'love' 'heartbreak' 'Pain'

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I just wish you would give me a reason to fight, rather than to give up as if we never had anything.
It seems like only yesterday They called to say you were gone I couldn’t think of a thing to say I thought it was a con I watched mom faint And heard dad cry out You weren’t a saint,
The rays of light scatter throughout the room As I take a deep breath I feel the light It slices my cold pale skin I sit there On the floor
I hate you. I love you. Do you see what you've done to me? My mind is in havoc, Confusion running amok. And I can't stop myself from wondering, What went wrong? You said you loved me,
  I knew I was yours the moment you said kiss me The words hadn't even fully left your mouth and I was already there My mind hadn't even registered what you said
I'm happy at times... or at least it feels as though I am. I don't feel the pain anymore. I talk myself into being okay, I do not dread waking up everyday, I eat normally, I stop crying for a little, but then,
You were a cloudy day when you met her, With a heart clouded by past regrets, And then suddenly she appeared before you, Standing with her arms outstretched and open,
There he was fading into time, while I lay awake in my bed refusing to cry. A moment would pass me by, with his thoughts never living my mind.   How bitter is thy love on thy self? How blind is thy love thy self thy dwell?
I want to see your eye's colorsI want to hear your mind's voicesI want to feel the heartbeat in your chestI want to smell the downy fabric softener on your sheetsI want to taste your sweet tooth on your tongue
busted up knees from falling out of trees has a simple remedy, bandages, antibacterial, and repeat until the wound has healed but there are no bandages for the way i have fallen, it was far too high up for me to have survived but somehow
Occasion was college annual function When you sang a sweet love song That touched the bottom of my heart My eyes wished to quench its thirst By plunging into depth of your heart But no favor from destiny
i try not to listen to what they say.they say you never loved me.thats what they say.they say you never stopped loving her.they say i was your get away.thats what they say.
It was love yet it was not, It was real yet it was unreal, It was true yet it was a lie, It was light yet it was dark, It was smile yet it was a pain, It was forever yet it was ended,
Roses are red,   Violets are blue.   I picked my favorite,   and it wasn't you.
He Was 6'5 Had Eyes that were a creamy brown The cutest smile And he somehow found his way to my heart… I thought that we were meant to be. And while I'm sitting here  Reminiscing
A heart so mean, So evil and cruel. The deciever of many, But always the fool.   She will take your heart, Say she will love you forever; Then she will break you apart,
How do I feel happiness and strife at the same time? How  can I seem stressed but look fine? Only love can bring about such feelings of conflict! How is it my mind is light but my heart is so thick?
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