On my mother with a birth out of pure unintention And I understand regression, a deep misconception
I write words simple sayings and annunciated actions I speak for myself For those too quiet to even whisper For those who've been sick In the mind or sick In the body
I don't rhyme, and I certainly don't reason.  I don't like pasta or milk, I don't want to hold your hand, Or talk about feelings.   I am not pretty or ugly, Or jealous or smart,
As I drift off to sleep, my mind enters into a door of dreams, a door filled with adventures for me. Suddenly, I find myself in the sky in marvelous flight Seeing the world from up so high.  
I would like to think you could hear me Even though you are so far away As I sit here and write my feelings onto this page   I hope my words are so loud They can reach you, up there, in Heaven
Cool as a summer's breeze you leave me feeling refreshed with such ease. My dearest is funny,witty, and even a little silly..these qualities, or traits, or whatever you may call them
Why can't I talk? Why don't I speak? Is it for the sake of others that my tongue is in cheek? There will always be some things I won't say, There will always problems I can't shout away,
All my life i've watched  All my life i've had no power All my life i've struggled Now i rise to the top
"Listen" My mom is going back and forth Between my dad and a man Always working hard, fussing, and complaining But I make her happy when I can My dad has gone back to school
No one is too small to cause great changes And no one too large to alter all things Many judge solely based on appearance
You reach around the room for broken girls, You know, the ones with those innocent curls. They trust in you, with all their might, Still believing in you when you cut them down to size.
She was always criticized for her dark skin, “Chileee when the Lord made you, He must have forgot to set the timer and just left you in!” She was left too long in the oven, Her skin wasn’t made for loving.
Your eyes so beautiful, Reminding me of a warm mocha coffee on a chilly, cold day, Your smile so radiant, 
My sisters and I come from a land of harsh sun where our culture and spirits live.  A place that contains so much more beauty than one could ever witness in a lifetime.
You belong in a home with locks on all the windows attached to a chair being spoon fed with therapy and pills that hold your sanity.You know all to well that your head is more of a prison than this cell.
Although we advancewe live a lie,in an engineered trance,what dies is our mindsand although we have risen, now we must fallthat, is a given, we must learn to crawl
Came unto us was a machine A device An aid The people say  
Body aching Hands shaking Muscles begin to tighten
There. Sitting just on that abandoned bench. That beautiful girl all alone. Can’t you see someone used to be with her there?
You know what really grinds my gears? Many things that I've witnessed over the years. Problems with society, old and new. Let me take a moment to share some with you.  
I feel so light with a heart full of love you are what I'm always thinking of
          Wrapped in Red &Blue  
42. The answer to life, the universe, and Everything. What is 6 times 9? The question. A nihilist laughing at the world. There is no point. The answer and question cannot
Blue benches, concrete walls, and empty streets Empty skies, no stars....
There comes a time in every teen's life when they open their eyes. It seems like through grammar and middle school we've all been walking without sight.
Happy What Is It? They say Its money They say Its not money What is Happy? They say Its family They say its marriage What is Happy? Is it light? Is it dark?
What am I to do,     When I can only think of you,    Love does not last 
In every w
I have blisters on my fingers Cuts on my heart Cracks in my voice Tears in my eyes All I tried to do was sing for you A love song   I've wrote you countless letters My cut up heart
He is of a fiery nature,  He shatters the earth with his feet, The sounds of thunder with every beat. The winds of heaven blow through his mane, The wildness coursing through his veins.  
The follow
I thought about you today, that's really nothing new. The past is always there, in my thoughts, in my mind; daddy, I used to be so mad at you.
Today is the day that I realize past events have still not been overcome.
               Sits amongst us Can be a friend Can be a foe But how could something so dark be a friend?                 Sucks you in Just to spit you out All disheveled and askew
You sit and do nothing as time flies while you wait for something. Tomorrow comes, whats done? You can't figure out why this key you have isn't working. Its because you've done nothing to unlock the pontial you have, you've wasted time.
When is enough enough? When the child in my heart is crying for its bastard birth? When the mother I never had spits in my face for the last time (What last, and when?)?
Who am I?
Dear Dairy,
The waning sun with a striking color,
Darkness within, Light outside The solo light gleams Giving this lonely room some warmth But not enough
I love to be I be to love I am a tree From skies above   Hear my leaves Fall right here My words will weave
As I sit with a new baby in my hands I look around and ask myself where is he I already know the answer And he's never coming back I left eveything for him My family, highchool, and college
The innocent heart of a young child,   Has sprouted into something reckless and wild.   A teenager not knowing right from wrong,  
When I wrote, I tried. When I called, I tried. When I talked, Looked, and listened I, myself,  was trying   I was trying to save us In any way I could. I was holding on
A baseball bat  and countless buckets of balls    He has been waiting for this day  forever. A chance to show what he's got   His sweat running down his face under the high sun
Pain hurts   Secrets KILL   No one has felt pain until you've felt what I feel.   Scared to open up   Scared to reveal  
I represent the political party that stands on behalf of the half naked Barbie. I represent the woman of the 21 century and this woman is everything, except for her dignity.
College is harder than high school Office hours are there for a reason -- use them Learn to cook at least one good meal
Listen! Can you hear me? I am screaming for help I am welling up With the pain inside, With the thoughts that haunt me   Listen! Can you hear me? I am holding your hand
I wish I may, I wish I might see my guardian angel tonight, and if she comes while I sleep I pray to God she kisses my cheeks.   Leave me more of those sweet angel kisses,
Children, the fruit of society, that explodes through the endlass choas of morals. Who are thrown amongst the darkness, yet invincible to the undying serpent. Nothing leaves them bitter,
I am asked what is on my mind, if you take a look there are alot of things you'll find. 20% of it is dedicated to the past, 5% on relationships i knew wouldn't last. 
Alone and lost the boy searched for April. Finding nothing but silence throughout his ribbed skeleton. All his quest resolved was haunted memories, abandoned long ago in hopes for Spring.
Can't stop these feelings that are dining on me eating away at my brain while you all stay sain.  Living my life on a heart beat feelings up and down can't stop the heat.
Fading Away To depravity, Only ephemeral.   Redemption Quite feasible, if industrius.    A Name Emancipated, From profligacy.  
Honestly speaking, you were never really there Honestly speaking, you never really cared Honestly speaking, your voice started to fade Honestly speaking, I can remember the day
Placid water, My reflection stands still. Though my thoughts in my head, And the emotions that i feel, Run rampant throughtout me, Beckoning tears to my eyes. But no longer will i suffer,
Jobs, they say, must be aquired precisely, distinctly, adequately. Schooling is not for the knowledge that enriches the souls of people, but for the information which must be made of use at the exactly right time.
You were troubled and broken 
Our brain is filled with neurological wonders. It is up to us whether we achieve greatness or plunder.  
vitality dims, the alluring grow grotesque, what is uplifting?
There it is. Those metallic golden gates glistening in the sun.
Shout out the things that are held within you Don't be afraid let them hear you Yes it can be hard you see To open your mouth and let your feelings breathe But Shout it out if you have to
This silence is unacceptable. It's almost like you're scared.
When I look at this little girl I realize she is all alone Feeling that she is going through all the hurt she feels on her own
Athlete I watch the game I study the game I work hard for the game I ask for perfection of myself for the game For that one day I can see my name in lights
I am the being that no one wants.
I dreamt of you last night, clutching my chicken-skinny arms breathing into my lips tinted blue deforming my ribs as your image blurred,
This is for you.   For all the times I wished you would have heard what I said, laughed at my jokes, just been my friend.   This is for you.   For all the times I trusted you,
On my seventeenth birthday I found out that my eight year old brother was getting bullied at school; it inspired me to write this poem.
  When I see Jenny,I see a heart of gold Someone as wise as the old With so much to unfold I want to be there for the ride Right by her side When she needs a friend I want her to call on me and I her
With an education system, Which limits what a teacher teaches and what a student learns, She dealt with standardized testing, As she saw it determining what colleges she got into, she became frustrated and helpless,
Dear Abby in third grade, You were the first We played house, I was always the dad We played prom, I was the boyfriend We played kissing practice, I was your mistake.
To love and care for, to live and let be,
I cant believe how you played me You broke my heart once again Proven yourself untrustworthy I cant believe what you did You took my heart and you used it You made me feel like a fool
I had always been an introvert Never had I spoken out when I saw right or wrong Even when I saw others hurt "The easy life is what I long" I didn't have many friends when I first arrived To junior high
Huh…   Can anyone hear me? Rephrase…comprehend? Cause I don't I hear my echo and it doesn’t sound like me Kinda like when you hear your voice on video for the first time But I know it is me
    In those gorilla's eyes, I see your last goodbye.     In those gorilla's eyes, I remember who died.     When I see the reflection in those eyes, I remember your long missed affection.
Trying to search through all my life,
I used to have a beef with bathroom mirrors. When I left the house that morning I had three zits. Small, but still noticeable. The bathroom mirrors at school disagreed. They say,
We all write for someone One for a parent One for a grandparent One for the sibling  One for the next generation And another for the past generation   I'd like to write
Sisters' limbs intertwined under a flickering flame in summer. Chanting "bloody Mary" and feeling quite insane. In a circle kneeling, our bloodless family will blunder.  
I'm writing this to you, to the man I haven't met. Actually, I'm not quite sure if I have known you for some time, or if you're not in my life yet. I'm writing this to you, you're the one who I will love.
When you wake up you don’t normally know muchFirst thought might be “I need to pee”Second thought might be “What time is it?”But what if when you woke up you’re first thought was to blink your eyes three times?
I look around me I'm all alone When somone calls my name I'm already zoned Caught in a vortex, frozen in time Lost in the music Spitting out the rhymes   Nobody hears me its like I've died
 The Serpent Slithering in silence with a mind vengeful and filled with the thirst of Dracula, Painfully crawling from state to state, home to home and heart to heart,
 B-E-A-U-T-Y What is it about this word that makes people cry? Is it how we use it to label and to judge? And when we use it, do we know how we touch On things deep inside our core
We call ourselves Christians
Engulfed within the depths of my soul remains my only survival defenseIn every breath I inhale, through the exhaustion gripping and tightening around my half beating heart lies nothing more than the reason for why I continue
Take the test. Finish the essay. Join the club. Work hard. Get accepted. You win.  
