Justice System

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i don't belive in justice as if the intangible thing you stole from me  could be replaced with an apology and time
She needed someone to lead her out  of the fire but instead she got folks who just wanted to lock up the arsonist. Was grabbing the perpetrator in a timely fashion more agreeable than saving his victims?
You were my fellow soldier in a darkened city and when we both got popped and dropped and rolled over all bloody and gritty and the cops came and asked everything over sirens blaring: "what were you wearing"
The smell of a clean courtroom could never hide the fear on your face when you tell the room exactly what he did that day.
Police… Hope for quiet… Someone calls in frightened… Hoping the law will save the day… Ten-four!   Mother… Sends son for milk… Halfway there silence breaks…
How different the world would beif each one of us looked at each otherthrough pure love's eyesaccepting our faults and limitationsaccepting our weaknesses and debilities
The justice system is supposed to make everyone equal under the law But when you go before a jury of your peers  they judge you based on your skin, race, religious , gender and economic situation
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