ocean waves

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There's a place that I've been  doesn't have top nor end  and you'll fly like a bird underwater   There's a song you should hear  hold a shell up to your ear  and you'll be
Some people may look and see the beach. Some people look, and they see the shore. Combers will walk as far as they can reach, But, in the end, it is something we can all explore.  
And like the waves he was gone. and like the waves she will stand strong. and like the waves she will not be swayed. and like the waves she will be okay. the pounding and pressure far out in the sea.
The ocean waves came pounding downSo fast, I can’t breathe so I drownAround me there are shades of blueAnd all I know is I'll miss youThe water was so coldI miss the warmth of your loving hold
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