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The stars where drunk  or maybe it was I. Maybe there was too much coffee in my viens and not enough sleep in my eyes. Maybe I've lost my way or I'm just out of my mind. I'll get myself another cup
Tossing, turning, an endless cycle.A constant buzzing.It surrounds me, suffocating. A white noise on loop. Thoughts race through my exasperated mind.I long for peace; bliss,In the midst of death’s grip.
One o'clock strikes A time of night not many dare seek Weary limbs move Begging for rest   Two o'clock strikes Another hour gone by 'Why oh Why' she cries Rest is far  
I sleep in the corner of my bed;  cradled by my dreams,  tortured by nightmares. Stroked into a vivid world by my thoughts, tamed by my mind. And so I sleep, unsure that I will wake.
Late nights With music in my ears And demons in my mind, I feel water filling my lungs, Weights sitting on my chest And ropes around my throat. My mind racing 
Awake one simple word A complicated place to be Awake You have eyes open and are not up Awake yet totally alone In dreams I'm battered and bruised No clue what is dream What is reality
All i want to do is sleep. But I can't count them sheep. Thinking about the Shepard,
Dear You, 
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