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                                Only God is Supreme Humans can never be supreme Don’t believe in Supreme Court
L’amour est un rêve qui commence L’amour est une chimère qui commence C’est une ballerine qui danse C’est un poète qui pense
Love is a dream that begins Love is a chimera that begins It’s a ballerina who dances It’s a poet who thinks It's a bird that sings
the stars of heaven begin to tear, there is no heart left to keep. its hard to wish away the nightmare, when youre not asleep.
May I ask who are you? Who is this monster you've become? Why so hollow? Let's try again tomorrow Do better Stop being such a wrecker You turned into the monster they've called you to be 
My life is a nightmare, 
I feel so sad when I wake up from a dream, Realizing that I have to return to reality. It's always easier to decipher what nightmares mean; That my soul is just another casulty.
Running exceedingly fast, I finally saw a door, at last, Rushed inside, paralyzed with fear,
His lips were trembling Leaning over him Seeing his bloody, broken face. He was still alive The dawn of January 29 another sick person in his cot.
“Sickening static surrounds my mind My head is a circus All the smudges on the mirror made me go insane
“Sickening static surrounds my mind My head is a circus All the smudges on the mirror made me go insane
“Sickening static surrounds my mind My head is a circus All the smudges on the mirror made me go insane
I can’t see anything, for I am sleeping. I can’t feel anything, for I am dreaming. I’m breathing, I’m breathing. Chest in, chest out. The darkness surrounds me in a beautiful blanket of security and love.
The clock ticks down the day, How much longer I have to wait, For the revolving door to make its final spin. Around it goes in a shadowy blur, Its magnificent speed is hard to ignore.
The moon shines bright in a sky full of lost stars Cold evenings are dark driving in cars My dreams are sweet sometimes, but in my nightmares, I'm alone I sleep until the monsters go home
A walk through the woods On a cold Winter's Night, Brought up such terrors And gave quite a fright. I stepped through a clearing Bathed in Moonlight. A large lump Beyond Didn't look quite right.
Get up from the couch and go to bed, darling. I wish I could crawl into you for safety.  --Thunderstorms scare me and self-doubt floods my mind. I have nightmares of you leaving me behind.  
Life is a dreamI never thought I'd see. One where the flowers bloomAnd sing to me with
Teeth gnashing, ripping, and tearing through your body - ripped apart from inside out. An internal violent assault - this is what Cancer's about. Carrying with it, anger and cruelty-
It is raining The lightning lashes The thunder roars I am running towards a lone figure collapsed upon the ground It is raining
To the night terrors To the things that speak without voices To that which I am protected from only by waking confusion,   I know your faces, but not your names
i slept to escape reality, but i was left trying to escape my sleep.
Dear Beauty,   I wish I would have known I wish I would have known That you are just a shapeshifter that turns into the nightmare shown
Sleep, that place where fantasies keep & time repeats merged between the seams of sheets where some nightmares creep at the beat of consciousness in deep. Sleep.
Water ripplesas the raindropsdrop down like bullets pelting us with no mercy.The rumble of the thunderin the distance,shakes like an earthquake.The crackling of the lightninghits home and
Foresight viewed near end of day Hath given passing fear and broken cries of destined fray now make my mind unclear.   No! how can dreams of Satan’s knights Bring forth what has been not
What’s your worst nightmare?   Is it The way water Engulfs you, Imprisons you, And slowly steals your breath?   Or,
How do I cover the pain of my heart? Pain brought by stealthy lover’s silky lips. And foolishhunger ties you to the tart you disentangle from soft limber hips. The master mistress’s biddings done by bed.
At night the same nightmare plays over and over. I tell myself that women shouldn’t think, not even alone at night, but the nightmare still prevails. I am sweaty and panting. My legs are sprawled open.
  Night falls, The screams began. Thundering hooves On the pavement A high pitched yelp It’s my own. My long legs Running from darkness. Towards the white light.