To be heard, To be noticed, Is what we all want, right? But look into yourself, And truly think for yourself, Is this what you want? Or do you desire the feeling,
I am fine, we say, Why would I ever want  to change the way I see myself everyday? We say.   It's supposed to work like that, we say. I'm supposed to act like that, we say.
Music inspires seeds of intellectual concept to sprout from a fresh mind. Weeds find their way into a mix of ideals when the presence of spirit is in question.
I stand here behind a sheild so strong it has hidden me for years. So fortified that nothing breaches it; not even my tears. But yet this sheild is weak by design, due to its fragile nature.
Depression Have you ever heard of such a thing? A dark passenger that takes your soul A marriage without a ring   Anxiety Have you ever felt such an emotion?
I feel trapped inside of my own body.
There is something about love that cant be explained Some love goes so deep in cant be contained Love is strong it can take a lot of hits Until the one you love wants to call it quits
Is what you see really true, or just a tease open your eyes, I'm not going anywhere as if we don't share the same dream  Love we open our arms for joy to come
We live in such a mixed up world
If I try to help you, will you let me?
16 years old on the street Has a baby girl From being a freak in the sheets Wasn't unprotected But, the condom broke 2 weeks later it was positive So she told her folk Her mom was disappointed
So you want to know what I’m thinking As I sit in this corner on a sunny day But these lips are sealed so why bother It’s for the protection of you and not me
Nathalie was created by an insecure misplacement.Never expected that she would fall for that arrangement,but the benefits were adjacent to her current location.Unaware that her judgement would soon prove to be mistaken,
Four- The number of walls that enclose me. One- the ceiling that I hold on my shoulders as I navigate the maze of walls. Each dead end hangs an array of pictures from my life. Telling my story and the story of others.
Does it make sense? The needy go with out food, The cold without warmth,
I write to be heardrather than to be absurd, I'm a poet, I'm not a bird chirping and tweeting constantlyI write to inspire, ignite, imagine all that life can be, you don't know it now...but you'll see.
Death, so kind, but so mean Charon shall take your soul Through the abyss of fiends
I cry and cry but My tears will dry some day I’ll learn to smile again. Helped by the one The one who knows We’ll learn to smile again. The fake and forced Will be easy and real
Follow me and you may see,
My Voice will be heard. Nothing will keep this person inside Quite anymore I'm tired of not being heard  Not being heard is like not existing Tired of being left behind those I am someone
Since i was kid i never really fit in A loner, an out cast, always had to sit in  I was different, I had talent  i drew, while they play  I sang while they play  I could never understand what normal ment 
I've never once lashed out. Never once, I have I screamed. I have cried my eyes out. But most everything's kept inside me. I keep every sigle emotion Every word I've wanted to say
Have you ever felt lime you needed a second chance? Like your first life you just mest up? Everybody sees you as your not.
What did I do wrong, it's so hard to tell You always say nothing,  like I'm as clean as a bell You tell me I'm perfect and my love is so sweet But you talk to another guy like your being discrete 
I fell in love with you so fast It started to make you think of your past All the terrible words he said The things that your ex put in your head I tried to make you as happy as you could be 
my teenage dream  is already giving up on me only seventeen too young to give us up
I’m broken and bleeding, I’m scarred and maimed, I’m terrified, Yet I carry all the blame, I don’t have time to get help, But I always have time to help myself, I don’t have any friends,
The love will burn, far and bright, penetrating the darkest night.   Though demons hate, and bark, and bite, not one can stand righteous, white light.   As a beacon, the sun will stand,
I know its cliche but...
My words mean nothing.
Inside my mind i find myself preparing for act I. Never really knowing that the play has already begun, I have played the fool and have beheaded the Queen. I have been spy and mercenary and revolutionary and everything in between.
My stomach is empty for their rights I am cleansing my body of political injustices The system that teaches me is robbing others I am the voice of those who work under you This must stop
All I want in this life of sin, Is me and my boyfriend, All I want in this world, Is to be a pretty girl, All I want from you, Is those brand new pairs of shoes, All I want from him,
This poem could rhyme If I would put in the time To win me a dime
Every morning I walk along the promenade only to find hundreds of scorched soldiers scattered across the sidewalk. For a while I wondered what had caused them to end up this way,
It’s hard to rise again After life has repeatedly punched you in the gut Forcing you on your back in the most vulnerable position, The wind being knocked out of you. It’s a struggle to want to go on.
I'm ancient as time, Never backing down, I will always belong on this hard-Earth ground. I sway with the wind, Losing an occasional  branch, For I must be strong, To outlast this storm.
A big full moon shines bright in the sky at the crack of dawn, the sun is being shy. The morning is here, but everyone's asleep most alarms, minutes away from the awakening beep. The first one up turns on the light
I am from pony tails and tangled curls, From detangle spray and broken brushes. I am from my only home, N. Glendale dr. Four houses from the dead end.
You hit me like a hurricane hits land  
Life is confusing where it goes and no one knows which way the wind blows… but think if we were all so intelligent as if school was irrelevant just a place where people went for the hell of it… which it is… if you think about all the hours people
The Sun's warmth Tries to shine through The harsh, distant clouds That the world created around it.
In class so bored and dont know what to do
In class so bored and dont know what to do
WAIT HOLD UP......WAIT can you hear me now or were you pretending to know how or pretending not to hear me
So close, the moment draws near like that awkward shade of blue, the saddest part of life is the sudden urge to stare into the rear v
They say she's a star, That she'll go far. But she's stuck in tar, She's out of luck. Because time slips away And rhyme gets in the way Of reason. But saying so is treason.
Loneliness is a monster budding in my heart painful as love, without benefit.
Word came that Bloom Malloy was dead, and how the joy rang out! With one less monster in the world, there too would be less doubt. The ones he sent to early graves would be at peace at last.
My mother makes to much money. Really were bearly getting by. Tuition increased again well how much did it rise. Guess i gotta get a second job. Maybe ill go to school at night. Whats that still not enough. Guess i gotta put in over time.
No matter what I do What I try to do It will never be right It will never be what you want It never will be good enough But what about me I have dreams Hopes Passions Ideas
Air has been getting lighter since I was pushed in, Feels like forever ago. Water has been getting murkier the deeper I sink, Roof hidden from the low.
Roses are redViolets are blueSugar is sweetYou are tooSmiling green eyesHeld thoughts friends couldn't seeLong sleeve shirtsHeld wounds you did not need
Hear us now for we are a generation Fueled by hope Fueled by dreams Fueled by the belief that we are invincible Although many generations have come to criticize us For our hope For our dreams
  Open your eyes and be wise.
He told me I would not make it So I stand at the top. He told me I did not have what it took. So I went further. He told I would drop out, In my first year, That I would be like my parents,
Dark sky with a strip of light Dark night with a patch of light Seems equivalent to my life at the moment That little bit of light could be anything Just depends on the day or week The light could be dance
I have big dreams and goals for someone as quiet as I am,  No one really believes in me,  But can I really blame them?  I've been an introvert most of my life, 
Your love rises in the east and sets in my heart You and me together, I never want to be apart My love for you is deeper than the depths of the ocean And it causes my heart commotion Cuz my love for you is true
My sight is blurred by tears, As you storm out of the house, Slamming the door, making the house tremble with fear
When I was a little kid
I give you my heart. To love, To hold, To care for.   I trust you will take good care of it. Please don’t lose it. Don’t abuse it. I know you won’t break it.
Whisper with the clouds like only Peter can Sail with the stars knowing you are more than just a Man Kiss the moon good morning, lull the sun to bed We reside in our beginnings we are Free to Never end
Beauty in individuality, Everyone seems to think with the same brain, Singularity is a rarity, Gather us and tie us with the same chain.   People wish to seek social acceptance,
The nostalgia sets in as I attempt to remember a time in my life without music:  
A politician would say, “The people and what is right!” A scientist would say, “The collaboration between all of the organ systems in the body.”
A heart, Broken by all the lies; all the black thoughts that lie in the mind. The mind, That composes images and plays scenarios of unwanted memories. Memories,
                      My people once were                                                                                 Warriors
Shoot me up, I'm feeling empty Give me a shot, a dose of feeling Thirty pain-givers are all I'm needing To give rhythm to this pointless beating   She said "Time crawls but we still get older
I speak, no one listens Watch the water glisten I am alone in silence.   Begging for help from you Maybe you should watch, too. I am alone in silence.   Do you, friend, hear my pleas?
We say goodnight at the end of the day, When all tasks are through. Goodnight is the phrase uttered When we end one thing and start another. Goodnight is for the end of tedius.
Life is a Blessing
From the beginning to the end, your the women that will be there. I seen my life go into shambles and I seen my world become gold, but your always there. I've seen you struggle, I've seen you cry. I know how much you try.
Freely writing, No rhyme or real structure.  Just words, Plain and unadulterated words, Flowing from the recesses of my mind Down to the tips of ny fingers.  Plain and unadulterated words
How to forgive, I don't know;
How can I even begin to tell you How overwhelmed I feel By the erraticism of my own thoughts, Which fly past my outstretched hand In a storm of complacent laughter?   This has brought me
An old wooden box, nothing much, A rusty key, rough to the touch, Alone, they are nothing, Only antiques,
When it comes to sexting in public,there are a few things to know:  
What will we see? When the clock stops ticking Will birds still sing and live on the tallest trees? Will life around still move foward? When the clock stops ticking   "Time is cruel,"
I laid in bed making a map out of you. I traced you olive vein back to your love as you inhaled. I drew consolations on your moles and took your curves more slowly as to not wreck like I sometimes do.
During junior year, my struggles were hard but inspiring in a way.My parents were thinking about a divorce, so they maySeparate. I felt responsible and gave myself a negative label.
  February 5th 2009…6am  Daddy? Daddy where are you? Dad?! The house moaned and whimpers echoed throughout the walls.
