I Am...Scholarship Slam

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I am not just another girl. I am not the type to be dressed up with pearls. I am not pristine or perfect. I am not for the media to inspect. I am not a number a school assigns to me.
This is the poem I’ve been trying to write about how hard it is to be a woman but the words aren’t flowing out like they normally do and I wonder if it isn’t because I’ve been taught to be quiet about the things that matter.
I am... TeenyWide-EyedImperfect I am... BubblyPassionateImperfect I am... LovingLovableImperfect I am... MotivatedDeterminedSuccessful
One moment I am sweet and kind, my character nicely defined, the next I rage, I scream, I hate, my life becomes a giant weight.   Who am I? What am I? My attitudes constantly change.
I am only meNo one else I love fandomsI love booksI love words I am only meNo one else I hate numbersI hate discriminationI hate hating things I am only meNo one else
When I see the price I have to roll the dice Student loans will not suffice Winning this scholarship would be nice
I am me, the one and only. The infant who cried, the toddler who hurt. I am me, the one who learned the ABC's and count to three. I am me, the doodler, the reader and the nerd,
The Gift of Life I am a miracle Strong, healthy, and confident There is no room for negative thoughts or energy.
The Gift of Life I am a miracle Strong, healthy, and confident There is no room for negative thoughts or energy.
I am… A first born A big sister Persuasive Independent Manipulative Better than most, but definitely not the best A first generation college student A flamingo in a flock of pigeons.
2012 Broken shatters of reflective glass Each glistening under the sun's ultra violet      Ultra Violent Stabbing through it's way Trickling the crevice of forgotten memories
Wrapped in garbs of blue and gold Shy and unspeaking, yet loud Watching, waiting for time Small, stand tall Weak, yet giving Break out, impart wings of freedom Disturb the norm, strain the chains
Mi Nombre By, Neftaly Serrano     Neftaly is my name.   Mi nombre. It is originally spelled as “Neftali”.   Mi nombre.
               I am not my past I am not my past                 Neither am I my mistakes. I am not the scars on my arms,             Or the mascara stains on my pillow.
"Mommy mommy look at me! Watch me twirl, watch me dance, Mommy mommy, don't you agree!?! Maybe I am a ballerina, I have a great chance!!!"   "Mommy mommy, I'm so pretty,
I'm a masterpiece of colors ripped at every edge.   Today I'm blue. But as people touch me, their colors mix with mine. Today I'm blue but he's red, and if he touches me I'll dissolve to lilac.
You may strip me to the bone and examine my every part Go ahead and remove my soul While I pray to GOD that I will let go Of all my insecurities And my bad qualities And a broken back that will not stop me.
Dear my eleven year old self, Today you were alone again during break, some days you don't mind,                today you do.
Every individual from the moment I was born was my teacher and asked me for the answer. There was no question, but surely, there is an answer.  (Somewhere...)  
Mountains rise by my command Proudest peaks from barren land Mighty, yes, but not forever Reduced to rubble by my hand  
Abigail Rose blooms as she strides along- Her efflorescence is in lush language. When she spake, emeralds fall from her tongue- King Midas admires the foliage.
I was filthy I was unclean I was confused I was lost   I am pure now I am clean I am enlightened I am found   All this to say...I am change.      
I laugh when people think it's not so bad I laugh when they think it's about being neat, and therefore think they have it I laugh when people throw the term around like it's nothing  I laugh so I do not cry  
They say I am weak. I am little. I am poor. I am ugly. I am what they say. No. I am not defined by my wallet. By my talent. By my scores. By my looks. By my family.
Five Words by:  Kyle Kramer   This line has five words This line has five too What if I kept going? If every line had five
A devasted rainforest Needing to be healed Torn apart, long forgotten, Lying in a chilling sight. People walk past me, But don't bother to even stop. They don't want to look at
Anzaldua is the name Ariana has the game Put those two together And you get ME I AM ARI Bubbly, sweet, caring, and athletic I LOVE GIRAFFES Giraffes.Are.Life.
