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the skin i wear is dry.  i fear that my knees  have been on the floor  for too long. pleading for my loss  to return.    my mother said,  “mix lime with honey, 
What we do, what we say, how we think, be aware, and repeat. Take the fruit from the low hanging tree, easy to take, easy to see, thank you to the low hanging tree, and repeat.
  Loving your breasts You insist, and I nurture, (She whispers) You and Me, And if no more than a touch
The pitfalls of man, though shallow, stay d
I watched you drink. Flood your life's regrets away with alcohol as if when you wake up in the morning, you wouldn't be able to remember them all. I watched you cry. Long, helpless nights, as if your eyes have cried so many rivers before.
  It’s all gone. You took everything from me. (Or did I take everything myself) My family, my friends… They slipped away. Vanished. Under your mind games. You cost me my life. My future.
There's a mother caring for her child, Who has the ability to calm the wild. Her strength is that of an ox tenfold, But she is calm, like a wind blown marigold.
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