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Often times we think of grief in stages. I like to think about it as waves. Up and down it goes, never finding a home base to land. Never asking you to take your hand and dance. 
Grief isn't just something you can turn off. People say that grief doesnt go away, you just grow around it. Sorta like harmonizing with a fan you cant turn off Maybe grief is love with nowhere left to go.
I wish that his shoes  Were still in the walkway    They used to trip me  And I’d get frustrated   I wish the laundry 
 ‘Twas an ill wind blowing on that August day. ‘Twas a portent of what was headed that way. All saints and sinners, aye ye better take heed, of the storm they called Katrina.  
Waves We talked about wanting to go to the ocean to scream at it.  Our voices getting swallowed up by the waves.  Maybe we still will.  For now, though, our tears are waves enough, 
Chasm It is so cruel how the world keeps on turning. The sun dares to make its way out from the clouds. The birds mock, the kids play. The flowers bloom, the wind blows. How is it not all weeping?
Ever So We lost him three months ago. It's impossible that this much time has passed, but impossible things seem to keep happening with unrelenting ease. Impossible things used to seem exciting.
Walls Watching the sun dance on the walls that encased my childhood   The walls that have heard the laughter and joy of a little girl who's memories all come back to this place. With its chipped baseboards
A Plea Any moment stumbling past that isn't blanketed in a stifling heat I find myself scurrying to peel back my curtains, and open my windows Cracking the doors, begging the wind to blow through  
when i die i want to come back as a dog.    i want to come into this earth as a minuscule being, crammed in tight quarters, unsure of what to think. 
The sky lends it's blue to your eyes Til twilight swallows the sinking sun And your hope sinks with it As reality hits like a smoking gun You glance at your empty hands The things you held so tight, to dust
How fragile are the gossamer threads of life that tie us to this earthly realm? A single strand has snapped and my world has unravelled. For you have broken free of your earthly bounds
Numb.All I feel is numb. The panic and the fear But I know you are with me.I can feel you all around illogical and unknowing as it could be.I can feel that you are with me. 
Grief is an ocean, Endless and vast, It swallows you whole, And the pain seems to last.   It crashes and tumbles, And pulls you under, You struggle and fight,
Grief, oh grief, you heavy weight, A burden that no one can debate. You come uninvited, unannounced, And leave us feeling so deeply pounced.   You shake our world, turn it upside down,
i cannot remember the day they buried you but i remember the way they wept they mourned the loss of a girl never meant to exist.
I found my love long ago The one they always talk about  The one in movies with happy endings The one in books so endearing   
Is your favorite color still red? Because my favorite is still blue. Do you still wear those black pants?
For so long, I kept holding on, trying to convince myself that all of this was for something, But I wasn't prepared for all of the hurt and pain that it would bring. I am covered in bruises, cuts and scares from head to toe,
I hope you see warm sun Because your skin is cold. I hope you feel my rust Because these gears have mold.   My heart was made from human hands.
Your face      in my mind hurts like splinters,      and my heart is infected on the inside. Your voice cracking      into me           like a whip,   a cat o’ nine tails,
the air is thick with sky its heaviness settles over me and there is no telling where you end  and i begin   with just one step careless or careful I could submerge into you
The Encounter Worthy of self and same. Higher value others are. More than harm from the unkind. Coldhearted. Brutal. Cruel.Pulling strings like a puppeteer.
The Journey Back  is an interesting one miles of walking on  tired, callused, bloodied feet. treading back over  that eroded ground.   
Losing a friend isnt instant, The memories linger, And the what if's become unbearable.   The guilt sets in at sunrise, And the grief chokes you at sunset.   You dont just lose them and go on
Losing a friend isnt instant, The memories linger, And the what if's become unbearable.   The guilt sets in at sunrise, And the grief chokes you at sunset.   You dont just lose them and go on
Let there be laughter And not grief On the day I go For tears  Will not suffice   Let there be light
I’m exhausted by the grief  And drained by this place  This place that once held promise  This world that once had values  Or perhaps it never did 
Losing someone you love is the hardest thing that anyone can go through, It's so strange to think about them being gone when they were always there for you. Some people will never understand the love that we have for our pets, 
Dear Mommy,   It's the third Mother's Day without you I miss your beautiful smile, and your laugh   I could count 1000 things I miss about you and it wouldn't count for half  
sometimes i am so easily decieved I believe what i wish to be true and when the fantasies of my infancy are ripped from my grasp I weep at the feet of misbeliefs past for the comfort of lies
Unspoken, unidentified tragedies ... I wonder if bad news and devastation are better delivered With the merciless blow, like finding out you'll die just before Christmas
For your brokenness that clings to me In my openness so ceaselessly Relaying all the meanings, forever afraid
Leaving a hall of discord and Still grieving for all my mistakes Then returning I'm seething at what I have found And the counsel of higher life Still leaves me burning
With each years' dawn I'm leaning toward a shoulder's setting sun For each new breath of life, we must embrace the lies we've sung
Here again, i'm cradled by the unreleasing arms Of the white, shot sun's grim descent It always finds me frantic, unprepared I try to talk myself into some kind of world of understanding Find empty auditorium seats
One day you’ll be gone from this earth. As you take your last dying breath you’ll think, “Where was I all this time?” You thought you found yourself In a man who said he loves you.
