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​Three years ago I wrote a poemShaming people for using "love" so freelyI now realize my error and malady
When it comes to authenticity I've got it all When I succeed I rise, never fall.  
I don't recognize my own reflection anymore. That sad, broken girl in the mirror can't be me, can it? How did this happen?  How do I fix this? That's it. No more selfies.  No more selfies will I post,
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.  That's society That's life Where are we now?  Make up Filters Editing Is this beauty?  Chocolates  Roses  Are they cliche? 
Hashtag. What's a filter? Instagram's new fad. Sorry to the conscious Praises from the claque Here's an example
Spread some joy this year and,
Typically, my policy is practicing self-censorshipActing like I'm masterful, with unsurpassable intelligenceIn actuality, some elements exist which aren't usually seen
Cheyenne Kay Whitenight Color Changing Eyes, Dyed Hair, Freckles Sister to Dakota and Cherokee, Daughter to Donn and Laura.  Who loves Music, Stars and Pokemon Who feels Happy about Love
Yes I have big breast No I do not show off Guys when the talk to me Talk with their eyes down Girls when they see me Gossip about how I've slept around It hurts to know that people lie
I am a mother of one divorced at so young always trying to be better always striving to be greater never knowing where to turn next but always knowing you never can't stop
"Travel," I said. No, don't do that. "Wear what you desire," I said. No, don't do that.
I let the filter fall off of my image off my all   I let the filter fall into the dark of the past I can't even here it's call   Underneath the filter's wrath
She is smart, you say.She is mature,
I’d like to say that what you see is what you get But I know that I put on masks When I'm with family When I'm with friends When I feel I need to please someone Because I never feel as though myself is good.
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