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On a monday When the rain decides to sing my name and the sun rides away  I'll be waiting for you again Craving a simple glance Thirsting for the slightest Hello or Goodbye I stand waiting
Fridays mornings bring hope and rejoicing at the thought of the end, Of release from the various prisons that hold you,
Dear Aunt Cathy, this was my day It started in an unusual way   My alarm rang, it screamed and it blared  Nobody else in my family cared   It was my own job to shut off that thing
I understand why nobody likes you. You’re soaking in excuses that  drip blood and wish
Breezes of the wind, I feel it Massaging my scalp, tranquil I feel.. My mind, my heart, my conscious, all one I feel like souring, my soul, my guide Spreading the wings of my entity, falling to the mercy of destiny
One day is a dancing Gypsy all tinkling bengals  and swirling rainbows.   The next is a starving dire wolf icy grey, its bloody teeth bared.   I've heard I am not a land mine,
People tell me that I should write a "happy" poem
Emerald eyes that shine from a demon wake me up and you will release the beast.
I’m sound asleep My fleece blankets swallowing me in their cuddly softness All of a sudden my alarm clock shrills to life
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