  And when the day comes, it will be lovely A world so ablaze with light, Where the flowers are not stepped on But that is not today, so today we fight.   It is the dark we battle,
I've been staring at the same mirror for too long Staring at the same mirror analyzing the same flaws Ripping myself apart, breaking myself daily I been hating everything, hating this life they gave me
Time It goes by so fast; You're four years old playing with your dolls,
Please do not shoot me, please do not shoot me.I'm begging you; I'm content how Iam.What you're offering is not what I need.If you shoot me, you'll have the upper hand
I write to no direct audience.These words are not racist.These words do not discriminate, or mistreat.
  Live and love Come and go Our life passes Through the window
What I've done so far. I've gone up against the professionals as an ammateur faced off against crowds of parents and hungry eyes I can't say that I've never told lies to get through that though
Tick tick tick Does my mind really tick? Is it a clock on the wall, or a watch on my wrist? What a funny saying, that minds Tick I guess it must be because our lives are run by time.
Insecure, Sensitive, Bitch, Bipolar. These are all the things you have been called, all the things you have been pushed to believe you are. But Cierra, I'm here to relay an important message - a bit of clarification.
If I died, i wished i lived, If i died, i wished you were here, If i died, i wished i were in peace, If i died, i wished i had my first kiss, If i died, i wished i knew,  If i died, i wished i saw the world,
In our primary years of schooling, we learned how to work together, That sharing is caring and be nice to your neighbor, Also, just don't eat the sand out of the sandbox.  
I knew before you came, briefly we met, like ages we met,
  Our generation is composed of those who just want to fit in It's sad when we live among those who think losing your virginity isn't such a dangerous sin
She waits there waiting for the time she has been waiting for, to be forgotten was not her choice from every point of view she has been with a smile that never disappears.
Broken horizon, A symphony of steel, Deep seeded wounds that time can not heal. Silently still,
A home won't stand free, without foundation or walls The building would crumble, the pillars would fall
Girl get your head up Don't settle for second best Gir why wont you pea up Youre better than all th rest   Come on girl get up Straighten up your crown Princess, never let a man
I need the thousand dollars, So I can graduate with honors And become a scholar To help people fight their monsters By becoming a doctor And educating people about health,
A patient heart is well rewarded in time It understands the clock’s tick is a sign Each stroke a step to something so divine There are occasions we don’t fully understand A heart will break so it can learn to mend When life is truly ready, the go
The twinkle of a hidden star
I used to believe once that all humans were strong That they were all titans that could only fall when pushed to the brink of self mutilation
Others living day by day Like a book wide open with no inspiration to guide them What the hell can i say?   There are no words to express The wisdom I have gained It seems i've aced this test
I never wanted to see it Deteriorated faces that pass all around Looking past me at what their lifeless black orbs could not find   I never wanted to acknowledge it, to accept it
My heart wants to speak.My eyes want to smile.My mouth remains shutBut there’s a bad feeling in my gut.
i am the vestige
They say Life is the Eternal Job But what is Life’s main action but to Rob Daily we see homeless people on the streets struggling and searching for something to eat How can you just bare to stand
It was all for you I did what I had to for you
The Battle of Today  
Blank pages, blank people I am a novel not yet written Blank beliefs, blank morals I am hiding out for now   Corrupt faces, corrupt fiends I avoid them at all costs Corrupt bodies all around
Time     passes Quickly the clock ticks Away  roll the days.   A child is born Eyes open wide and she take in the world Days turn to weeks to months to years.
Fighting your entire life for those perfect grades. Joining every club to build your resume. Always the best manners and the teacher's pet. Working all that time for minimum wage.
When you trust someone with your heart, you don’t anticipate it to be broken. When you love someone completely, you don’t think it will end. But one day, that one betrayal can change everything.
To be heard. Recognized, To be admired.  To hear your name on the lips  of strangers and the mouths of scholars To have youth ponder over your thoughts in tests
I sacrificed my tongue in order to resurrect their silence; I replenished their lips in order to bring fourth buried words Experiences tainted into traumas;
The expectations bearing down on me, People taking such wagers too seriously, They continue to beat my mind with a stick, But they don't know what it's like to be Autistic,
I write for you. The one who is always on my mind, The one who always seems so close.   I write for you. My love, my one, my only, My life, my drive, my soul.   I write for you.
He still leaves goose bumps On every inch of my skin Sending shivers down my spine And shaky sighs barely able to escape my lips   When you meet a boy like this
Intoxicated With the sound of my name Escaping your lips, The letters unfolding themselves From a curled up slumber   Your mouth forming letters The way light colored bruises
I didn’t think That I cared   I didn’t know That there was a miniscule tidbit of gloom Hidden in some crevice of my being Buried beneath heaps of feigned indifference  
Forever For what? Forever   And that’s when you let out A breathless sigh That you’ve been holding in Since the beginning Without even realizing   He is a tidal wave
It’s quiet Dead silence It’s never this quiet in my house   I don’t like silence It’s deafening It makes you sit there on the couch With the TV turned off
I am not depressed I can still talk to people And smile at the beauty in the world Laugh at funny jokes   Laughter I will always have laughter   Although there are times
When a girl starts to grow up Her younger brother suddenly becomes older And turns into her protector   We followed each other everywhere And left a trail of bread crumbs in our wake
What does thine universe have in store for me I wonder,whilst sitting on the shore listening to the distant thunder,
I'm trying hard to fulfill my mission But with all these snakes hissing And all these people dissing Trying hard not to listen
Bye-Bye Time
When she walks she feels the stares  Wonders the thoughts of others as they glare Jealous girls Hormone raging boys Who all think they know themselves and what this world has to offer..
"What...makes me tick?hmmmm"   "The word. The beat. the sound. the rhythm.  The feel. The drive. The pain. The smile. Specifically your smile The start. The end. The music in my head. 
  I have decided to take the leap and go off to college. Leaving behind my family, town, and friends of my current knowledge.   While off I will be free to explore, To discover the world once hidden beind closed doors.
In today's world,  A woman has to walk with her head held high,  But still constantly checking behind her back, Because of the constant threat of rape, Or death.    In today's world, 
You tell me I don't listen Do you not see MY eyes glisten? I am a sponge- taking in your every word Every little thing you THINK I haven't heard Am I supposed to create a composed answer
Were born empty a clean slate Only to be carved into and filled With knowledge of the world Knowledge that holds many things   But what if too much is birthed What is to for come the overflow?
We all use our mind as a form to escape from the world around us from what kids call "the bad thing"   We see things that not ever one catches and our mind discards it if it hurts
Strangers are the only ones who make me feel beautiful Those I have known make me feel improved
What Makes Me Tick   The sound of scratching, On a chalkboard. Using a pen and not putting the cap back on;
It's like the death of me
A bottomless pit; the black hole we avoid peering too far into for fear we might fall- Fall deep into a subconscious
Listen, I'm just trying to get my dreams out. Turn the seeds I planted into a green house. Then let it all blossom and bloom into success right?
I life, we have a dream
Oh my little doggies, I see you all in there. Barking and whining, hoping someone cares.
I want you so much it physically hurts. 
Am I mentally messed up too? 
Night after night, I somehow find myself
The darknes
Tell me why I can't go to that party I was invited to last night. How come I can't wear my favorite blouse because your son can't keep his hands to himself? I can't go to the party unless I change.
Tell me how I am supposed to know what to believe in,
ever wonder how wonderful it'll be to fly? to soar across the deep blue blue sky,
Sometimes we do things that we don't want to share. We know that it's wrong, but we don't really care. We laugh, we bully, and we are very mean, but that doesn't stop us from thinking we are queen.
If shadows could write diaries,and Mirrors were the pen,Imagine the stories that would flow?  
I look to the clouds For fear of falling to reality Where dogs’ hearts are broken into pieces We blame the breeds But we don’t blame ourselves For what we’ve done to the dogs
  Real smooth, aren't I? At least that's what my friends say. I'll attempt my best staying on topic
  Dear Teen Vogue, You know, I’d be a lot prettier if I were 6’2 Because then, the thickness of my thighs would be non-existent They’d be shapely. Toned. Long. Lean and Stunning
It feels so fake a place unknown, But a blur in my imagination, Bang, Bang! She dropped Down,down,down, plummeting She's gone dropped dead on the ground.  
Have you ever really thought about life? Have you ever tried to understand the world you live in? It’s important to break past the tunnel vision and gain new perspectives.
The ultimate demise, the heavy darkness to an overpowering light.
Provoking gives you pleasure It only infuriates my mind. Bashing on my purity Pushing down my fortes Life is now defined. Misery chasing me While my triumphs invite pride. You catch sight;
  By Marc Rubio
The thing that really makes me tick is the continuousclock's hands beating to the rhythm of time, and I just wanna screambecause time is nothing nothing nothing compared to what we've
Standing alone after a finished semester,
The despaired circle continued with a twist of the key
Flavors of faces too numerous to count, Jagged-toothed smiles, worn out from laughter and delight, The desire to create, electrifying little hands,  Eyes that glisten with the imagination of worlds to be discovered,
I’m thinking of a place God, help me get there I want to reach it What does it feel like? I’m running in a race
This not so morbid cemetery, with its alive colorful flowers placed everywhere, is a beautiful and peaceful place to be. The morning dew brings the smell of freshly cut grass to my nostrils.
Sun beats down on soft green grass,
We are not invincible, Bones break Like glass shatters We are young Hearts burst open thousands a day We are human Quite the antonym Of perfection
  I wonder why we take from our women Why we rape our women Do we hate our women? I think its time to kill for our women Time to heal our women Be real to our women    
We steal each other's breath as if it's all we need to live. Our mouth's so close that when we breath in we are just sucking air from the other. A seemingly pointless cycle of C02.
  Life excites me. The birds chirping, Trees swaying, The sun on my cheeks, Or The idea of something new, Seeing someone I live to love, It all makes me jump for joy.  
