make up

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I stand in front of the mirror.. And put on some moisturizer.. It makes my skin soft and smooth.. Just the way I want my life to be..
My mind is what some may call dark despite my efforts to brighten the dull cluttered space that I have created inside my brain it remains somber and dark,
Lipstick, eyeshadow, who am I now? mascara, contour I always need more   ribbons and curls diamonds and pearls
Crayola, crayon, color. It’s nice, pretty, and one of its own nothing will be like it.
I met him in the city of angels
Lines come in all shapes and sizes and colors. For us of all shapes and sizes and colors. Walking canvases, to paint their lines on. She is, The only walking canvas they force their lines on.  
I had zits. I have zits. We all do, it just comes with being a teenager. And just like zits, that awful “I’m not beautiful” feeling also comes with being a teenager.
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