hold on

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It has taken me some time to realize that there are two parts of your body that will always be at war with one another, And it seems like no matter how hard you try, they will never agree with each other.
Of all the things my life has led to I never would have guessed it would lead to you I was inexperienced quite,
It's in one breath that the syllables come falling out, Can't break one down if they don't know a thing about doubt, I'm stronger, braver, wiser, faster, Than I ever been before,
Before I knew you I knew i didn't want one of you before I knew you I knew I didn't have a clue once we decided to make you I knew I would love you once we made you I already loved you
You reach around the room for broken girls, You know, the ones with those innocent curls. They trust in you, with all their might, Still believing in you when you cut them down to size.
My misery pours out of my eyes, as I drown in my sorrow. With a face of an angel, it hides the pain that lies behind my smile. Hands of my kind soul hide the past from a blade, taken to the soft skin of my youth.
Cancer took my friend cancer took my homie cancer took Gods Child football fanatic marquis could be so sarcastic base god lover football Panther Number 4 will always live on
The one thing that really makes me tick,  is how parents like to abuse their kids. What is it that makes a parent click,  to lay hand and bruise those eyelids. To punch, slap, kick or even yell, 
A beautiful soul like you deserves every dream to come true,  I know we'll make it, me and you.  You have to be here to watch things change, to watch your deamons fade away. 
Pieces of hope Keep falling from above, Pieces of hope That are birthed from love, Where they come from Is of little concern, But how to catch them One must learn.
Problems, Everyone has them And we all can’t stand them Problems, They are hard to face Even though we are the ones who created them in the first place Problems, We want to get rid of them
Daughter, look how bright you shine, In a world full of evils You are still mine, So hold on, And be strong, And everything will turn out alright.   I’ve given you love,
For the children bruised by words or hand Or young ones who are tempted by life’s demand, The road may seem ragged, dreary, and long, But be strong and know that after trial comes joy.
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