a letter for myself

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Dear Younger Me... I wish I knew what to tell you. What the best piece of advice is that I could give, so that you didn't have to go through all the hard things that I did.
To the girl who could memorize lines and perform them on stage in front of hundreds.  I beg of you to come back.  Come back to me, whose fears and anxiety drive me more than my passion. 
I am heartbroken. I really did try this time. How do I make rent?  
There once was a boy who crushed on a girl, He wanted to give her the whole wide world. Each time she spoke his head was in a whirl,
I am love and hate I ask myself if coincidences exist I hear how time turns into wind I watch the days pass by and nothing change I wish time would stop for a moment I am love and hate
Dear Life,   I don't even know where to been... But I want you. Even though you've put me through a lot, I stuck it out until the end. I am giving you my best, my all.
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