There are a couple of centimeters of skin that you can pull off of my arms, where muscles have atrophied for two years from underuse. The skin is soft, but when you pinch it you can feel a
And if I could've seen where the exits were, I would have ran for them
Snap. Snap. Snap. The woman sitting across from me pops her gum in time with the second-hand on my watch. Bu-duh. Bu-duh. Bu-duh. Bu-duh.
When you tell me To "speak my mind," Don't assume by the silence gracing your ears That I have nothing to say. People always Jump to conclusions, Falling into the trap
Lights Within Us Ashley Shea   A spec afar Whose luminosity amplifies as darkness approaches A small light Suspended in the gloom Much like the hearts within us
An Exit Ashley Shea A sign upon a door Search for your red sign Take your effortless way out An escape from your despair You take the worlds brutal hits With each wound you quiver
Aliveness is Deadly Ashley Shea   He drinks to hide the shadow of his dimmed heart Escaping to the clouds, floating The alcohol, a manipulator Tricking his dark soul into beholding false light
Pockets empty now Head full of wonderful thoughts Still can't catch a break Drowning in debt feels right now It's the American dream
It's amazing to me; the fact that there is so much unexplored, unlearned and unkown is mesmorizing for someone who wants to take in as much as they can before they're gone.
It's not racist if you put one or two minority actors or actresses in a film so that it's seen to be a 'diverse' cast.
Aim to become all that you hope to be, all that you dream to be, all that you will be
What gets you ticking you ask? What gets me ticking is the breeder The sounds of her own regrets The impressions she places down upon me, stained upon my chest  
the thing that makes me tick.the things that make me tick are the things that tick me off --like the fact that not everyone feels safe in their own homeand other people don't even have a home.
Born with the ailment, seeking answers,
Do you know what it's like
I surpass the unsurpassed to conquer the unconquered and foresee the unforeseen. I am the voice of those silenced  to change the unreformed and create peace from turmoil. I speak the unheard of entity
                                   Boredom                                                                                                                     No electricity                                    Boredom
By the shore, I sit Each wave its own soundtrack Allows my troubles to unravel. Children play left and right
Out the front door   I strode, shoulders back     My grin exposing every tooth         A quick glance to my feet             The light blue sneakers glittering before me
MY curiosity fills me with questions DAYS go by before I can answer myself ARE my understandings that limited, or FILLED with more knowledge than I can use? WITH my abilities and desire to know,
Left                                            Right Keep me centered Up  
How can you manage to stay away? The pain it causes… I can barely breathe; Tell me your secrets. How do you just walk away?   At the end of the night, When you sleep in an empty bed,
My lips are a vessel for very few thoughts For many never leave my skull.   They swirl around and drive me mad, Their very presence takes a toll.  
My misery pours out of my eyes, as I drown in my sorrow. With a face of an angel, it hides the pain that lies behind my smile. Hands of my kind soul hide the past from a blade, taken to the soft skin of my youth.
Friends. That is what They claim to be. Yet they reek of insincerity.   They look but to not see A heart laid bare. It merely receives an unconcerned stare.   They hear but do not listen
she hides her beautiful self, avoiding the arguing, avoiding the bottles thrown at the shelf. attempting the stop her eyes from crying,   but she can't,
The clock ticks Tick tock tick tock
Roots grow and grow and grow. Plunging deep beneath the soil Despite the above toil Of birds and bees and human needs Roots grow and grow and grow.   I grow and grow and grow.
I didn’t say I love you I said pass me the potatoes I said I have to work late tonight What I meant was I miss being alone with you I didn’t say fuck you, go to hell I said I’m on the toilet
Rest teabags asleep on my sleepless eyes And dream of the fragments within my mind Fill the empty void inside
All I wanna do is play, But I'm watching the days pass away, And although you don't give me toys to chew, Master I will always love you,   You walk in the door and I'm happy,
Today's society is all about looks But does't the inside matter? Just like a book? People say they don't care Yet they constantly complain about trivial matters such as hair
“March on,” He says. My frail bones sag beneath the load; Too many burdens hang on these tired shoulders, Too many regrets of grand proportion. Darkness falls And with it comes the shrills of mothers,
I'm tired. Stressed. Overwhelmed. The future is banging on my door, and I'm scared because I don't even know what it looks like.
Tick Tick Tick Tock Tock Tick Tock Tick Time envelops a room Swallows it whole Each passing second accompanied by a strum of hopelessness A crack in the blinds Lights aglow
Electricity. Neurons. Synapses. They control what I think, do, see. Or so I hear in Class. Thoughts. Movements. Habits. Trivialized to simple, subconscious connections.
I'm utterly obsessedwith the way the syllables in your nameslip from my tongue.
*Tunas = spanish word for prickly pears   Standing in line to eat the tunas was always like waiting for a roller coaster ride. There’d always be 5 or 6 of us cousins,
I realized this is getting redundant I realized it never trully accepted it hated that what i am doing is repetitive tedious I hate being one to complain feeling alone
Driving is something we all enjoy at first but after time it becomes a drag. For me drivig can stil be fun, just don't be that back seet driver. I know where i'm going, Don't tell me where to turn,
“Good night,” they say to one another;                              Two love birds postpone a return                       To which the dark takes to cover,
waking up leaves a bitersweet taste sleep is serene, its an escape for when you awake you're looking in the face of reality, a reality where it seems the bad outweighs the good
As a child, I couldn't wait to grow up. I wanted to go to high school,  Just like my big brother. I wanted to go to dances and play sports. I always enjoyed my brothers books, I loved to learn.
Do you feel good As their voices scream inside Unable to be heard By us on the outside   Do you feel good Dumping chemicals into their eyes As they twist, and turn in pain
What's the meaning of life? To live and die, Or proser and survive? Maybe it's to feel,
I come from two people that I don’t resemble A man who’s optimistic in every way and A woman who worries every second about my well-being  
As a high school student, I tight-roped between per-pressure and a need for perfection. Only to fall into, what feels like, a never ending rabbit hole of anxiety.
She was just seven years old. The story of her life had never been told. She had plans and dreams. She was more than she seemed And her tears did stream As she silently screamed
When someone says thank you That look of relief, These are the things that I think are neat.   The twelve hour nights The patients that fight, These are the things that make me sigh.  
Darkness, shattered by a spectacular fireworks show.  Dormancy, followed by the sparks of the most intricate electrical circuit.  The signals of eighty billion neurons travel on a journey to bring life.  
What is 'here'? The word I mean Here There? 'Here' -What does it mean?   Is it the physical manifestation of self? Is it the moment in time that all of our cells agree to be contained in space?
Thank I for being there For being the only one who never forged care   Thank I for the love And in the times when me would not, Thank I for the shove   Thank I for all I’ve thought
You want me to get up on stage You want me to make a fool of myself Well why not any fool can speak utter nonsense I do not want a millionaire dollar contract That is just another whip you can use
Life is chess, not checkers One move ahead to most that’s fine Think three to five steps ahead It should be done
She breaks through water, glistening barrier
To them, It's a name in the air.
You always just assumed that things were red and blue. The wonderful evil and the awful truth. No in-between was necessary to you.
Mother's Day should be celebrated with those who are truly mothers. A mother who stayed awake with her crying child every night he couldn't sleep.
My mind is where the universe dwells, The stars, the nebula, the galaxy inhabit my brain cells. The same energy that occupies everything, everyone, everywhere around my being,
Struggle to get by-- Everyone knows the pain    Teachers load on the work-- Gotta stay up late    Go to school the next day-- Big test, oh joy   I try my best but all I manage is to stay awake   Everyone excpets the best-- Everyone wants perfect 
It screamed.   It screamed in such agony. Waiting for someone to hear it. ... Why was no one answering its chilling call?
Sitting and breathing was all she every did in class. Eating and sleeping was all she did at home. She had no friends nor siblings to talk to or share her deepest dreams.
During that night. All the souls went to sleep, All except her. She heard the horrifying sounds the sky made, and the noise the  trees were making.
When I was little, I did not know what would become of me, For I knew nothing but what was around me, As I gradually got older, I came to realize what my expectations were,
I see the world as it is, rotating around and around.   A car zooms by, startling the birds on the side of the street, a perfect picture of two worlds,
You try to paint me in a mold,
An instinct fast, slow, old, new A friend vivid, pieced, blurred, complete A stranger the id, the ego, the superego A fire with no oxygen and at times someone opens the door, and there's backdraft
My head is spinning round and round. I feel dizzy, but can't sit down. My heart feels like it's going to bust. I grab my chest in hopes of calming it. My grades are slipping. My heart is torn in two.
I must be aberrant i see you and you and you humans and viscerally I love you down deep without knowing you automatically from instinct from the earliest racial Memory
In college people get drunk off cheap beer Partying the night life away without a fear
  Being smacked down Before being allowed to get back up again Taught me something very valuable about love:   it isn’t always a cliché  
How am I s
We live in a world where society rules most of us  We create groups to isolate our selfs from larger crowds We figure that if we stay away from the people who try and change us then we cant be changed
"Just go to bed.  Don't say a word, don't look in the mirror,  just go to bed."  You'd be amazed how much less I'd regret If only I ever listened. Mama said to eat a bite,  keep quiet, 
You’d never know the mess she made; she always locked the door behind her The cold made her ever more careful, she could never be too sure What she did in the dark she kept to herself, she wanted to fool them all
It's the little things- really The sound of nail files Or those scratchy folders
My bones ached from the way you said my name. But this silence is violent now as I hear the walls creek. I can feel you radiating life into me. The warmth that your skin brought still fresh on my cheek.
Roses are red Voilets are blue Let me tell you how This is a special time for me and you Not because of the gifts Or the money you spend But because of where our relationship is going
One drop, two drop, three drop, four;     His head in his hands, his tears fall to the floor. Every name thown at him, every prank and every beating;    Leaves his body bruised and his heart bleeding.
Sometimes I wish I can get a
Who am I?
  Sincerely Fearing The Tyranny Of Evil Men I Hide in the Valley of Darkness Becoming Selfish
A smile naturally pierced, It fills my face with boiling blood This one speaks with deceit Devil's advocate, Devil's lust His eyes possess my conscience, They speak not so in tongues
A blank stare into that reflective deception  Where all you can see is cracks and faded lines Where nothing but flaws show Where nothing but hatred is being presented and thought into that reflective deception.
