physical abuse

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Oh hard it is to wish goodwill on the one who hurt you the worst Their hands roughly savaging as their greed and lust strengthened Yanking the innocence from underneath your small child legs
Manipulated.      Protective,      Terrified,      Confused. Emotional Abuse. 
Little boy loves mother dearly As she hugs him so securely, clawing hands tight on little body He starts sobbing and she’s grinning, so ungodly
Keep searching for the lyrics of a broken heart But no words can really express the pain that I feel No one will ever understand the life I have lived So I am left here to write this myself.  
A spark of emotion birthed a flaming relationshipText messages and posts proclaim the feelings you have to the worldYour once boring life took a spin, and FLIPThe problems in your life just vanished; unfurled
Let us reflect upon the days when I was small and frail 
Because I love you I heard it every day After each beating After each round of screaming   I cowered Because he loved me He loved me so much it was an honor to be his To be worth his time
Free Push her to the ground, watch her fall.See how strong you are?She cries from the pain and you just listen to her screams.Over and over again, In her mind, she dies.
An eleven year old hops the steps up to the trailer they live in. The door clangs shut, as the frame is warped. Poverty-stricken Tennessee, United States.   An eleven year old in jeans and a hoodie
Gather round boys and girls it’s storytime and I have a tale to tell. Once upon a time there was a girl. This girl did not know love, she didn’t know how to smile, she thought of laughter as a folktale and pain a reality.
Kiss my hand before you break my fingers,  The stinging pain will always linger.  Light fingertips stroke my cheek before you leave a bruise,  Without an option, there is no way I may refuse.
Because of you I'm scared for life Because of you I'm scarred for life Because of you I'm afraid to trust my best friends...
Breathing His hot breath on my neck, he’s Deceiving those around him Skin crawling, tears falling Blows to the ribs, blows to the thighs
I lied for your attention. “It’s broken” “Sorry, ran out of ink” “I had to shut it down because of the storm” All of these excuses I told Not because I hated you But because I loved you
Why Does Daddy keep hitting me? Why Does Daddy keep yelling? Why Does Mommy keep hurting me? Why Does Mommy keep screaming? Why Am I so hated? Why Am I so worthless?
It is because of you That I am lost it is because of you that I Have been found It is the fire that you Gave to me That heats my hot air Balloon I am floating in midair
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