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Warm night clinched by melodious laughter, As I wade through life like water, Is my last memory as someone's innocent daughter.   Bright lights, dark shadows, Is the last thing my body knows,
We have all become savages; we just don't eat each other Ask mr to explain that, Yes I will Two young men robbing and elderly lady across the street, Leaving her laying here like a corpse
Another day One of hatred and greed A world of sin with no consequence For the deed No shame For the world is the same Keeps on trudging Day after day But stop
Snow falls gently from the hazy sky, Dancing around us like glittering faeries, lively and joyful. The Sun smiles, her arms reaching lovingly towards us, but never reaching.
I have met the ugliest man That ever has survived His cheeks are sallow holes And his hair has never thrived   Upon his fingers delicate Sit the rings of fortune and fame
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