Motherly Love

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It's the ending of a tale; it's the beginning of one It's the rendering of a piece unsung It's the frayed passing of thrones From a grandmother's knackered spine To the mother's stubborn bones
Look at all this luggage cluttering around. Day packs cling like masks forgotten. They underscore my fear of  waking up.   Those bags in the corner are still unpacked.
  The fact is that you did not raise me  You neglected me  You betrayed me You left me there to figure it all out on my own
A child closes their eyes, and the feeling of gravity releases… I float up into the atmosphere until the child opens their eyes, and I am forced to the ground by the weight of my love…
They tell me to revise They say I don't listen They say they'll be there
What do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor, astronaut, vet, famous A million thoughts race through the young girl's mind   Are you ready for your first day of school
    I Carried You For 9 months inside me Where No One Else Has The Privilege To Be  The Blood That Flows In Your Veins Is The Very Same Blood I Shared With You From My Own Veins
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