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I am here, I am here, but where is here? I remember a blue blurr cutting infront of my sights. A phantom perhaps or is it me losing my mind. I panic as I attempt to reverse time. Time stops, and so does my life.
It's Snowing In The Forest By : Brianna Garcia   Theres ice in the water it really goes deep  Theres fire on the stove theres salt in the sea  It's raining on the leaves
I think
If I had the power to make a change, a big difference It would be simple, a feeling, to travel a long distance Around the world, from sea to sea Spreading the feeling of sunshine and glee
A breath of new life, a flower has bloomed The laughter of a child plays a beautiful tune The gardenias and jasmines stand so peaceful
It’s a climb, from the bottom up. Whether you just weren’t enough And the world knocked you down, Or you fell in love and hit the ground.   Well you just lay there in the dirt
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