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Trump made me feel great The MAGA US President Goodbye, status quo
Bama Cooler then your momma He IS the grand llama He also has the coolest pajamas Bama
Dear Donald Drumpf, I don’t quite see the appeal Of a walrus wearing a toupee Shouting out obscenities while I stand here in dismay The country is in shambles
dear you, beautiful black woman you woke up to a nightmare, november ninth 
I can still hear the cheers and tears of happiness I can still see the crowds in the streets chanting his name Waving the flag with pride and seeing a ray of hope During a time where we had seen so much tragedy
Pursuit of happiness, liberty, and life, tell yourself that it is how it is But where’s happiness and liberty when there’s no life to begin with? Don’t make no sense   Ever since 2008, Obama has been on the debate
You’ve seen girls in magazines, And they don’t look like me. A descendant from the blood of royalty, And I can’t be your beauty queen?   So what of Martin’s dream, Today, is reality?
Brought into the U.S. barely lived a life only two years old Didn't have a voice but now I pay the price Don't see half my family but I study every night What good is having good grades
Shot Heart pounding lungs burning Smoke fills the air the sounds of guns and explosions all around Senses heightened, looking to kill
So what our president is black
HOOK: Obama wants a change. To have to world rearranged. Let's do this right. We can change during the day or night. We can change a person's life. VERSE: We can do this.
From his majestic Office, he reads the anonymous letter...   "There's alot of speculations going round About a tightrope walker balancing without a song. He shifts his weight from side to side
300 years of slavery, 300 years in chains, One hundred years of bravery, This finally led to change. Fifty years later followed Obama’s campaign, Somehow we are still scared from all the previous pain,
You didn't vote for him? You're discriminating. No, Im not. I just find his views incriminating. You don't have a right to carry guns but my body guards do. Did you just call me a terrorist because i don't think like you?
Go to sleep, close your eyes
Who am I to say what is wrong?Who am I to change those scars?The cuts run deep. Fissures to the starsSplit open and ruinedWhy is this Earth so scarred?
You tell us to prepare for college  And cram our brains with useless knowledge That won't help us in our lives Won't help us support our wives   Why am I learning about pre-calculus,
America, land of opportunity  land of the free land of unity  and the lnd that holds the key. we all know we're American, But what does it mean ? Does it mean we're all white?
The victor was a democrat, Who won with the drop of a hat. Republicans tried their best. Their defeat, they had confessed, And Mitt was left on the door mat.            
In theory I never knew the weight of the hoodie. Contrast in its color as it grapes over my skin. Indeed I was mightier with the cape over my lens. Strolling pastimes, my ears were shuttled by noise.
Shatter the crown Scatter the pieces In this world we live in, Strength is a weakness   Preach, "Chase for your dreams!" But then curse ambition Being equal in failure
Rosa Parks A strong figure refusing to move. Why discriminate? She was the same as us as everyone. Love all people and all people will love back.
mere words would minimize the demise i devise  the fire the passion the silent corruption bounded surrounded  repressed opressed in a realm of imperfections
The dream wasn’t to be accepted, but to be equal.I still dream not to see race, but to see people.We can’t imagine love with hearts full of hatredLove your enemies, even those who are racist.
Everyone used to think a BLACK president couldn’t be Look at us now, he’s making our history. Dr. Martin Luther King once said he had a dream 44 years later, his dream became a reality.
Barack Obama is all about protecting our freedom In 2008, people thought Mccain was going to beat him They said he can’t be president because he’s black But he proved them all wrong and changed history
I was wondering if I could hold your hand, take you back to when they said I can't. Can I show you what my people have been through? Can I take you to a place I feel I've been to? Or would you rather not see,
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