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By: Kiersten Warner I once walked along the sand, A beach that stretched through a magic land. A land enchanted for the lonely heart, my heart whose love was world’s apart.   On the sand there swelled a tide,
Here we go again Another shootout on 24th and Cal “Was it him?”... I ask myself everyday Waking up and praying “Let me not lose my daddy today..”
  Why did you have to love me? I can promise you that it’s nothing against you. But, I turn away because I keep love close, maybe too close, and I think that I will only remember and love you.
A Rose with no thorns   The favorite of the Sun, she bloomed like no other.   Many a spring ago.   Years have passed. And in this hidden spring, a cool wind blew. While the Sun left to rest.   The old rose was now all alone.   Except for a bud, hi
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