There are things in my nightmaresThat come out to dance and playThings that I rather wishWere very far away. But that is the nature of nightmaresTo come and try to stayAnd no amount of pleading
This is what I have left, The last connection to who I used to be. I write to remember, I write to forget, I write to find where eternity meets the end. I write about hope, Long since lost
Closed. There's a dream in my head and it's making me Ill. Swimming, These aren't my thoughts. I wouldn't couldn't never would do that. But I did. Dreams
Reality fading, imagination laid waitingEach moment seeming just as unreal as the last: Out of the window brought a pleasant view,As the sun sets warm hues fill the air.Bringing upon an ample end to a long dayJust when I thought satisfaction was p
Last night I had the misfortune of seeing you in my dreams you looked at me with your sad eyes that gleamed then the clouds began to cry
i could sit here  and explain my loneliness in some metaphor about flowers- make it seem as if within it all there is beauty there is grace
My Dream was a reality until a Nightmare came into play. Secretcy and lies overcame my reality and it's nothing more than a dream.
  Drifting away never seemed worse The thought of what is coming very near Appears to be much more than just a curse Like living life in a horror premiere
Could you believe that I used to fly?  I used to actually go somewhere in my dreams.  Now I awaken and pull my comfort up around my chin.  Linger in the warmth of the dark.  I used to be summer strawberries 
MOTHER,  Wake me  From this nightmare. I been in this nightmare  Since all those months. I spent with hunger,  Death and fear  As my companions.
Adrenaline rose and we got out And stopped to stare and look about A frightning scene, as it should be Still I moved close for him to hold me   Scary monsters breathed in my face
Monochromatic, seamless vacant stare, And I stare in my shadow into some manifold, Over in my folding gaze, I look then there,
She was in a theater Where the chairs were uncomfortable and mushed together It was so crowded, people around her kept elbowing each other “Oh I’m sorry, oh I’m sorry” they replied Everyone was talking at once
I never knew how scarlet red
I’m stepping in quicksand and can’t break free My vision’s blurred and now I can’t even see
Broken window shows each dream Shattered lie you can't redeem A wish upon a twisted heart  Diamond lie that ripped apart Shards of truth a pane of glass
  To signify the pulse between my veins Escaping outside             Of my paper-thin skin   To identify who you are        As you are choking me In my sleep  
  “You’re not in this alone. Let me break this awkward silence…” Blared loud into eardrums   Eardrums of an emotionally unhinged fourteen year old boy
Nobody said anything. And in that nothing, I felt everything. could you hear it? or could you tell the silence near it Hid it well. they came into the house, the one abandoned for years,
You are enough You are enough You are so enough, You have no idea how enough YOU are.  You are the light in my darkness. You are the happiness behind your mom's eyes. 
You claim we aren't different But we are When you wake up in the morning Your nightmare ends Mine simply continues
Night falls and it consumes me
Dreams DreamingWritten by Adam M. SnowDreams dreaming,awake nor asleep.A worldly escape-lies true true lies.
Merry-go-round DreamsWritten by Adam M. SnowMerry-go-round dreams;round and round it goes.In a cloudy scene,
I can't bear the sight of you Your glassy eyes Your Cheshire cat grin You're suffocating me   You follow me everywhere You're invading my dreams
It's normal to have thoughts, ideas, questions. But is it normal to have an imagination? To let it wander so far into dreamlands that you'll wake up hours later not knowing where you are? Or what you're doing?
Follow the rabbit in a waistcoat looking at his watch.
I see you crawl On hands and knees, you hug the wall Big, strong, untouchable The heat and smoke swirl You press on, searching for signs of life You never see the hole until it swallows you
Run away from your problems but where can you go? Run away from your nightmares but you keep drifting off into a distant sleep you want to wake up be told your whole life is a dream
sometimes i dream of you tendrils creeping wrapping around my heart choking out its last few beats   (( thump thump --- ))
(For all of the veterans we have forgotten on the home front.)  
