'Perfect' 'princess' 'health' 'depression' 'staying strong' 'friends' 'boyfriend' 'no one' 'lonely' 'hurt' 'suffer' 'pain' 'flower' 'fight' 'me'

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The hair of a princess is special they said, So best keep it perfect on your head. With long golden locks, Kept to the t In order not to stir up controversy.
Because I love you I laughed at your jokes Because I love you I put you above any of my friends Because I love you I always answered your calls Because I love you I made sure you drove home safe
It wasn't always "Once upon a time", Things just moved into place. First it was, "In the beginning", And everything began at a steady pace.   Once upon a time, It was just always family.
What is this feeling in my chest? I'm sure I've felt before That feeling I shouldn't feel at all Because of the villains Who made me fall In love.
New Year, New Me By Lauren Jenkins The year of 2016 has been filled with new discoveries, Sleepless nights and triumphant victories,
 Isn't it funny That the princess in the tower Isn't a princess And isn't a flower   Her heart hurts badly Her mind is in pain She can't conform She isn't the same  
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