Inner regrets

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Its my senior year High school or college you can decide Not like i can remember either one I find myself waking up on some stranger’s bathroom floor Maybe my own
I miss the first times when you were mine and I was yours, When you treated me like a queen and shielded me from harm, But was all that just a game? A way for me to trust you so that manipulation would be easy?
The crisp crunch of the dead fallen leaves crunched under her boots, Silencing everything else around. She looked down at her red blistered hands, But they weren't red from the wind, snow, or cold,
And I watched the tide as it broke away and swallowed all that was left of you, and I thought you were gone but you remained stronger than ever in my memory. 
My life, a book closed I reflect, heartbroken Beloved, misjudged   My fingers  They grace your face Tears fall   Empty dreams, false hopes
from the moment i received that text asking if you'd be able to spend Saturday night with me, my mind raced off to a thousand and one scenarios of what would happen
When we first split I was torn apart
What do I regret? Maybe I should've cared more.
Once again the melodic tone of my fate chimes aloud Echoing through the barriers I use to keep myself safe My nemesis calling like a siren surrendering my lifelessness With a prismatic array of sensations
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