kenneth rougeau

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patience, for i have little if not time,and for you i'd wait until all else fades,until the sky cracks, falling earthward down,and the moments stretch out into decades. 
seated cross-leggedin the dew soakedmountain grass,our eyes castheavenwardas magneticmidnightapproachesand ribbonousrainbowsundulateacross thedarkened sky,
Orestes_______  A stranger in the town of my birth, A king in peasant's guise. The darkness, The heat, The incessant buzzing of the air. Are these things all that remain
 some lonely only child playing hide & seek alone tags her reflection and dances away... she's king of the hill with no one to rule, and ring around the rosie just leaves her dizzy & sick...
 within me lies the wisdom gained by realizing i'm a fool - 10/27/1995 2:43am - kenneth p rougeau jr
 A thousand heroes Standing tall, A thousand heroes Together fall.  From beneath the dusty, Yellowed pages Charge these warriors Of varying ages.  United they stood,
 Unfinished sentences loom In the gathering gloom. There's a madman in my mirror, I've seen him there before...  Nonsense words & nonlinear thoughts - These things are me. 
 again here i go, stone cold drunk & wavering  fall down stand up fall again  crawl to the wall  retch  rain  it's over 
 i'd like to find a lonely place to scream & not be heard...   a place where i can go to cry & not feel my tears absurd...   - 04/04/1996 12:21am - kenneth p rougeau jr
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