O Captain my Captain Scholarship Poem

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You raised me, seven-five-zero-six-three, Biryani, and sense of community. “Most diverse zip code,” statistically. Thank you for painting me the way I am.  
My mentor is the weighty, wheezing breath at the top of a steep hill  on days when I already know I’m late for first period. It's the carbon dioxide my lungs won’t let out in a sharpie-smeared bathroom stall
Since you said I didn't get you anything this year and I am too young to buy beer, I thought that I would write you this, and give you a big ol kiss. Mom you are the best Mom of all, even though you are not very tall.
I don't know that I've had one true mentor. Thousands of have influenced my life- family and teachers, friends and strangers. But among all these influences, I'd say strangers have the biggest impact.
One Mistake… It was one little mistake. Amidst years of training and finally getting to a college level, I had to sit out. I had to wait.
it's funny  when i was younger i wished for a Barbie dreamhouse not realizing i had one all along as i drive away you become small in the back mirror my own dollhouse where i first learned to crawl, walk, run
Past: A girl. Afraid. Terrified of her own self, Because it had become the unknown.
Thank you for this life A life where shadows sing Where losses are seen as gains Where I can have a vision for everything   Thank you for this life A life where notes can speak
Orange, yellow, green, and blueThese are the colors that come to mind when I think of youYou are not simple, yet you are not complexSomehow you have w
I feel the pressure, day in and day out On the stage where I can be myself A place where I feel loved and supported I feel like i have nothing holding me back
I walk alone in this Church. Searching for light. Watching those around me, becoming something more. Looking upon myself, stuck in then passing days.   A woman I knew,
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