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Fierce burning in my heart, Flames licking up the sides of my chest. Running up my throat. The smoke billows high around my head, Weaseling it's way between my ears Wrapping its winding tail around my mind.
You've shown me the best This world has to offer me Everywhere I go  Your influnce follows me Everything I do Your words encourage me Everything I say Your thoughts flow through me
I don't know how you did itAs a pre-teen I couldn't appreciateAll those years I acted outLoving patience remained your best trait
Your eyebrows pinch together when you're angry. I always ask: "Are you angry?" And you say no. You always say no.   Maybe, instead, you're frustrated because you always dream too big.
Complete me and see the most intruging thing; my love and womb bore me with her youth.   Tears my hair out and glues me in place.   Only one with the hands
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