I am...a flower blooming I am...the sun rising I am...a bird soaring I am...a dancer on her toes I am...the gentle snow falling I am...individual me
I was a twinkle in my father’s eye I was love, made I was life, encased in a living tomb I was a child, raised up by a village I am growth, constant I am knowledge, seeking
I would say that I am sorry for disappointing you But I have come to a revelation I’ve been placed on a pedestal I did not ask for I’ve been given a cape I had not bought for myself
I am an individual. I am a flower. I am a man. I am who He says I am, and I know that even if I don't understnd me, my spirit knows how to guide me. Guiding me through the darkest of times, helping to me to be invigorating in every childs mind.
I am incomplete, and always trying to achieve the ever constantly changing picture of the best me possible- and for all my faults along the way my intentions always started out good.  
I have a lot on my mind.  I'm lying.  I have nothing on my mind but the question of "Who am I?" that bounces around in my head like a ball that can't keep still. My lungs breathe in deep. 
I am a whispered word; A noise long forgotten Hidden in the recesses Of worn-out books And pages with smudged words. I am a romanticized dream, A hopeless thinker On an endless string.
I am... Me!! No else but me!! The cold world wanted to shape me different but I'm me!! vigorous fought winds and tears. Lost the sun but found the light. I'm shy but my words can hit harder than any hurricane.
I am... Someone who doesn't stand out in a crowd, who lingers with friends,  hiding in the background. I am... The one who watches, warily guarding those who I know,  and those I don't.
I am NicoleWho needs more time and sleepWho loves familyWho sees everyone's true selfWho hates being aloneWho fears clownsWho dreams of the futureI am Nicole 
I am from a family of all girls,No video games just lip gloss and curls,I am from a mix background so we are all different shades of brown.I am from backyard play dates with neighborhood friends,Bar-B-Ques and snacks being tied by one leg.I am fro
Montanna is the name, procrastination was always my game, I would never learn until it caused me stress and insane pain, And indeed this fall semester I procratinated and it was a no gain,
I was a child With scraped knees and helmet hair The world before me, not much behind me. I was a believer  When dreams weren't just for sleeping And everyone was good. I was an adventure
I AM … When it comes to what defines me… I AM “Strong” There is nothing that can break me down or rip me apart Because I AM “Strong”
I am madness I rave wildly throughout my diseased mind in hope of some sort of sense I cannot focus on one thing for a lengthened period of time Work GPA Sleep Taxes College Money
I am here I am everywhere You can hear me touch me and feel me. I'll make you happy Even when you feel crappy When Days are long And nights are lonely Turn me on and you'll
I’ve come to realize that there are few who stay.I’ve got friends at school, but they’re not the same.Nobody sees the struggle, nobody sees the pain.There are only few who know the reckless thoughts in mybrain.
I’m from milk with every meal And Mom’s famous chili. I’m from long games of Monopoly with The Beatles playing the background.   I’m from leftovers, Disney movies,
I AM.. Trapped through the fire. Entered the rain. Encountered the fear. Ripped through the tamed. All the distinction. Between humans of earth.
We all may grow in different waysDifferent paces under different raysAnd the sun is the key, it is what we needBut there is something else formed inside of meI have been pushed down and out in directionsthat I could not foresee, and all these dire
Being a hot mess isn’t hot; I know that better than anyone. Sometimes my heart overworks my head and vice versa.
Do you know the feeling When your mind starts spinning And you think you are not even living? And then your whole world starts crumbling And a voice starts shouting at the back of your head
I am not one, but all. I am not this, nor that, but everything. Years have passed and the tone in my voice has changed, yet the melody is still sweet. I’ve lived and I’ve learned.
I am a dreamer. My mind is a playing field My goals are the starters, As my oppositions take the bench. But sometimes they get up No longer rooted They get a chance to take part in something
A child, a son, a friend, just one A king I try, I peasent I am, God has saved me from my sin A brother with a future of no end But I find myself one to pretend Loved and cherished by God and few men
               I am hidden, Beneath the lies, Beneath the torment, Beneath the cries.   There is a person. Beyond this point, Past the fractures, And broken joints.   
