it's all up to you scholarship slam

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I am not here to take notes for you, I will not sit in the back seat, I will not grow my hair to wash your feet, I don't care much for your religion, I don't care much for your knights, What I do care for,
In the midst of darkness, I cannot see. I am enthralled by fake and emotional ideologies. I am enshrouded by hedonistic industries. Will I ever rise to the surface of liberty?
My love for you is like a river It flows and flows. When you whisper in my ear, I shiver. My love just grows and grows.   When you're holding me, In my eyes you look. My great love you can see,
Words on a page: deceptively simple.Some ink, scratches, lines and dots;but small and still, they whisper and rippleof life, beauty, feelings and thoughts.
Fresh food, hot food, cold food, They are all so appetizing, Meals are food for the human body, But too much food will make you vomit, Knowledge is your mind's food, And knowledge is power,
Dear future lover, when we first meet, in spite of how charming you’ll be I will immediately friend-zone you.   But please don’t give up hope.   I have this habit of holding
Passion.   Sitting in my room, walking in the school hall, or standing outside. Everywhere and anywhere are prime locations fro these feelings we aren't supposed to have.  
I live in a shell Nobody can hurt me I crawl up inside this hollow place I call home There's no light in my cramped, tiny shell
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