Martin Luther King

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This year mi nah garn care This year mi ah care less What dey wan chant, wah dey wan do Dem wan see we dead inna sufferation But pon di water dey wan we dead we are sail
I have a journey in mind What can be sweet and kind About this world in which we live What does this morning give?
Out of the night that covers me, In the shadows of self unseen, Only the spark can ignite me. As I thank the Higher Power that be, For the courage to be a shining light.
Eighteen score years ago, a cradled crying baby - who was given an enlightened path - was born
Don't judge me if you don't me: They judge my skin They don't care what is within They judge me because i do things differtly I want to speak in unity I'm trying to speak freely
Deserted Dessert Who are we to decide fate? An amazing grace But caged, One day away From Hell,
Martin Luther King had a dream For his people to be freed To be able to walk into any place And be looked at beyond just race It wasn't easy but it was worth the chase Setting the groundwork for every other race
I had a dream last night that turned into a nightmare,I woke up still asleep and walked to school full of fear.The kids gave me weird looks and I didn't know why,
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