There was once a little girl who was queen, And lived in a world where the sky was pink and the moon was made of cheese! There was no concerns for that little girl who was queen,
I started out new I grew and I grew With another me not far behind   The teacher taught me wrong
an icy fine powderthat made you lamentthe days spent twistedwarpedunder the false ideologythat manliness is to beconfided in yourdead father.  
Where Do I Come From?   I am from Keith and Teresa, who have shown me nothing but love and care.
I am a volleyball player but I'm not full of myself I am an honor student 
A poke of my finger. A drop of my blood. A tiny blue strip in a machine. That keeps me alive.   People know me by my disease. I am a Type 1 Diabetic. I wear a medical ID bracelet. 
Indecision: when your most common phrase is "I don't know." when you ask for a latte but wish you ordered a cappucino. when you're asked to be black or white and can't help but feel gray.
Suicidal tendencies  I am... Anxiety in its worst possible state I'm something a mother would hate to see Quiet little petite lone black sheep I am... This world's nuttiest nut case, no debate
Origin (Innocence of the Past)
The wind blows cold outside, The sun is flickering out. The grass grows dry and crumbles down Around the big blue tent.
I am a twinkling light, That stands out in the darkest night, I am the smile on my mother’s face, When she sees me overcome my mistakes, I am the gleaming eyes of my father,
I am... I am my father's daughter I am his patience, I am his kind spirit I am his athlete, I am his social butterfly I am my mother's daughter I am her sensitivity, I am her best friend and she is mine
And I guess that was kind of who I was Never finishing anything, but having every intention to Always looking further into something That was never really there in the first place Forgiving and always forgetting,
My vision of life is molding who I am..
I am a product, a creation. I am made by love, by hate, by accident... Raised by their ideals Shaped to their perfections Taught, molded, given my instructions.
I am a girl with a passion and a dream I wonder if I will ever make it , to the real world I hear voices telling me I am capable of doing it I imagine things that are impossible, made possible I want to succeed
Where I am from and where you are from  may differ; but what makes  me,
A lady came up to me today, She had lost both breasts With soul in her eyes she spoke of a savior. Naive promises of saccharine salvation and loving embraces  Coated her tongue. "It’s too good to be true"
Chilling.   Dreams of today turn To inspiration of tomorrow.   Friends of today turn
Time can change a person
I am... The girl who saw the truth too early,  when I should not have glimpsed.  Like the tempted Eve I cast aside my Eden,  and have been expelled from the garden of roses. 
I am feminine and worthy I wonder if I will fall short I hear voices of disapproval 

I am a fraud
I am a tree that grows a bird that flies a mountain that towers a firefly that glows I am not what they say a rock that sinks a glass that breaks a leaf that decays
For me there is no other option, But up. Up faster, farther, further. Gripping each branch I propel myself Higher above gravity. Determined to feel the breeze, I climb,
Through my own special needs I have been able To perform good deeds Because of my life As a musician I can now live For God in submission   Through years of therapy
Blowing in the breeze ever so beutifully, like the grace I appear to have when I keep smiling.
The anxious one, I try to sleep Hoping for my mind to keep Away the restlessness, in vain These type of nights end up the same The anxious one, I stay awake Even though my body aches
I am Hushed. I do not speak  Out. I try to stay quiet. Hidden.  I am passionate about So many things. But I am Hushed. I fear that if I speak  Up A lion will
I am more than a physical mass More than a face, a voice, a being Even if you took a magnifying glass My soul you wouldn't be seeing   I am more than just my height
I am one   I am two   I am many.   I am lives lived   And created through the power of the mind.  
I sigh breaths of fire And spark static from my core I leave ashes where I stand And singe this very floor   I swallow knives and blades And let them ravage from within
You can plan for months or even years for something you think you can handle.
Who am I? I am Fearless
Victims are not born, they are created
I used to care about metal in the sky and the future of technolgy in the world today I used to care about Robin and the Teen TItans saving the day I used to care about who won and who lost In what way
I am.. I am?  what gives  you the right to ask who am i?
