life lessons

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I've had friends Invisible, and solid Some, and then none One, and only one,  Some who loved to please me While others dared to deceive me Those who've looked into my eyes and lied
I took a drag and hid behind the rush it gave because when you're high life can't be bad   I pushed the pain aside and let the smoke take me with it while locking my fears inside  
March 1997.   A 32-year old Pakistani man leaves his village, wife, and young son in Gujrat, Punjab He went to New York even though the distance made his heart throb
You came into my life at the point in time When I needed a teacher,  Someone to instruct me on fingering and bowing Little did I know how much more you would bring.    You saw the talent no one else did, 
It was not my mother Who dried my tears It was not my father Who taught me to fight   Music Taught me to listen, to feel Books Taught me to analyze, to understand  
 "When life gives you lemons, make lemonaide!"Beginning this year, I thought it was madeBut there were mountains to come.My life lessons were not done. When closse friendships appeared brokenThe doors of my heat were thrust open.Love removed the h
Your death took place on a TuesdayThat day marked the deathAlsoOf my pen You laid lifeless before the examinerThe last place you would existWholeAs you always had been - whole.
theres buety in silence and peace in the times without motion but what happens when you find that those moments are gone the days grow longer, minutes fade to hours, and hours turn into months wasted
All things are subject to death and decay, nothing is guaranteed. With my grandfather undergoing radiation therapy and my best friend four hours away, I value every second spent with them.
I planted myself in a garden, this year. And not just any garden, but a garden of overwhelming light & overflowing water.  
You must never speak when spoken to, speak when the words are on your lips. You will find a way to make them listen. Do not do things sometimes, it should be always or never, like
There is fear and there is comfort, But sometimes comfort is intertwined with fear Challenges Succeeding is the comfort of warm lavender bubbles enveloping your curves
                                                  Teary eyed and  wandering  down  some  old  dirt road    a million  thoughts  run through my head, an awful heavy load  
God can judge me if he wants, And so can anyone else The only verdict I value Is my judgement of self The reactions that I draw From my actions and my flaws
Lean back, relax— as the breeze breathes in and exhales fog above the ocean's edge.   Let the breeze take you in along the sweet summer grass as the waves pull in,
Time flies in a blink of an eye, so from this poem I want you to pick a side. The tortoise or the Hare? It may seem like an easy answer but an indepth look might change your mind.
I. There is no such thing as too much sleep.So when your eyes are heavy,Let them go.
Life is a staircase that goesUp to the clouds in ragged flows
Make mistakes. So many of them. So many so that one day you can look back and it and smile and say. I did it. I made it.
My teachers always taught me to Cut that out. Sit down. Be quiet. Pay attention. Focus in. Narrow your view. Block out everyone around you. But they never told me that
A stone sphere with two face
Why is 'i' before 'e' except after 'c'?
Your sins will eventually find you Your lessons once learned will define you Your fears once conquered will be behind you And eventually the truth will scare you
Once an angel sat down next to me, In the form of a homeless man, On a graffitied park bench and Said to me: “Why you’ve been an idiot.  
I admit I was always jealious cause my cousin drug dealing making money I thought to myself this isn't what i know i made a list with a couple things written My personal experience was the first thing written
Brand your name into history, cut it into success, crush doubt into pieces, blow away your worries, paint a new image, soar above the stars, let everyone know you're going far, kick Cupid out of love, work hard don't push or shove, wash away ink o
Em tells me, "don't let them say you ain't beautiful/ They can all get fucked/ Just stay true to you;" A role model;  An inspiration; Your words are my model
In another world, I would be a flowerWith light pink petals and a long green stemI'd be awfully pretty and wonderfully wittyThe plain people would pass and I'd pity them
Totally consumed I look nervous I presume I can't breathe I'm about to heave What if, what if, what if Can't think straight, left, or right My body is tight Help me find the light
Brotherhood, the unbreakable bond that continuously breaks From get out of my face before I bloody you To no, officer, I instigated the fight, take me Brotherhood, similar to a pack of wolves; working as a unit
Plug in; I'm gonna listen Head phones; tangled tunes Take me away from here The beat I can already hear No more reasons to fear Head bob; Foot tap body begins to dance
Rush! Blood starts pounding Thoughts begin to swirl Breathe! Air becomes fuel words become venom Pain! Is not existent Destroy opposition Regret! Why did I do that?
The story of my life, ripped from its pages, from birth, growth and middle age stages The pain, yes it burns, but God's voice is reassuring, makes me feel that my life is worth enduring. Ice on my skin
No One: Life is fair No One: Your heart will never be broken No One: You will never be lied to No One: You will enjoy everyday of life No One: You will get everything you've ever wanted
Wondering what life has to offer when all you see is failure. Breaking all promises. Letting the emptiness cave you into a dark hole to consume you.
“There is no honor amongst thieves even less with trailer-park debutantes”
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