I've got two miniature Chewbaccas under my arms.
Locked in a cage, never know when I'll be freetrapped in a life full of cruelty My baby was torn from me, right out of my gripHow could I ever have let him slip?
Slam, Whizz!  Society- fast and explosive.  Flow, twist; Be one with the emotion, Let it go, No sense in all the holding; As we get a better grasp of what we're molding . . . 
Music: Emotional revelation. Movement. Profound poetry dancing, floating, struggling atop waves of sound or, Wordless sound with colors of its own. Moving me to feel
Debt piling, buy a car, join the academy Be identical to everyone else Fit in with society's requirements Or Find your path, make your dream Do what makes you happy Discover you     
My mind has been lifted; my time has been lifted, Not knowing what, cuz the feels been shifted. The time is now, the time has come, When beginnings end, when the end comes. The fighting starts, we argue now,
I'm sitting watching the ceiling fan spin, You said you'd be here...when?   Please let this be real, Please don't lie!   I've sat here for an hour now, I'm slowly beginning to cry!  
Words Floating everywere Words What do they mean? Forming sentences, thoughts, ideas But what do they mean? Is it my happiness? My joy? I write and write and form words
I often wondered why some fathers never taught their sons how to be men Why they never taught them to walk with their heads held high enough to see the beauty in a women’s face
In the morning I awake, a machine. The first stimuli of  the day flow into my head Like light into a dark, void chamber.  
The world should be a beautiful place The world should be living in peace But it is not. Not at the government's understanding but society. Citizens of America has children  Can other countries not ?
You can call me quiet, but inside you don't really know. All the thoughts are swarming, they are out of my control.  You have done your best to bring me down, but look where I am standing now. 
Look at me.  I'm standing here...waiting. I've been standing here.For a while now actually.  Oh now you noticed me. Stop it! Stop looking at me!  
Have you ever seen that one individual approach your direction? The one that has you double checking your charisma, physique,complexion Did you ever wonder what that individual was thinking?
Are you out thier god because i need to know So i can stop feeling so aloneIm drowning in my tears i cry up to my kneesIf your out there god send help pleaseYou tantlize me by not answering when i call
My heart longs for something more than this. More than a mother, a father, a sibling, A friend, a lover, a companion. I want Relationship. Not fleeting, temporary, one sided relations, But eternal relation.
The river flows on and on Some things are left on the banks Some things float downstream We carry on in our boat   Some say the river is endless That whatever goes in it Eventually comes ashore
Wounded hearts and college textbooks. See, these are the extremities of your late teens and early twenties. I say I can relate when in all actuality…I can. Life gave me a broken heart along with college loans.
Rapidly decreasing stitches when the directions call for them two stitches gone at each edge every other row 14 times In 28 rows, 28 stitches will disappear this math becomes the waist shaping of a sweater, 
A freshman in high schoolI was overcomeBy the lack of ambitionI had becomeStaring at the list of lettersWishing that I had done betterStrange emotions came over meLooking at the letter D
There is a girl, One without a sword. WIth broken dreams right beneath her toes. Everyday she fights the urge to cry. Some people may ask why? For she simply manages to pass by day after day living.
I saw that man on the side of the streetBegging for money for food to eatCause his last meal was two days agoAnd he's dying of starvation but you just say "So?"Desensitized to the pain of these people
Oh weary traveler on this moonlight night Are you lost or do you see the way forward In this pitch black night on this treeless road                Do you journey to sing a story into life?
Words Said, spoken, thought. Defined as the ones that define. Words. Being that of Saying, thinking, giving, exchanging, understanding. Demonstrated through
Whisper the Words that come from you Heart For they are Sacred and should be Kept Away Away from those who break the heart of the Wounded and Weak Once more I plea to you to keep away those words of Love
Take me to a place where I can be alone Alone in peace and serenity; Away from hurt, Away from pain, Away from ignorance and bigotry.  
What makes me tick?   The things that tick me off.   The loose hair that’s tickling the back of my arm The last bit of toothpaste that won’t come out of the tube
“If only I could have water.” Thin sheets pulled over her eyes -- Raging sunlight burning their soft membranes. No more tears to wash her face. She tried moving her hand, futile.
             ‘Do you think he’ll mind?’ ‘You’re so annoying.’      ‘Stop it.’   ‘You’re a joke.’                          
Like the beach, emotions wash over meWhen I think of the erosion that wastes me.Like how you cross my mindThe water washes over me again and againI think of the what "ifs" and I can't bear the water anymore
This hard journey has just begun Just when I thought it was over and I had won There are no more drugs to do No more bad choices to make Yet my hands still tremble, quiver, and shake
I want to scream for the world. I want to scream for a country whose voice has been diluted and whose people have been illusioned. I want to puke out the lies that have been instilled in me
As strong as breathit breathes life into me.Each Syllable makesmy mind tick and heart sing.Eyes glisten with its melodicmajestic grace as hearts swoon by its calling,
I just want Perfection.
woeful dest
Fallen like little soldiers marching to certain death.  Feels like an angels kiss on your last breath.  Look at her in the night such beauty. Such pain. She lets her true colors show when no one can see
The nose, the eyes, the mouth, the hair, Things I've seen before but in different ways. Somethings quite off, Yes, somethings not right.   Her feet walk on hell,
It might look simple. It may not make sense. It might look look squishy. Guess that's why they call it your brain. Underneath the hood is where the good stuff is.
If you look at me  I'm not much to see I seem so ordinary But if you look closer you just might see
IT'S NOT 6:20, I THOUGHT YESTERDAY WAS The Last Day Guess I was wrong Eat, brush, clothes, what was the order again?
Music: it's something that cannot be explained. Something to decrease the strife and end all the pain. It speaks to peole, like words can never do. It even brings strangers together: like me and you.
With the lack of male leadership and representation that we as African-Americans are perpetually inflicted with, leaving ALL the res
It gets a little old when you constantly get told every single thing the world thinks you've done "wrong".   How every single day it finds some funny way  to throw you off your game
Once I step inside those lines, my mind is completely set free. A place where nothing else matters, just the batter, the ball, and me. I look in to get the sign, I'm focused on the glove. 
When you least expect it I’ll be right there Lurking in your mind Standing as a reminder   I’ll never let you forget What you have done to me All of the tears I cried
I don't know what to do in this place Losing to success like its a case my hopes and dreams shattered in an instance I've came so far yet it seems like no distance i pushed myself only to fall harder 
"Mother, why won't you believe me? I've told you no lies today. Mother, why won't you see I'm trying to make my own way?"   "Child, you ask to be free Yet you've always told nothing but lies.
We are all but ordinary But from within we share a common vision One where we will not be the roots of ridicule Where we will be accepted People with their bright lights these days
Another day at school The wheels in my head are constantly spinning
Another lonely soul.  
When it comes to the true meaning of life, people of normality become completely baffled.
  Not many people ever get to see The things that make me smile The secret side of me
Field of Vision Education rules my mind. Images of words and numbers congregate   in a myriad of thoughts and processes, weaving together a interconnected tapestry of hope, success
For a girl who has so much to say the words just won't come out.  Somedays I want to laugh and play and others I want to shout. I wish my touch could convey
The greyness, gentle.
Watching in the distance, How our lives used to be. Watching in the distance, A distant memory Of what used to be.   We were so happy, The envy of every couple. We were so happy,
Re: Re: Kinder A child said What is kindness? cradling a small cat in a box1; How can I answer the child when the perspectives are endless?      It could be the laughter
Re: Re: Kinder A child said What is kindness? cradling a small cat in a box1; How can I answer the child when the perspectives are endless?      It could be the laughter
Living in a culture that’s all make believe One big lie and contradiction to be free Really everyone’s trying to stick a square peg into a round hole Glamorizing girls sticking fingers down their throats
I am but a young soul    born into the darkest place on earth   i am but a young soul    so fragile that everything that touches me hurts  
22 days left Will I make it or will I fall deep down into the ocean with the rest who decided to not even try.. time is running Where to look, how to breathe, where to stand? Who knows but I have faith.
We all have a beast inside One that claws and howls to be set free It's a game of Jekyll and Hyde "Set me loose on a killing spree" It gets stronger when I get mad When its loose, its hard to reel back in
                           Scattered thoughts                                          Scattered Dreams                                Scattered visions for the future
Their words cut deep Their stares burn She walks the halls All the hushed whispers  Float to her ears She never fit in She never will Her long sleeves Hide all the scars
  Just like a thunderstorm Rowdy and loud We all can be seen From all around  
This place seems all to familiar… The same old TRAP…I just need a second CAN I GET A SECOND!? Lord please   The clock has stopped, and I think…
Walking around the halls of high school You see many people They are all dressed nice and look great But you notice something Some of the girls have shorts on that are way too short
She whispered so softly,"Your future is so bright,"My heart sank deep, but remained feeling light.I look her dead in the eyes and say"bright and light are the darkest things in my sight
You're a distinctive memory fading faster now and this is me crying out, willing to surrender if you'd just hold me once again.  I walked away frustrated, but with my heart on my
It started with a story. 
You compare me to my friends   So which one should I be like?   You want me to be her, The one whose not a virgin and had an abortion? 
When you leave them dirty, where is your compassion? When you yell and scream, where is your respect? When you get physical, where are your morals? The elderly need your help, not your abuse.
Tonight, I have thought more about the future than I would have liked too..                                         What am I to do?
I first was taught what love was The Stting of the moon Theloss f language continualy haunted by the world I have no doubt To fall at my feet. A memory that wil be boud together
  It's easy to say we know how to think No manual required or five step list
I make sure I look over my shoulder... Because someone else might act upon their thoughts It seems that every though is a terrorist plot I constantly imagine killing people I see
Hypocrisy- Because just saying you're open-minded doesn't mean you have an open mind; It means you can use your words. And being open-minded can be easy;
All lazy people Why don’t you try a little You annoy me so
My life has always been quided by my mother With loving hands she directed me to saftey
In silent treachery, sweet madness has formed Coiled rings attach in collision Chemistry blasting against the midnight sky Distance brings perfect polarity Lightning it must be for what the eyes cannot see  
This is my brain on drugs.   I'm a lonely man apart from my animals: Insects So first it's my brain on bugs. I loved them even when there existed arthropods longer than I was tall.
