Just one job may change my life

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Writing Just to make a world Writing Even if it doesn't work Writing I want to make it my life Writing No matter what the price But what will happen if this is my job?
I talk, I smile, I hold your hand, I want to help you grow and gain. The aches and pains, I make them whole, Watching your progress makes my heart glow.  
My dream... to work in an office. An office where everyone is dressed in suits, blazers, skirts, slacks, heels, and loafers.
It's just one job, I promise, just one. I have a dream, a great dream, to live under the sun.To see the ocean gleam,to be wild and free.Ah, yes, a traveling journalist,that's what I'll be! 
My dream job would be a nurse. Almost as a blessing and a curse, you see good  folks go through the worst, yet warm their lives with cheer as pain lurks throughout the facility.
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