It would be a blatant lie to say things have always been easy Or to say that I have always had everything I ever wanted handed directly to me... That has not been the case So, I have to set things in their proper place
A long hall of flashing mirrors leers at me. They tell me I am rash because I speak my mind I am intimidating because I am clever I am undesirable because I am unconventional I am weak
I AM I am not the person I thought I would be I thought my mind, body, and soul would be free My mind filled with questions without answers
I am sam No not Sam-I-Am
Another sentence, that no one will see. Another penance,  for everything I can't be.    Centuries past, Romantics and Shakespeare,  their words still last,  they've yet to disappear. 
I am from Emmanuel and Corinna, Faustino and Ildefonsa, Abelardo and Warlita. I am from the windy Chicago, from then moving to sunny California at two weeks old. I am from rice, rice, and more rice.
No one ever accused me of being humble pride and ego have been my saving grace when i feel like drowning in my own stress defiance is what keeps me going i challenge the right of the universe to put me down
I am wonderfully made. But am I perfect?
I am Addie.   I have over 50 trophies for dance but not the one that I really want.   I have seven siblings but sometimes feel alone.   I hate teenage angst and think the last line reeks of angst.
"I am"... People give those two, simple words more meaning than due. For me, I always knew. I am a Child of the True and a Princess, too. When it comes to God, there is no queue.
     I am incomprehensible. For how could you describe me when I cannot even understand myself?
He was never pissed, never pissed He just sat and wished Someone would notice and focus Their attention His way. Every day he would pray for a hey But there was nothing there.
You could say I was entirely whole. You could say that I stood alone. I, myself, would never give you the satisfaction of knowing that I was wounded. In the eyes of others, a happy soul,
I am me I am.... A sister, depended on and strong, caring for a brother who can't do as much as she. I am.... A student, fighting for my future; a wrong turn here and there, but trying to make it somewhere.
I've been in so many adventures  in my life. some bitter, sour, and rotten and some sweet n bright  
I Am Who I Am I Am A LoverI Am A StudentI Am A Coffee-LoverI Am A WomanI Am A Leader I Am Who I Am and You Can't Change That
Mariah Sure, that's me. That is my name. The first thing people see. But when they let themselves in, And pass through the door, When they find themselves inside, But not finding what for,
People see me as the girl with a happy family, living in a great big house having breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday. But I am not that girl.
I am friend I am lover I am sister I am daughter I am a chameleon, Becoming what you need me to be. Use me, But don’t abuse me. It’s happened before And I fear any more
The world often is black in color
I am... Who am I? Born February 20th, 1997. The second of three girls. A Pisces and an Ox. Bullied from the beginning.  
1, 2, 3…pennies 100 pennies, 1 dollar! Yes! Count them, count them!   We bought bread… “Oh well…add some sugar,” “But Mami, its all dead.” “So… add more sugar!”  
Identified through numbersand only a whisper of a namethat I cannot confirm,I don't know who I am.Ten years were stolen
I'm reaching outreaching for anythingclose or farI need, I wantbut to want is follyto want is selfishtherefor to need is deemed selfishover lapping needs and wantsmerging and becoming monsters
I live in two separate worlds In these alternative lives I am unrecognizable to the other  During school I am quite and shy Do not speak unless spoken to Known as a socially awkward child
It's not about what I am, It's about what I'm not Because I'm not about to  Tell you I'm creative, fun, and smart I'm not confined to expectations, Regulations, or damnations;
I am ego, I am love. I am unattached to time. I am a confused youth, a young adult I go to college, in order to get a job. I am on a path, but am I true to myself?
It's hard to express yourself while everyone around you is trying to be unique, trying to stand out. I just try to be myself and hope for the best.
We have not fallen We are not broken  We are the generation  Kept down by the people The people with power Who has all the power? The man  Who Acts like A Child 
I am... A summer breeze, Cool and collected flowing over the ocean. A quite storm before dusk, waiting to rage against the world. Quite as a mouse around others, yet loud as a thunder storm around loved ones.