Rumble and TumbleToil and TroubleMy body is hungryIt wishes to be fedBut my mind dejects 
In the night, she woke in various states of detachment. Real was not real; what is real? Reality? Such a permanent thing, to be thought of as only living In the day, but why?
Waking up every morning to the same tune
  Staring into the shiny blue The shiny blue enraptures me Let it save me Distract me From the self-mutilation I impose upon myself   From the nightmares dancing above my head
Fear burns hot as we acknowledge the other, he and I. Never in my wildest dreams would I fathom such a demon sitting before my very eye, But that's where such things begin.
I dreamt I was drowning in the raging sea Cold iron was harshly pulling me Down to the depths as I choked on fire And as my flailing arms dared tire I awoke in the real world conscious of pain
When I lay myself to sleep I would always wonder what I'd dream of Inspired to plunge into that process by the twinkling of the stars above As I ponder, sleeping slowly creeps  
Welcome to this place of mine My Nightmare My Wonderland Here is where I spend my days Without a Care Without a Friend Everything is an illusion Sound and Sight Frame of Mind
The world is spinning too fastI can’t keep up at allI try to reach for help butI find myself falling Can anybody helpPut me back together?I can’t stop fallingFurther into darkness
I dread stealthy darkness, sneaky darkness Smothering silence is what you got with darkness Loneliness lurking through evening till morning Nightmares roaring, insomnia tossing turning
What is this?Greedy beasts feeding on your suffering.Stuffing their faces with ... ah the money you gave them. The money which was supposed to help you. Instead it became a feast for the monsters.
Asleep; I tremble and shakeWishing I were awakeAwake; I shake and trembleSeeing how my nightmare seems to resembleThis place as bleak as hellYet here I continue to dwellWaiting for the sweet breathThe sweet breath of Death So when my life does cea
This path I walk, so clouded and so dim Tis only in state of dreaming lies But still I know it always leads to him   My throat sealed shut, no soul can hear my cries His face, only a nightmare can create
Trying to ignore my screams But baby give me one more kiss. Make my spirit soar With just one more. Cuz we know it's a lie But we'll never say goodbye. Baby let go of all your cares
(poems go here) I saw a man in the grocery store. He had a little girl with him. Probably his daughter, she was about 4. I swear I had seen him before. I looked into his eyes and started to remember more.
It’s just a dream, I tell myself with a smile of relief, As I awake from a scene of sorrow and grief. I shake it off and move on with my day, Hoping I’ll never again feel that way. On the other hand.
With the worldly wise and well worn arrows of the deep And the everlasting beauties of an unawakened sleep The world is slick and rotten through A sickly melody for those that chant, to croon
He Joined what he believed Would help Not hurt. But by being one He mistakenly caused pain to many.
Your mind shifts to the dimension, And you begin to feel the transition, From reality to fiction, It is indeed your affliction.
In the black of night the fear is found, An om'nous glowing Baskervillian Hound.   To fight it is to stay awake and pray, And wait for comfort from the dawn of day.  
Dark and terror all around me He is trying to define my destiny Distributing doubt and anger inside me Taking over my mind and feelings He is tall, his presence overtakes everything
Jaw clenched, eyes shut, trapped in this nightmare that’s very much my reality. Everything that’s mine is no longer for me, everything I want is far out of reach. In my sleep, I dream of my every anxiety,
(poems go here) I am in your presence The air between us is so still yet the "once in a blue moon" breeze cuts through my thoughts I close my eyes; trust my capabilities of moving two steps forward
In this great Melting Pot is there really room for more ingredients? Careers New Life Education They want it all Seeking far and low To become new creations Carrying stress and pressure on behind
Snap awake I'm full of fear Oh, its another nightmare Can't escape the staring faces running races I just can't win can't win
Sad days, sad nights A little girl's nightmare What's worse? Staying awake Or dreaming of tornados?
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