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Indigo Here we go Up and Down All around Sounds The haters we hear Negativity we dont fear Dont worry there won't be a tear shed Go ahead and listen up We dont give a F***
Indigo is a darkness, insurmountable. Indigo is trying to love what you loved not a month ago, but the feeling isn't there. Indigo is trying to summon the will to care, but you can't.
Orange is walking alone. Orange Is hearing the crunching of leaves beneath your feet and nothing else. Orange is wishing you could hear his footsteps beside your's but you're not that lucky.
On the inside hallucinations are created, a sense of clarity while the others stay sedated. Graphite hits paper, scribbles take form, even the beauty he’s known has to grow horns.
I fear to dream like to fear to breathe, Asking to much of the gods above,  Becasue when I dream I reach it, But sadly I can't keep it,  Like rays that shine through a window,
Kites are in sight in mid summ
Emotions that are undefinable, Thoughts that are indescribable. They seem to eat away at my happiness.
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