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Tongue trips my words. Brain reconsiders the words after they fall. Sound pulls them back to the depths, and they are not heard. The words I wanted to speak worked hard to get to the tip of my tongue.
You know when your dad decides to move out on a whim? Yeah, then it's confirmed that you hate him He takes the dog, something that was keeping you hopeful, oh Willow
I swear upon my lips her hips and highs  crazy loud pack lit like your fates demise third eyes enlightened straight LS die
I will never understand something How can you smile all day long and cry yourself to sleep Pictures never change but people in them do  How your bestfriend can become someone to hate
When the world is dark, And the tears stream down my face. When I can’t breathe, When the weight of the world rests on my shoulders, That is WHEN I write. When the colors fade to grey,
How do you write one?
How do you smile when all you want to do is cry? How do you explain your feelings when you can't explain? How do you laugh when its hurts to smile? How? Can you tell me?
We cannot become what we want to be remaing who we are today We wonder why as girls we bring down other girls because we all know how hard being a girl is Expensive makeup is everywhere
I think the saddest word is maybe Maybe I did It Maybe it was not me Maybe I will never admit   If I may be a good girl  Maybe I should wait
My experience with love is  painful unforgettable betrayal Eight months making memories moments music Proving people wrong with clashing thoughts personalities
How Can I write about Who is hiding behind the curtain?
how is i that i lay here listening to sad songs and the pouring rain letting vodka slip down my throat into my veins  counting seconds between lightning and thunder... how is it that with this razor in my hand
How It Happened   He had a friend Who had a girlfriend Who was amazing. He wanted to impress Her,
How do I change How do I make it right How do I keep you in range How do I stay in your sight How do I breath How do I stand How do I get you to see
Life is hard, life is tough, it knocks you down, sucks you dry, even when you had enough you can't hide, running will make it even more rough, stand strong, will it out, no matter how hard,
 It was all getting better, everything was going away.   But they all came back to taunt me, kept me awake at night.   I always wondered who I was.  The things I see, I wont always be able to keep them inside of me.
Where did we learn how to talk? Did adam and eve just know words, and how to walk? How did we know we need to eat? Just out of the blue we began to crave meat? How did we know to sleep at night? Was it because we could only see with light? Why is
Learn to pass the test Not to do your best   From primary to secondary schoolthat is all the student’s hear.   Learn to pass the test Not to do your best  
I wait and watch to hear my name, I wait until to see what tomorrow brings, I wait and I find myself listening, hoping, and dreaming.   Ohio brings what Arizona cannot, Humidity, winter, blazing summers
Am I the only one to look up at the sky and wonder What is beyond the stars yonder Like a sponge I soak up information About anything that I can find
Being rewarded: to receive something for doing something. It's a great feeling whether it be cash or whatever with we're dealing.  It sort of a mental healing.  To feel accepted and recognized,
I write this poem is for you,Because you have an honest soul,Because you've cried yourself to sleep at night at least once before.
How do I confess to love so deep? When it may hurt those I want to keep, A secret so direr, To hide my desire, How do I come clean?   How do i stay true? When i only told few ,
  Can you look me in the eyes,Without blinking? Can you talk to me,Without speaking? Can you cut the tension,That seems too thick to slice through? So many questions,What will you do?
Why does he write? An question rhetorical in its nature To know why he writes Is to kno the story of the Pen & the Paper One plays the role of his savior the other one plays the role of his creator
A constant babble fills my ears too many people shouting their word. I cannot listen, nor can I be heard.   I cry out, to the great unknown Whether or not they hear me i don't know.
Why do I write you say? Why do i scribble the day away? Words are moving, filled with emotion. Writing succesfully requires devotion. It is upon this note, That here this poem is what i wrote.
When I put pen to paper there is no hold back on the amountEndless feelings cannot be spilled with in 30 linesAnd an imminent amount of timeAnd sometimes, they're not even sublimeSo you're here, like why waste my time
My pen is my voice It is used to express what my voice cannot say. My pen is my mind What it writes is what I think, What I know, What I wish for, What I dream of. My pen is my happiness,
Because I am weak, Because I am strong, I write To destroy evil, To create beauty, I write Because of peace, Because of turmoil, I write To learn, To give, I write
Anger. Love. Strength. Weakness. Hate. Fear. I write for them. They take over. They use my pen to escape. Word By Word. Once they start, they do not stop.
How to write a poem How should I start? This is my voice I can write from my heart Poems don't have to rhyme Poems dont have to make sense Poems start with you and your one line
I never know what choice to make, Be it right, be it wrong. I never know which road to take, Be it right, be it left. I never know what to do, Be it this or be it that. I never know who to trust,
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