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The onyx of my eye confesses on this page:soft and torn with a leaking edge,My breath sinks into creamy lines:a fusion of cursive, print,and shallows of wine,My lashes accumulate dust
The best things in life are unseen, That’s why knowledge is considered a part of the American dream. Knowledge is powerful, Knowledge is beautiful,
It was at the tender age of 11, In which I entered this place called Poetry Heaven. I had a little taste of Shakespeare,Dickinson, Angelou and Hughes,
Breaking, deceived, hurt, angered. Wondering who to run to, felt like there was nobody to turn to. Lost. Grabbed the pen and paper, let my hand fly. Poetry was there for me, Lord knows why.
My voice might be soft, but it carries a lot of weight.
A Messy Humanity! Where's God?  
 Walking down a narrow path I dont know where it goes  But where ever it leads I just hope there is no snow Cuz  I dont want to slip up and ruin the things bestowed  To this young little toad bearing this massive load
Sometimes, in times when I find myself in need of it; I stand, or sit, or lay, just... staring. Staring at the walls, the ceiling, the floor,
Games are played,
Explore my mind, Explore my mind What am I to be? Who am I t find? What will life bring to me? Why do I feel blind? Blinded by my destiny, my true destiny I wonder A Poet, an actress, a dancer
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