These eyes, said to shine so bright, will one day be as dark as night The beginning always precedes the end; sooner or later my life will follow this trend My blood, my sweat, tears cried by me
I am fossilized tree resin I will protect your most delicate parts and preserve them  by holding you close to me and hugging away your pain   I am a confidante
I am anxiety; the blushing, the shaking,  the hoping to get friends, the never ending fear.   I am creativity; the paintings, the writing, the photography,
I am comes from I have. I am strong  I have overcome my fears. I am a worker I have worked hard to get to where I am today. I am compassionate
Growing up, being a princess was the only thing on my mind Grown up and now I realize there was bliss in being blind Twirling around in tutu’s and singing Disney songs Back where everyone actually belonged
I am the wolf. I howl at the moon The pack is Family, Life, Home, Often times but never truly alone.
I am more than what you see. I am the slightest summer breeze. I hold the key to a brand new world, I am but a little girl. A girl that some have ignored,  A girl that some have adored, But,
Every day my mother would look at me and smile She would tell me to get dressed and eat She would take me to school and tell me she loved me While she went to work, I studied at school
I am Selfish
Love. Love is where I began, a point from which life started.
I am my own ominous cloud. I am the rainbow after the storm.   I am as strong as solid oak. But I am shattered.   I am proud, yet I mumble. I am smart, yet I stumble.  
Brave One   Life has many roads Leading me to unknown paths God knows the outcome
I Am...Amber  
The girl that's the third child, wasn't suppose to be. Sibling's wanted a puppy, instead they got me.   The girl raised with siblings telling her she won't succeed,
I had a dream when I was three Of flying a plane being wild and free And even now my goal is to be A cadet in the Air Force Acadmy. I've always thought jets were pretty cool But now I think they realy rule
I am me I'm not always who I want to be Life is messy, I'm complicated sometimes I feel especially jaded, taking care of others it can be hard to cope more often than not I'm just trying to have some hope
I am walking, I am crying, I am being loved I am growing I am sad , I am conforming, I am depressed I am growing I am learning, I am discovering, I am real I am growing
I am strong I am dedicated lifelong I am not lazy I am sometimes looked at as crazy I am a Physical therapist in the making   I am caring I am daring I am not someone who will abandon
I Am not what I have done.  Not what I do. Not what I will do. 
I am loud and slightly mad. I am glad for all I have. I am sad but only inside. I am happy in everyone's eyes. I am determined to never give up. I am someone who falls and always gets up. I am no carbon copy and can not be replaced.
Mom Did you know? Did you know how much time you had left?
Science gave up hope long ago.
I am the quiet one. The one individuals rarely see The one others strive to be. I am the intelligent one Always yearning for more Knocking on knowledge's door.
I am Creative. I speak with the Lord and listen to his ways, see his great works, and make something from them, myself, constantly changing, my opinions, personality, outlook, and activities,
A lone white star falls up, And explodes in a nova of color. It leaves a nebula of grey In a deep blue universe. A golden rocket launches from a lake into space, Vanishes into blackness,
I am the rock. I keep you centered, With your feet on the ground. I make you feel better, Even when I can’t make myself feel the same.
I am
I am...what am I? I am the small peach that clings among the tangled branches that opens to many opportunities I am the peach that comes from my parents, the tree of many opportunites
That girl in class who never speaks up. The girl who IS smart enough to answer, but doesnt. The girl who refuses to call attention to herself.
Naomi Bush Sitting In A Room Full Of People Sitting in a room full of people I still feel lonely Scandalous ideas rushing through my head
I knew that when the going gets tough most of the tough gets going you see they're robbin' us  leavin' us with broken promises  lying to U.S. open your eyes they're not trying to liven us  it's so unjust 
Culture excites me. I love to read Cosmo for Latinas, watch Univision, wake up with Despierta America, and watch my Telenovelas.
I am me a simple kind of thing I am rich in not the funds you see but family and friends. and in the end to me all that matters is I'm who I want to be a simple kind of thing I am me.
Who am I, that's a great question, I'm a little loud, and a bit obsessive, I can be quiet that's also true, I work hard for those who never knew, I'm a bit selfish, but carrying too, just ask any one, they'd say it's true, I can love you to death
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