'love' 'depression' 'Pain' 'addiction' 'neglect' 'sadness' 'despair'

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With her head held down She doesn't know who she is anymore She can't figure out what her life is for Always searching.... Her reflection has become a sight she can't stand anymore
She's not a snowflake Like the rest of us. She is the cloud. And she is disappearing As the rest of us fly Down to safety.
It's a black whole and I am stuck. I feel like my body just wants to give up. surrounding this dark place is bricks trying to hold me back, hold me back from something, something painful, yet soothing.
Mine old friend, I wish you my new lover I long to be with you but cannot speak Mine passions scream, though my words are quiet
Now I sit here and ponder, will you still be here? Will you come to my graduation, cheer for me as I accept my diploma? Will you walk me down the isle, eyes filled with tears? 
Once upon a time There was nothing. Not even a spec of dirt, Absolutely nothing.   Then came the sun, In the dark, all alone,
The morning after I killed myself, I woke up.   I made myself waffles with the waffle iron I convinced my mother to buy when I was twelve, with a side of fruit I bought at a road side produce stand. 
This sight and futile inactionat our world as she dies kneelingwas enough to change this pathFrom medicine to engineering 
You're down because you've been changing in ways you had never hoped nor planned   The years have gone by and as you look back you scrutinize your mistakes that you can't stand  
Ode to the fragile never so loved  as when you  are breaking down    Not careful  but cautious enough with knife games and all of that stuff   She was like a coffee bean 
As I wake up from my nightmare I’d ready myself for my day’s mare Striving, straightening up my thinking About priorities, and start leaving
Despite my beautiful dreams, despite my hopeful heart, despite my faithful life, i found myself in the midst of failure.fearful that i my journey might end up in defeat.
One morning waking up you realize you feel different,  you carry on with your day but nothing seems to phase you. You seem to notice your a bit off. and carry on with your day.
Harambe is dead they shot his head dat boi is gone pumped  his tire wrong Cave bob has passed he became low class pepe suffered same he became lame what did they all do
the sun rose in an unfamiliar way, partially hidden under grey clouds, light hesitating to reach the cold corners   i left my happiness in your left pocket in that jacket
So they say that the depression is manic up so high in mind I panic, they lie it happens, I die in fractions, Infactuated, emancipated, emancipation  I want with patience, depression's the vaugest in 2016 depression's so ancient.
  Sure, I could lie in bed all day Dream sweet dreams and pretend to be above the fray Of life as it pushes me this way and that On a fence afraid to jump like a scared little cat But that is not all
Maybe if I close my eyes I won't see anymore  maybe if I close my heart I won't feel anymore 
It is very dark inside Sadness came and covered my eyes She covers my teary eyes, and muted my ugly cries Whenever I tried to fight back, she told be "Hush, dear" Wandering in the forest  A broken antler deer
Closer and closer I walk to you Just happy to be in your presence I learn I help I laugh I listen I do everything I can to make you happy Because that is all that I am willing to achieve
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