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Grey skies overhead. Blue seas below, waving. Green trees, hoping for a chance to start anew. Red fire giving trees a chance. Grey skies put the fire out, the sea ceases its spread, the trees start anew.
As I pass by the local airport, I Notice the hound lying on the side Of the street; his eyes are closed as he sleeps. Synthetic fumes enter into my nostrils, One being the fumes of the stained dentures,
28 That's how many shootings have happened In my 17 years of life   28 That's how many times I've watched Faces and names scroll across screen Lives lost, loved ones heart broken  
In times of passion they empty love to find the hate, that lead us through this hell to heavens open gates In this way we are blessed, to be together is our fate
Can you imagine going out with friends one minute, but then planning a funeral the next? Can you imagine a mother, sitting at home, getting a call, telling her that her child was shot? 
History repeats itself like a broken a record. 200,000 years living together as a race, but yet our society is stuck on hate. Stuck on hate. Stuck on hate.
People are screaming.There are gunshots.What is the meaning? How many are lost? My heart is pounding And I'm in a warm home Sitting comfortably on my bed Staring at my phone.Watching my news feed change From prayers to the crossed.  I am stunned,
 What a shame, We walk through this world with so much hate. So much antipathy in our hearts. Why would you want to walk around, And put everyone else down. But I guess that’s the world we live in, No one is satisfied unless the leaders are killed
  Sometimes it's the little things
A year ago, I was not me. But who then, have I come to be? A year ago, I had the same name, voice, and face I wore these same clothes and lived in the same place. I have not gone through catastrophe,
— again i see hate, violent suggestion that we are less less pure, less whole — and we aren't whole a gaping wound in a community we want closure for lives lost
Odd as it seems, I don’t remember where I was. I just remember my sister wanting to cuss
Love comes in all shapes and forms But it's hard to say with all these norms   There's a wall built up so high That separates my love and I   You're scared to be different, so you fret
What a damn free world we are living in Some came from England for religious freedom And others came to escape their corrupt piece of land   Now somehow, we all gather in some place called the freedom land
Tonight was never meant to end in a murderous fiasco of hate and pain.  I crouch by the bathroom sink in order to preserve what was left of my dignity and desperation. With each shriek of the gun I crouch lower, lower, lower until my tummy reaches
you hate it because you don't understand it but just open up your eyes  and see, we plead your acts of terror and violence do nothing to silence  the screams of agony 
you're killing my people you're killing my people why? because you think we aren't equal. slaughtering masses with head held high not giving a damn as they scream and cry.
Make me look, because I don't want to. Make me see it, because I don't want to. But it's there. Its staring me in the face, and I can't take it anymore. Hate.  Thats it. 
Friend you left me alone today. Heaven your mind will depart to. Body stays to decompose down. You are now part of Earth's soul.   Friend you left me days ago now.
Pardon the pun.  It isn't as big as the sun. Or as big as the hearts Of those who had to depart.   Orlando. Filled with sun and love and warmth. How did the hatred break through the swarm
49 colorful souls un-willingly sentenced to a dark abyss ...        or possibly an eternity on cloud nine? Shots ringing...       The immense fear of what might...   Rewind...
Bullets pierce the LGBTQ community  daily.   We saw the life stealing bullets in Orlando, but we forgot the spirit breaking bullets in our words.   My parents taught me about their lives.
Pulse defines Life Life  defined by Love Love defined by One One  decides Wrong and Right "Right"  takes 49 Lives Lives robbed of their Pulse Pulse
It never hurt to be queer until you made it burn like a brand on my skin in that bar.   When you let bullets loose like kisses on bare skin onto  the bodies of those who I will
America the Beautiful, America the Brave What has gotten into us to make us so depraved? From the Industrial Revolution to the Revolution of Fear, Did anyone tell you several thousands are killed per year?
my father tells me to be quieter as i’m washing the dishesso he can hear the news,hear about the 102 people shot in orlando last weekendand the candlelight vigil i didn’t attend because i had to work
Ripples of lard peel from their skin, as they point at a blinding screen, displeased from muffled voices, yet not the slightest alarmed, to an iron puddle gathering, in cracked gravel lots.   
In a world full of hate,it makes our fate.Thats saddening and maddening.Cloaked in darknessfrom bearing witenss.Unable to straywithout falling prey.Would a clear picturehelp feeling secure?Could fates be changed, leaving less pained,or persons lef
Rainbows or Solids Experience or Knowledge Christian or Atheist No matter what, here he is.   This is a child. This is someone's worthwhile. He is loved by someone, 
Who are you America?
Turn it off Turn off the news Turn off The hurt The hurt The hurt It's too much to take Too much to understand So it's better to just not see It's better to just Turn it off
49..49.. You're running out time . 49..49.. You're lives have ended 49..49.. You're family's are bended. 49..49..when it rains a rainbow appear's 49..49..we shall not live in fear.
We are not any different from them or from you Though the colors on our flag are red, white, and blue Our own symbolization of freedom is a bright rainbow hue.   Love is the strongest power that nobody can dictate
People want you to be straight with them Face to face - and plain with them  They want you to be in line with them    A straight line, that is. None of that wavy shit. 
What's to be said for gun control? Don't you realise that everyone lying now dead Had the chance to carry, to defend themselves But went to the nightclub empty-handed instead?  
We dance, merry in a fortunate life With lights flashing blue and green and red Our only wish: that this will never end A sentence without a terminal point We are young. We are free in this great dance
I look, I see, I tolerate thee. For I cannot agree with your thinking, I can agree that we're all human beings. Nothing can change that and nothing will. We are not to turn a blind eye to to those in danger,
A gun went off people were hurt or worse- killed A gun went off all because the shooter didn't like who they loved.   My heart goes out to all those who've suffered
Nobody should die becuase of love. They should not die because of hate. People may die of illness. People may die of old age. Why kill over differences? Why kill over your hate?
Gently, I bleed.Red beads roll carefully down my arms,Clumping at long hairs;Orange races down my neck andPools at the dip of my collarbone;Yellow spills from my tongue.Green spurts from my palms,
I'm not feeling myself tonight. My fingers are itchy, frantic with a rising anxiety fueled by the bitter ink that I have denied in my blood. Those former words that have been the creation of the nerves under my fingertips,
Dedicated to the family members and victims of the Orlando Tragedy   When the moon kisses the seas,  The oceans turn red. When the nation mourns the lost, Our hearts turn red.   Night falls…
I've never been too good at being in the closet Every time I hear any issue I'm interested in mentioned I feel inclined to join the conversation And speak my mind I used to live with my rich white aunt
I have a voice I have opinions I am more than my sexuality Than a novelty Than my gender Last night at a gay night club called Pulse Our world lost 50 souls People who had gone there to be free
It's a call to arms But not a call to firearms I know, we are alarmed,But as the United StatesWe shall not fill our voids with hateBecause regardless of our skin or domination Our skin is sacred. 
Orlando like a moth to a flame my tongue rolls his name  Orlando They can see my soul hazel, with specks of gold Orlando Caramel melted on his skin yearn to hold him Orlando
I understand, but you don't have hold the grudacious attutudes towards me in order to teach me a lesson or make me realize I made a mistake
I love you, and at a time your thinking of better days with someone or somewhere else, I still love you Realizing all the things that can go on in ones head, its like a mad house up there,
8/19/12, age 18   Some are afraid of flying, but I love it. It lets me live a whole different life, One where the outside world shows me the most perfect sea I’ve ever seen
Roses are red, violets are blue, we're going to Orlando with someone cool.
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