My mind

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Chaotic, Mad, Vivid Depressed, Psychotic The screaming in my brain never stops The loopy-ness inside like a narcotic Ever changing, Ever odd The silence is never there It drives me insane
You who I trusted with all I had  You who I acepted, no questions asked You betrayed me, and didn't look back Why did you torment me with lies and deceit  I loved you and I thought you didn't want to hurt me
I'm jealous of the people Who never freak out!   I'm jealous of the people Who only cry at books And movies, and not in class!   I know I am so, so lucky To have great family
My mind is a scene of nature.   Waking up, It’s a barren desert. A place waiting to be filled.   My thoughts manipulate the landscape. Sometimes they’re fires raging through,
My thoughts they spin they twirl lovely in their madness their chaos their beauty... And I wish I could portray it replicate it draw it grasp it see it...
There is no peace There is no joy Only darkness The blood stains the walls
I see darkness.
Its deep, mysterious and unknown, creative insightful and always dreaming it insists on nothing but new information to feed on, it holds thoughts only I have experienced and when I'm lying in bed at night it races on thinking wondering and puting
My mind is full of thoughts Thoughts, like honeybees buzzing through their nest They're flying around, without any rest.   My mind is full of dreams Dreams that seem impossibly unobtainable
First time i saw didnt even pay attention to you  i was in a whole diferent world my heart and soul was in a different destination i dont know what lead you to me but you made me feel special
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