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Had to close my room door because my thoughts were too loud, Or maybe …….because I’m too proud. Sometimes I refuse help from the ones I love the most sometimes I push close friends to the point where they aren’t so c l o s e.
High school days and high school plays Are the same yes? A mask is garnished and worn to a ten; While underneath is you, entirely hidden.
I do not much care when you call me weird, my heart is just in another place i can't say that your heart should be there, but that is where mine lies, in the crevice of this world.
When I was a kid, I never dreamed of falling. I climbed everything on the playground, Ran through every inch of sand laughing and playing, And swung to the highest of heights --All without a scratch on me.
A journey. Long paths, twisting winding roads. Mountains and valleys. Scraped knees and weary bones. I'm parched and lost.
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