Wonderful men die. Their wives are forever indebted. Turning pain and suffering into love and memory, Yearning to deep appreciation, Light, into the little remainder at the close of the day.  
Men Too Cry
The sun rises to a world dressed in silence. & you'll sit on the edge of your bed, reliving a night you taught your tongue to grieve.   Death always visits with a mouth full of bullets.
The lights in her heart getting darker, you know? An embodiment of grief from head to toe The sparkles in eyes vanished & heart sank The colourful soul is turning to be blank
I see the misty skyline  of a dirty city  in the distance and i think  what would you appreciate about this scene? which aspect would you absolutely adore? and which would you wholly abhor?
A friend I look up to when all is not well, With open hands she welcomes me into her humble abode, A poisoned food that tastes so good, You may sound evil, but you my friend are a blessing.
Flipping through the pages of my life; Felt like walking on a sharp knife, The more I walked, the more I wished for the walk to end; A few things in life you can never mend.
Expectedly or unexpectedly, you had to go, Our separation left me in sorrow; It would be better if humans had no emotions, Or could now erase it with potions.
No matter the time, it was cold And the wind drew heavy breaths No matter how young, that day we were old Enough to watch the mess  
And it’s there they met, once more to hold,  To laugh and love in each other’s fold.  On the far shores you can hear loud cries Of happiness and reunion, no more sad goodbyes.
I’m sorry that destruction doesn’t take mercy on roses. I’m sorry that some mistakes don’t burn themselves out with smoke in their wake, but rather spark and catch fire, ravaging and burning and killing.  
I love you.I miss you. You are always On my mind   But sometimes I hate you.Im seething. Did you not think What you were leaving behind?   
So there we were, Hands upon the waves, glazing over the luminescence of fragile beings. You twirled me and made me laugh; it had been ages since I laughed; Freely, that is.
So there we were, Hands upon the waves, glazing over the luminescence of fragile beings. You twirled me and made me laugh; it had been ages since I laughed; Freely, that is.
So there we were, Hands upon the waves, glazing over the luminescence of fragile beings. You twirled me and made me laugh; it had been ages since I laughed; Freely, that is.
I cried for you to hold me But you took your arms away I said I wanted to be alone While praying that you would stay Stepped upon the highest ledge Hoping it would give way
Everyone has their own walk with grief.   Some package it up and store it away for a rainy day when they can be alone and let it overtake them.  
Those dishes that I cooked,  Those stories that I said, Baby, you said you were impressed...  
  The sky was blue, Away from the shadow of gloomy clouds, Oh so high, so high, my little kite flew.  
  Every spring a new flower blooms in remembrance of the previous year.
within the empty space there lies a chance to let my loved one live and breathe and move while some allow the empty space to remain just an empty tomb my empty space is filled with life of all that he didn't get to do
Yes, I'm familiar with Kubler- Ross the stages of grief, but no amount of intellectualizing can deaden the pain and knowing the inevitable won't act as morphine- for us, the survivors
One day: I can't remember    Three days: My tears fell on your hand.   Two weeks: In school, they stare.   Six weeks: A lonely sister on Christmas.  
  This Fragmented Hate  Written by Janeiry Cruz (​A.K.A Dorky Jane)
"Dearly Beloved..."Stunned, I am amazed by this purgatory endured for loving you; dwindling morals and virtues as the ticking beast in my chest grows more enamored of solely you.
What will happen if I sneak into heaven? I just want a glimpse of paradise.
From her tears, she tells me she is struggling.   From her eyes, she tells me that she has suffered many sleepless nights.   From her frown, she tells me of her disappointment.  