  Living in a world where ppl just wanna judge 
Stiff, rigid stance I hold.
The waters a stagnant mud A soup of primeval beings--I am engulfed in them They swivel past my body, they curve around my limbs, soul searching for the entrance
  I hear it through my body
don't blame this on me your depression  your inability to stop yourself from falling in love with every girl who talks to you your continual pessimism  
Swords and Soldiers Magic and Mages Great Drakes of the Skies Heroes made famous through the Ages   My world was born many years ago When it had been ten years when I was born
Air whooshes from my lungs as thoughts go rumbling through my mind and I find that I can't catch my breath in this place. White lights sting plain walls and leave my head aching, my limbs shaking,
Suffering from broken hearts
Pallets of information. Stacks of senses. Brimming full of opportunities and experiences. Axons wrapped up in plastic. Dendrites boxed with foam. Distributed through our live.
My head was clear when I was young               But then I grew and there went all the fun I try every day to keep going strong               Even when the dark days are long Mixed emotions about many things
It’s all in the stars; I can tell you that right now Whether it’s late at night In your old Chevy with the top pulled down Or those moments when you’re closest to God
My skin is whiter than the snow that kisses the peaks of the mountains My roots are more knarled than the roots of an aged willow My hair, my eyes, my mouth None of them are ordinary.  
"I'm not racist but…" "I'm not homophobic but…" "I'm not sexist but…"   The truth is, you are, And saying that you're not  Won’t help stop the war.   You’re not the one stopped
Expectations to fill The desire for peace A need for motivation To keep me from this depression  
The roads were grey back then Cracked- where the tar filled in And we used to play little games Of “don’t touch the lava” Because the asphalt Burned our feet And the sun Melted the tar.
There is not a thought that refuses to pass through my mind
Walking down the street they hold hands People look and stare taking second glances Saying that shit should be band But why, If you’re allowed to drink on Sunday And smoke your lungs away
What exactly have I come across? Never knew the simple life I led could cause complex loss. Stuck inside the frame, knowing all I see is rain, If I keep my eyes to God then maybe life will make a change.
It's so hard to stay in reality When the mind is a better place to be. Why suffer in the world of practical When you possess a world that's magical? You are a perfect being over Here
To Face   I've faced a smile, I've faced a flood of tears. I've faced anger,
What did he say? They ask. A question I always get asked when he proudly speaks of his toys Transformers, power rangers, animated movies He can’t stop himself.   Is he paying attention? They ask.
You say you want Some insight Just a little peek inside But be careful What you wish for There's a reason That I hide My emotions are Ever flowing There's no controlling
Life knocks you down you better take the hit champ because regardless of the circumstance you've only got one chance
In hopes to wash away the pain,
The red ruffle of your nose is too sad to watch when you cry When you smile the chalky pieces of your teeth seem to disintegrate Holding your hand when we walk together I can feel
You needed a second chance I handed it over You needed a place to stay I offered you shelter You needed to cry
In a world of constant transformation Experiencing endless stagnation,  One may lose the motivation To continue on their path with proper determination.    With a desire to absorb extensive knowledge,
I was the alien who walked into the room
I look over my shoulder, a double-take, twice. Oh, and life had once been so nice! I ask Heaven my questions, I plea and I beg. My unsatiable ego has been knocked down a peg.  
The Wheel of time forever turns Like the battle between good and evil forever burns The light may guide and bless you While the dark ones try to possess you Today’s life will be lived again my friend
I'm on an adventure Into my mind Where I will find the treasure But first I must find The map, my inspiration Perhaps I could look to my friends For they are what brings me elation
Formed by the potter of GOD And made by a rib  Started out a seed then bloomed into beauty  Has the ability to push out a 9 month blessing    And has the proclivity to nurture it Eyeslashes of love 
A place called collegeIs a place to acquire knowledgeA place to goAnd a place to showWho you really are,
The girls that think their cool because they make boys drool Getting pregnant at 15 and not caring about anything 1,2,3 pregnant belly's I see You haven't even began your life so you do what's on TV
My thoughts are a blaze in the dark, Fueled with sights and sound. They swirl within, thundering, creating, converging. From my mouth and hands spring, Ideas, forged from fire in the dark,
Going, going, going, gone Forever stuck between right and wrong There are no rules, when it is up to you When thinking of yourself is what to do   The earth, the world, I don’t consider It ours
How do we define ourselves? by a given name? by relationships? by physical appearance?
this the generation of knowledge                                                                                                                     and I have fears that it will cease to be                                                        
Tick, tick, tick, tick. Foot taps; heartbeats sync My back hurts and my blisters sting. I glide across the field; not a step but a march. In line with my family.  
People struggling, knees buckling Faces cast down all around News blipping, Hope slipping Knock knock, failure’s at the door One breath away, one day, one choice That’s all it takes to make it all naught
A good book is likr a trap! It keeps you in its grasp, Forcing you to finish; Leaving you wanting more. Its word, as sharp as a hook! Pulling you deeper, Immersing you in its story.
Nobody is who they say, but everyone says who they are And to find someone who is real is a tad beyond bizarre. What irks me about this whole conclusion
I have a buck or two, Not to spare. My parents work, but I can't reply on their jobs. I can't rely on them to pay my debt. I didn't grow up in old money, Nor will I have new money.
When you first look at me you notice how tiny I am
Sticks and stones If only they were just sticks and stones That, she could handle But this - the abuse
Her hands so fragile, skin and bone with nothing in between. His face burnt from the rays beamin down on his brow every morn' . His beard long and over grown. Her cheeks sunken and shallow.
So many secrets 
Reality is individualistic. Whatever we see, we believe. Whatever we believe becomes our reality.
It's not very often that we break. We don't always yell,  or speak our minds.   We are taught to breathe in. Let our problems rest,  settle in our lungs.   But enough is enough.
The footsteps that closely follow                                             The intricate workings of my mind                                          
What makes my mind tick? Who knows. Some wacky combination of my parents x's and y's or o's or who knows. Perhaps there's a clock inside my mind whose arms spin round and round keeping the wheels spinning.
Middle class, two parents, average grades, no life changing experiences. How do i become successful in a community where grades, family, ethnicity and money matter most?  They've taught us to be different, but different how? 
Have you ever let your mind run? Not shape its course nor acknowledge your own thoughts Almost as if your mind was breathing Not air but ideas of the impossible, words that can't be defined but hold every meaning
My life consist of untold stories, But this one story is sad, not to egregious, but makes me mad. This story stuck with me to create my past. Should I go along or start a new path?
Cancer took my friend cancer took my homie cancer took Gods Child football fanatic marquis could be so sarcastic base god lover football Panther Number 4 will always live on
Discrimination we all live inblacks or whitegay or straightwhy do we discriminate ?love each other but judge on their behalfi dont understand
No perfect time for change Different stages throughout the day They will think it's strange They don't care what you say Your life Your body Your start You heart
I want to be a famous singer  I want to a successful actress  Writing all my thoughts on paper as I lay on my mattress   Being a star is my dream job  Whether I'm a TV host or a heartthrob 
I am sitting outside as the day goes by, I look up and see a bird in the sky! She’s flying and singing and chirping along,
I am from love, life, and happiness. I am from running towards the sun in summer, and drinking hot chocolate in the winter. I am from friends that used to be just neighbors. I am from the Catholic family.
Hope is the blood that routes my veins, provoking my passion and vitality during my youth.
As night falls, A fire shines across the fields Sown with tears and watered By blood. What's the price of a mile? Crush the foul disease, echoes The public's call But who is the voice?
It appreciates simplicity, and yet it values creativity. Thoughts never stop just like electricity. Even when things get tough, and life seems rough The rain never stops the brain.    
The world is full of many people,
One thing that makes me tick Is the way people pick Who they think is cool enough, smart enough, or who is fit I am sick of hearing the mockery Against everyone's poverty Emotionally, physically, mentally
A mind is a beautiful thing to waste. Deep in my mind, behind the darkness that floats behind my eyelids  There is a yearning for learning. Corny way to put it? Absolutely But, it's the best I've got.
They look at me like I'm different, But the truth is, I am. I'm different in the way that I don't like boys the way most girls my age do. I hate boys. I like girls. I'm different, 
As ladies we are not clay We don't change by the day To satisfy your play
What makes me tick? I'll tell you quick opening new pages sharpening my mind sit up in my desk of knowledge and time my homework is to enrich myself be it mind or body- the goal is health.
It all started innocently, my dad was just drinking one or two beers, but those beers turned to ten or twenty.
Lower your voice please I can hear you fine what you said is ringing in my mind.   There's no need to yell accusing me is wrong I didn't do anything and I'm not that strong.  
Do you feel your heart beating?  Listen, hear the song: It beats, again and again Like a drum inside you So loud but yet silent, beating for strength itself. Just the pound within your chest.   
Sometimes I wonder why Why we have to try Try not to let the world bring us down Even when our dreams come crashing to the ground Let me cry a little while I’m tired of wearing this fake smile
I feel my thoughts are vast and free Floating as in space They’re lovely, gorgeous as can be Mind’s eye sees naught but grace   But when I speak, try to announce All that I think inside
Star Spangled (Version 3/Draft 1)   We are in your star spangled eyes, A part of the scars,
That "Sizzle" you hear coming from the non-stick pan 
We speak about life.We speak about Love.
