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"You're a man now, Step Up. C'mon, don't let life drown you. If you don't Step Up for yourself, no one will. You need to take control."   Why does it feel like I'm losing control?
It's as if I'm looking through a keyhole, the two of them silhouetted against a future bright. One looms large, admired, fedora tilted over one eye. The other?  Innocence, unaware of flaws in his hero.
Why did you leave me? 
Before I take my last breath Look into my eyes Mirror my reflection Taste the kiss of my smile Know I have no reason to live
What really makes a man a man? Is it the guy who can make a dream a reality? The brother that can make a fantasy his destiny? Or the gentleman who attends meetings dressed fancily.
The Conversation I Will Have With My 8 year-old Son  
A man walked into a room (yes, it starts like a bad joke) and showed me a thousand pictures.
The follow
There once was a boy who wished to be a man. He thought despite all wisdom told he did lack, the wise words of this man were contained in his back.
Where are our fathers? They won't even bother to care for their loved ones, Won't kiss them or hug them. So mother is left bearing kids on her back
A real man has the strength to cry
Dear Fellow "Men": You stand so tall Because your penis and testicles Make you better, never wondering whether You are a man
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