I believe

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I believe in poetry. Not just art created by wizards of words, but physical poetry. I believe in finding the symbolism and meaning of moments in everyday life.
Surrounded all around are things of all kind things I cant function without but things that i dont need my need is what I have to find when i ask finally what is it I need and want at once to live my eternity  
I believe in color, the spectrum of color. I believe in the swirling of emotions confined in our bodies can never be adequetly explained.   I believe in the goosebumps  rising from my skin, and 
Indecisiveness That’s my worst trait. I can’t decide on an outfit to wear on a date I can’t decide on what I want to eat for dinner I don’t know what I want to be for the rest of my life.
            I believe in the importance of every moment in one’s life. I believe that there is no such thing as coincidence and every small moment will have an endless string of consequences.
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