When the world finds peace, the world will stop As far as hiearchy goes there will be nothing at the top Level playing ground with nothing obstructing the goal We will actually find time to stop and let the ball role
How do you think it feels to be Mexican? Does its matter where your orgins been? Everyday you're called a beaner, Cause their self-esteem wants to be meaner. When you think I jumped the border, 
In my junior year of high school, I took some wacky classes. They were Forensics I and II And I always wore my glasses.   The teacher then inspired me To be all I can be.
the cat's ashestucked in his frozen elbowpink tin with painted flowersthe white cat now greythe golden sand dollarthree doves waiting inside
I gave my love to a world that never gave it back to me It's crelties are unmeasured As Boundless as the sea
School seems such a throughtful time, When we're expected to be the best, learn the fastest. Sure, sometimes the arts are taught, we learn what it is to rhyme,
What is human existence? Is it to pronounce our unfathomable desires in a rush of uncertainty? Is it to comply with mainstream understandings and the sickening wave of honest lies? 
I'm 18. I'm legally responsible for myself and my life. But I can't be trusted to go to the bathroom because I'm still in high school. I'm stuck in a place where I am expected to act like an adult,
Death is a spontaneous phenomenon.
There are a lot of jobs out there to choose from, I must say,
People on my left And people on my right Yet none of them see each other They can't even tell if it's light or night   They're thinking about their hair They're thinking about their clothes
Rushing, always rushing, Really no time to look back for what you wish was coming. Movement, perpetual movement, Making steps towards the revolution.   "You're so strong," they always said,
What's real is not what's in your head What's real is not what's in that thing It's about what is in your heart   Feeling that ache for that one guy or girl Feeling that love for that favorite toy
I associate two with eight. Maybe Because two fours make up one eight And one Four can be made up of two two’s.
  They know your hair color and they know your height They know you don't like fish and that you won't eat squid They see you read a romantic novel and that it made you smile
Perfection Magazines, Billboards, Posters, Show us perfection never seized How can we live up to society’s orders?
I know a job, Not for a snob, That requires caring And sharing Your time and love, And overall a type of Understanding, Which can be very demanding. Helping the weak
Can't you see the darkness surrounds me, Can't you see it moving in. All the things you couldn't tell me, all the things I should have said. Times are changing, lives are fading. I am leaving,
All I need is a moment. Better yet, all I have is a moment. This One Job may change my life! For me, it's a matter of life or death. And Right now I'm dying inside but this moment is all I have left.
Shes dying from lack there of a better term for the love but only finding lust or giving more than she recieves -shes dying of the ungiving emotional disattatchment from a mother the
Demanding money doesn't help it just makes the people yelp. The world needs a punishment that's new something more powerful to me and you. Wreckless driving is a serious matter
We all want that one job. That is easy, stress free, but most of all makes us wealthy. We all want that one job,  That keeps us out of debt, we could spend whatever amount of money and still have some left.
My mind is beautiful. It is something that is mine. While everyone has one Some people decide not to use it.   My mind is powerful Its a tool I use it to solve problems. Its a weapon
The one thing that really makes me tick,  is how parents like to abuse their kids. What is it that makes a parent click,  to lay hand and bruise those eyelids. To punch, slap, kick or even yell, 
I wonder what you think when you’re out there smoking your cigarette. I wonder what you would think if you knew I hold your baby while she cries. I wonder what you think when you’re out there smoking your cigarette.
What do you call one who has lost themselves? No longer themselves, lost behind the mask They place upon themselves to make it through society. What becomes of their reality?
  As i wake broke with a dream  Wishing i can re-live the moments i need Only way to clear my mind school and my team Basketball number 3 lost my little cousin lee 
A beautiful soul like you deserves every dream to come true,  I know we'll make it, me and you.  You have to be here to watch things change, to watch your deamons fade away. 
A glance into the future is what we all hope to see. What lies in that moment will essentially drive who we will be! What do we hope to accomplish is a challenge in itself?
The kingdom of God is defined
The wind behind me pushingThe wind in front of me a wallI run, I dribble, I kick the ballThe wind carries the ball into the netThe wall of defenders, I cannot see
"What makes you tick?" The question you are asking Is a question I am unable to answer. What makes me tick? I have not yet discovered.
Babylon   Yesterday I quickly carried inflated hope over average tires on a shifting freeway Past dented orange cone sentinels and sagging houses.
I watch you walk through the door coming to me.  You say that you love me  but I know they're just words.  Say it like you mean it or don't say it at all.    I watch you sit down 
Speaking one's mind can be compared to the wind blowing away. If we spoke our minds, we would be judged anyway. Everyone can feel it but do they  understand?
Time with you is incredible unforgettable unbelievable   Nights are never-ending Days never exist Connections come and go like the money we gamble   Your touch is intriguing
Does the world care if it’s light or dark when the rain falls? Does the world care if it’s light or dark when the grounds quake? Does the world care if it’s light or dark when the plants die? No.  
Long Way Written By: Greg Austin Jr. Inspired By: We Live As Kings – Long Way Down I wonder, how it feels?
Helpless, alone, forced into solitary. Confined from the best of humanity.   Fists, words flying, cutting, bruising my flesh, my mind, disfiguring my view of my own reflection.
What do you see when you look upon the withering flower? Does it talk? If it did, would you listen? Its petals tell a story--  A not so distant past obscured by frondescence.
The directions are infinite: A compass without bounds.    My mind speaks to me Telling me to follow logic To follow the set conventions For straying is sure death. Yet my heart sings
March twenty-fifth is when I missed your tender kiss.
Lost. Broken. Alone.  No where to go. No where to hide.  Exposed. Broken. Out in the open. Is it worth it? Can I get past this pride? You break me. You rearrange me. You carry me and change me.
Anger-a fickle emotion, really Effective and quite powerful when used correctly.
The line around you.Cloud of sunshine,buzzing bush. Brighter it grows as you glow and become whole.It's you! It's you! Don't you dare tell me truths,or lies, or goodbye,just don't SPEAK.
Somewhere in the big ''A'' A double "A", African "A" wearing his braids with his Jordans unlaced
I am a soldier standing my ground in the tear soaked mud the front lines are my home a battleground borne of water and blood   my weapons are not bullets and guns
Hand in hand for so long, the touch of their presence almost numb. The warmth channelled through their fingertips and palms calms the thoughts of done. Done trying so hard to hold them there. 
Maybe we are bent But maybe we are broken From the dramatic event All hell is unspoken   Maybe we can break loose
Tide rolls in you're sinking in These words you say you're not swimming in You're breathing out, you're breathing in, today All these words are complicated  You're saying goodbye before your hated
To know myself, and grow and give, to live the life, that's mine to live.   To speak the truth, and seize the day and be sure to let others have their say.  
As the days go by, as minutes of my life past my responses to what seems like a beautiful thing is lifeless.
skin rises in hills and valleys sweeping plains of cells, particles, atoms our dust speck floating, frolicking through the empty void and our skin is ALIVE
Knowledge is power as you sit in college for hours,The professors? They can be sweet or sour,It doesn't matter, they teach without seperation,They are just as driven as us to gain an education,
I've been thinking a lot about       a            d d i         c t    i o           n.  - A forbiddn word in my home.- The broken, mess it creates. //
In my head going ons are plenty In my head thoughts run free But the freedom ends when I open my mouth The fear of judgment, the fear of hurt The fear of laughter directed at me I cry inside
I've passed
The solo went good i did as I should i scored a 27 superoir   the ensemble did great please don't  hate he was happy an couldn't stop smiling we got 22 superoir
Desk, chair, paper, pencil, desk.Scratching on a clipboard what makes you
Why do people try to fix the problem without even knowing what's wrong? Why are we so hung up on progress that we can't accept that right now we're wrong. We want to get better, we do, I swear
Dreamers move their feet to their own beat But society discourages dreamers to dream  Singers to sing Beautiful minds to do what they love It is as plain to see as the sky above 
If only I can. If only I will. Take their stresses away and make the pain still. Make their worries disappear for darkness kills My heart aches for their tears and their growing white hairs.
Thoughts always get jumbled up in the head. Some big or small, some filled with dread. They make us impulsive whether the result is good or bad. They make us regret decisions we've made, or miss the things we had.
EXOTIC and a space cadet. Can the mind control the way you act? Are your actions simply reactions controlled by reflexes developed in your mind? Regardless of the answers I am in control of my own destiny, right?
The more important things... The Future. With a capital F because it's something important to me. A job. Because I need to be able to provide for my future family.
To the ones who laughed, to the ones who mocked, to the ones who tore at the seams of my dreams - I pity you. To those who cut me down, bit by bit - I pity you.
Looking from bleeding feet      Up to where I used to think        Heaven Rested I saw birds I once knew to be      Angels getting shot out of the sky. The Blue Jay who told me everything will be okay
It was never a question. Ever. I am a nerd. A nerd who loves to bake.
It’s been a long day, and I need to relax. My head is pounding, and all I want to do is scream. I’m too stressed out, and let’s face the facts, I just need to move, to dance, to let off some steam.
These last years have been difficult to stomach Dozens of my brothers and sisters gunned down because of ignorance All I can do is watch and pray that it stops Only to realize that this cycle can never be broken
Was that stupid? Was that bitchy? Am I crazy? Should I have not said that? I wonder who’s still thinking about it. I am. I don’t think I should’ve said that. That was kind of rude.
Stored away deep inside lies, your emotion dwelling ever-lasting in eternity
The brave youth of the world, their courage is looked down upon. Are we not supposed to have a voice? "They're young" they say.  "They're ignorant." "They're fools at the least."
In only a time in which desires learning retreat until another day. Education
darling,  please don't destroy yourself.
darling,  please don't destroy yourself.
Come and Gone Written By: Faith Rushing     Oh, these ideas   That come and go   I need to keep up   or my brain might let them go!    
What happens when there is nothing left but darkness? What happens when your home is the only light you know? What happens when the doors are locked?   Do you sit waiting in the dark, 
In the wild, animals look after their own to survive. In society, we animals look after ourselves to thrive. Snatching what is put before us. Gluttonous, prideful creatures are we.
I think in words and I think in colors;In movements, and motions, and revolutions.I think in action-- not a moment before or after-- but in the moment and in the crash.
Who I was and who I am, have yet to meet who I will be. Don't force your books, don't force your ways, I will find myself,  just not today. My youth is gone, can't have it back, You took it when you said "grow up".
