A lesson before dying

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One day you’ll be gone from this earth. As you take your last dying breath you’ll think, “Where was I all this time?” You thought you found yourself In a man who said he loves you.
How could you sit and do nothing Won't move blame it on a disorder Say maybe I'll start in the Spring Say you  wish you had the same desire as her   You know you could be limitless
The person who inspired me is Ernest Gaines because he opened my eyes with his book, A Lesson Before Dying. I wrote a "raw" but "real" poem that correpsonds 
On earth he will dieJudged by prejudice chargesMy boy leaves a man. Hugging my baby boyHis life now marked by datesFeelings mean nothing, Stone I sit on rowJury verdict condemns himHis heart I can't reach Innocent he isYet a hog he is called Whose
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