'love poem' 'heartbreak

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What scares me is it's not about what meets the eye
Manipulative, that’s what you are. You said jump and I was already jumping, jumping on the thought that you are toxic to me. You came home drunk and high while I sat there high on an imitation of love. You were artful with your words and I banged
An unfinished work of art Is like a broken heart It’s filled with love Then is suddenly Stopped In the Mid-  
He made her feel so alive She yearned for that feeling of joyOnly he gave that to herHer eyes lit up like the night sky at the very sight of himHer heart came out of her chest with every word he spoke and lyric he sangShe felt so alive with him Be
Empty is more than just my heartIt is the blank pages meant for artThat in your absence I've torn apartTo erase the ending before the start   
The morning I woke up and discovered you were missing, I went to every thrift shop in town, every donation center and garage sale, in search of you. I went through garbage cans
With you I saw lakes, not seas. I saw the bad instead of the good. I was limited and I only saw the small picture of a big world.
    Lonely traveler, you must understand that you cannot stay here with me.
" You think you've seen her naked because she took her clothes off for you? You've kissed her and had sex with her and you think that's enough to know and love her? Tell me about her nightmares,
My keys are gone. They disappeared one day and I think It may have been the day I met you.  Somewhere during our two minute conversation,
Bits of his beauty peered through him like broken pieces of sunlight, gently palming the earth's floor at his leisure. There were parts of him visible to those only blessed enough to see beyond what he gave at face value.
what happens when i cannot find my true north and i do not remember how to navigate a compass in lonely waters? i cannot even write myself
I'm connected to you through the pain we shared happiness we created love we both felt then burned it all
Lately I’ve been looking in  the mirror, and seeing this new girl  Staring back  at me. There’s something  about her. I can’t put my finger on it.
I needed time to get my mind back together It’s been a long time coming because now I only think about you when I see your name I hardly visit your pages when I do it’s like to
I thought it was because you were changing from a girl to a woman, so that's why you left. One the other hand, I fail to realize that it was me who was changing from a boy to being a kid again; so you left.    @therealmitch3
As I write out my pain, I tell you love's not a game This heartbreak's driving me insane, slowly numbing my brain   I try not to let it show, but deep inside my sadness grows
I wish to be yours and nonetheless, I wish to be the name that makes you catch a breath. I wish to be awaken by your beautiful face, I wish to be yours and no one takes my place.
I think of how you prefered the night. You liked it because the streets were sound and hardly anyone was around. It could be just us no distraction from the midday attractions.
I Was Too Blind To See   You didn’t want me. I misunderstood, I was too blind to see.  
You were a pen Long, slender, and sleek A sharp tip aching to cut through ink and paper   I was an inkwell Dark, mysterious, and opaque
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