School can make you frustrated I should know It is hard to even concentrate because people can’t respect others who are actually working
If life was only simple, and i never got a pimple. I would open my own crossfit gym, and allow the world to to help him, be fitter the ever ad never say never.
I am not a number I am more.   I am a rhythm A clock Circadian A heart beat The music inside me I am a rhythm.   I am not a score I am more.  
At this point
The thing that makes me breath, The thing that means the most to me, Is family. I trust them for everything, With no doubt, I believe, My family means everything to me. They make me laugh,
You are my best friend. Together till the end.   you are the icing to my Oreo cookies girl i will be there for you every time you hurl   yes we are rude, but what teenage girls aren't boo.
As the day gets shorter,  my nights get longer.   depression kicks in, then my fear begin   you will never be able to tell, I never show any emotions.  
Tick! The sound of my mind as the gears start to turn, But no one can hear it but myself. Tick! Each gear turning at its own pace, A different function each one has. Tick!
Dancing in the night, shimmering in the dark the candle glows and shines with swirls of scarlet and wisps of amber. Watch it flicker and twinkle like a graceful ballerina,
Pounding in my chest I can't breathe.  The only time I get away  is when I sleep.    Nausea fear.  How did this happen? Am I safe here?  
They crack me open like a book Saying the doctors want to take a look.
Did you know, that before Christopher Columbus discovered America it was covered with Indians? They ran around wearing groin cloths, and head dresses. They smoked out of tabacco pipes, and hunted buffalo. They made wigwams, tepees, even canoes.
He is stress. He is one, He is fear, He is done, He is near. He speaks his mind in clear, He makes a snap at me, He leaks his soul into me, He makes a lap at me.
You want to hear what we have to say?                 What do you want?
My heart is left feeling so heavy; so empty at the same time.
  I am a winner above far, the one with the confidence to win this poetry slam  but none the less I am a woman call me a feminist or whatever.  I am the queen that has come to conquer all and the scholarship thus far.
  Shakespeare was great but can he tell you the struggles of an everyday black female Skin as dark as night, hair as coarse as sin the beauty of a ebony queen is forever seen. 
  I am like a butterfly who hasn't hatched yet, like a caterpillar still in a cacoon My wings are bound by an outside force that I can't name  I question will my strength remain the same 
  The inner scream that takes over my mind sometimes when right and wrong is blurred  I have no one to fall on but that same scream  the scream of a young woman trying to pursue her college dream,
your words are weapons  your words can change the way people look and always complain   your words are weapons your words are strong how they feel is their downfall
Feel it on the Atmosphere That the presence of The Lord is here   Feel it in the Atmosphere  That this is my year  
Which road should I take? Which road should I go?
Who says you can't be you? The people all around you? Be different than them. They say you're their friend? Lies. Don't give in to what they want you to be. Judging. Loving.
My mind it works in gears and shifts some times i think im crazy some times i think i just need a lift but i realize that i am happy the way i am
The Classifieds Have you ever been hated or discriminated against? Have you ever lost a brother, a father or even, a best friend? The emotions you feel I feel them too But why shall I
  Will we be strong enough? Will we be educated enough to defend our virtues? Or will we allow society to mold us? Will we have the courage to make a change? How will we be an example to our pupils?
What makes me tick they asked is it the feeling of sun or rain on my face is it the piles of books by my bead that i've read is it falling and scaing my knee
My mind is a whirlwind of emotions  and thoughts, intertwined with 
An expanse of worlds stretches out before my eyes, An eternity of space and time. A never-ending realm of possibilities.   This is my imagination.  
I have grown up with people of all colors, races, ethnicities, and backgrounds I have seen the ignorance and hate towards my best friends, neighbors, and peers No one can choose their color. I want to change the World now
They ask me to write down my race,    And I think, and think    And consider writing down the truth    And have my answer read like this:  
My brain is such a chaotic place
I refuse to be another number A social security number on the government computer Another dead body out on the corner because I was at the wrong place at the wrong time
One blog, One post, One Comment, one note   Silver spiders, weaving the Cyber web   Catching their victims With the seven deadly sins.  
If we are all equal as races, why do I not feel as so?
The simple things in life  taken for granted sorrows and pain
I have a great plan one that is random only I can think it you were in it then disappeared  I wish it wasn't true since there's no you it just slowly ran through
I love dancing and receiving the feeling that the song gives to me. I love conveying the words to my fellow church members. I express myself better this way.
I'm not the prettiest girlIt's me against the worldJudged day to dayAll I can do really is prayWhat does it really matter if I dress a little different?
Who are we to judge someone else in pain?
Distilled, feeling spilled out over floors of granite tile Humane apparitions hold my hand like I'm a child Explaining my miscarriage of conviction With tranquilizing diction and
  People hurt people. People hurt eachother because they've been hurt by people. People killing eachother over people, afraid to love because the pain caused by people.
We all have those days. Those days we feel like nothing. We just want to sleep forever. Maybe you haven’t felt that yet. I have. You just stare at the wall. You think about everything.
The shape of you hand is all I see black and blue is all on me when confronted I get confused because I am ashamed to say that I get abused
mother, mother can't you see all this pressure you have placed on me if I shall fail you will be mad left with my thoughts I will be sad you push me hard and strive for perfection
Maybe, just maybe
Society has this standard on "Perfection" But what they fail to realize is- nobody is perfect. The ONLY perfect person to ever step foot on this earth was Jesus Christ.
My mind, it is blank A lightbulb without power, It is kinda lame.   I like keeping thoughts simple, makes it fun to explain the confusion.  
Imagine a life without Adam and Eve A life where you've been moved from the loved ones that provided the food you feen to eat
I am thought-tinkerer, word-spinner, and dream-weaver. I am storyteller, lie-carpenter, and truth-giver.
We are given a sword at birth, so mighty we feel. We don't know what it's for, nor it's true power of steel.   After years of training, it's come the day to fight. No one wants to see us go,
Stop, Look, and Listen... to the words that I say the thoughts in my mind drastically change in many different ways. Wait! Wait! Rewind! No! No!
"Hello, how are you today?" Inquires the bagger at your local grocer As you coldly turn your back to them. "Welcome, how may I assist you today?" Says the friendly sales associate
What truth remains in a society that develops as a result of pertpetual dishonesty?
A little girl. Innocent and full of anticipation. Can’t wait to start something new And maybe find a passion. Her little hands grasp the giant ball As she throws it with all her might
I finally found someone
Someone I think could love me someday
But I’m afraid past problemsMight spring up and scare him awayI think it’s too soon to tell
If I’ll love him more then he will me
Darling dont you see? The world doesn't want someone like me.   Each moment is a battle. Each day a war. These scars tell a story of when my soul did rattle.
Speak my mind? My mind you say? My mind speaks on its own, each and every day.   It speaks through the doodles, the drawings, the figures on my notes
A stretching green, A deep blue. Long spanish moss. No fighting, no poverty, no sickness. A radiant glow beaming from the sky. Everyone's smile stretched sky high.  Animals gallavanting without fear.
Graduation around the corner, Bright smiles shinning through
Seek and you shall find whats hidden deep in the depths of your mind. Beware of whats inside for you may find the demons you've been trying to hide.
  Born into sin Raised in Hell Only two options, dead or in jail. High school dropouts Teenage pregnancies This is what my environment expects of me Struggling and hardships
I Wish, I Wish Upon A Star
Who is this girl we call Beauty? Where can she be found? What does she look like? And what is her sound?
Oh, the beauty that could be,Oh, the beauty that could be,
No freedom. You have committed the worst crime in their eyes. Being different is a sin. You don't think like them. Positive happiness is in your every thought. That isn't allowed around here.
[Cant you see me?]   I know you feel you'd be better off dead, But please, don't listen to those voices in your head, I long to bring you hope.   
  The world is truly made by the sum of all its parts.  
What would you change? What would I change? You would change the world to be the palm of your hand But I would change myself to be the queen of the your hand You are the first-rate officer
People every day struggle The worries and dilemmas, Life's a constant struggle. I'd change reactions.   A smile from the stranger Two rows back on the bus, A kind word from the neighbor
My teacher likes to pick on me... "I think your child has ADD" This lesson is so boring... "Your child was in class snoring"
For change to occur One must lose I's for We's Sucess will show up
He was unlike any other man I’ve met.
Envy, that monster that fills our hearts with malice. Its constant spirit of abhorrence, never ending.  Aspirations turned into avarice.
The way your hair falls perfectly across your face, Like waves in the sea. Your eyes sparkle, Like the midnight stars. Your smile,
  In love Your heart gains a sharp feeling, Like a dull pencil. Your eyes sparkle, Like tinker bells light as it dies out. Love, It stops your heart
The most powerful of emotions. The most needed emotion. I would instil love in every living being. With love there is no war, with love there is a healthier planet.
When did
What would I change?   Would I leave everything the same?   When you look at this world you see the answer.    People living on the streets fighting for there next meal. 
I would have a home Warm in the winter with a heater by my feet Instead of a taped tablecloth as a window Cool in the summer Instead of filled with heavy, humid air
It's funny how beautiful things sometimes reside in the most polluted areas, It's actually one of the most deceitful things in the world and it's sad yet it's true that i always end up falling in love in these places of poverty.
Do you ever wonder what it's like to not eat for a whole day? Do you understand what you are doing when you throw your food away?
What is change anyway? The shift of one thing to a next. The new beginning we are all looking for.  The hope for something different. Our belief that something great is to come  
Some things man should never know
Is it okay, To feed off of someone’s insecurities? To tell them shut up so often that they are afraid to speak out? To make them want to crawl into a corner and hide?   Is it okay,
Change is something everyone is quite familiar with. Change can be good and also bad. People sit around waiting for change to happen instead of getting up and making the change themselves.
If I were given the power to change one thing, to be given a chance to change a human being I would make the diabled whole, something that would complete their soul I would give the blind a world of color,
If I were given the power to change one thing, to be given a chance to change a human being I would make the diabled whole, something that would complete their soul I would give the blind a world of color,
In dreams My my voice, my will Are as mighty as your deity. Just as busy moments become still, Speeding up the mental drill, All respect Creators as they were meant to be.   Creators, crafting