  I was intoxicating wasn't I? I had such a combustible presence in your midst you couldn't handle any missteps  When I gave you a subtle kiss when I told you I could've loved you
She once met someone who gave her feelings like no other Someone she never felt she bothered Sadly though as all things golden, it wasn't meant to last Her love was torn from her much too fast
My boy I love you so much more than I ever could before, the love grows every day expands in every way because your My boy,
Longing is such an apt word. The physical space between us is now uncomfortably far. Your presence is the early morning fog on a cool fall morning;
It was upon those rocky shores On top of the craggy rock Overlooking the tumultuous shore Of water rushing onto the sand And swiping at the blood there
 The Mourning Dove 
I can’t go in. The smell of medicine that isn’t working, Desperately masked by overwhelming sanitizer that stings my nose as I inhale. No sunlight makes its way through the windows.
The day you said your final teary goodbye My tears won't dry Take my beautiful memories with you Scattered reminders All around me My tears won't dry Take my beautiful memories with you
I came downstairs crying one night When I was a little girl Because I was scared That someone I love would die, Would get sick and die,
By: Kiersten Warner I once walked along the sand, A beach that stretched through a magic land. A land enchanted for the lonely heart, my heart whose love was world’s apart.   On the sand there swelled a tide,
In the lull of a mild melancholy, my thoughts condense upon the cold window of a forlorn wish. On the hearthstone of my imaginings library, I curl into the croissant like shape of a dreaming cat.
There is sadness in these bones Deep in the marrow of the house that is my body I am a home to grief and anger You cannot see it in my skin and in my flesh But I flash my teeth and you finally recognize
Peter Pan, Peter Pan, why won't you take me back?Growing up has just turned everything black. Peter Pan, Peter Pan, this has to be a mixup,I simply never wanted to grow up.
Caught between my thoughts and  what is real I look up to the starry skyAngels don't use Wings to flutter they only fly,
    Tripping over wires of  The mental lies Society tells us to hide Behind a disguise
you were joy, broken joy, shreds of it scattered. and between your lines lie chasms, dark, endless, hopeless.   but you masked your chasms by wringing out sunshine. and thus,
Love. That’s all I really remember when I think of her. Her arms wrapped tightly around me, Her charming southern accent, And the way she looked at everyone with love in her heart.
As the sands of time fall And collect in a mound I stop and reflect On the wisdom I've found For every day is a lesson A subject to learn And by the end of the day Priceless knowledge is earned
I did not choose to lose you To let you go violently into That good night.   I did not choose for my heart to stop When yours did When paramedics covered you up And stopped trying
Sister, oh sister She is gone, but oh how I miss her I never got hold her Never got to kiss her I was supposed to teach her
  A crack resounds from the soul of the earth.  
I am empty Numb My life is in shambles lying on the floor I cannot move   Abandoned promises Shattered dreams The thought of you haunts me Even when I sleep  
Empty   It is like walking up the stairs to your bedroom in the dark, and thinking there is one more stair than there is. Your foot falls down, through the air, and there is a sickly moment of dark surprise.
Understanding Death   Death is abstract. It comes in varying forms, and sneaks up on you.   Suddenly, she appeared.  
Inside   My tears fall swift and silent. It is too quiet… Deafening silence fills the air, lays on my bed, and covers the floor.
The Untimely Death Certificate   The untimely death certificate says 14 years old.   The untimely death certificate says you should have known.  
  I am ⅓ Musketeer   First week of May 2011, we go to pick up my dad from Chicago I was 8 years old Waited about two hours, never did he come
  I am ⅓ Musketeer   First week of May 2011, we go to pick up my dad from Chicago I was 8 years old Waited about two hours, never did he come
How could you have known, when you called his name, that there was no one left to answer? Words left unspoken, discussions never to be had, no words left to say, what can I say?
I open the window So I don’t suffocate But the air doesn’t reach my lungs As I try to count my breaths   Monday I came in to see you
I. DENIAL They lie to me  and say that you are not here. But the wind still blows, the sky still blue, the grass green. I will see you tomorrow. II. ANGER
On my bedside table lies a small wooden box.  To a visitor, it seems insignificant  perhaps an elementary school art project.  However, to me, it serves as a powerful reminder.   
Hopeless Hopeless is how I felt. In counseling with tears streaming down my face and no regard, For my makeup smearing revealing I had lost any sense of grace.  
War boils within;   Battlefield of my heart, scorched skeletons   Of memories rancid.    The tree of delight drips bare.   To You I exposed my heart,   Sublime seeds of offense,
When did my feelings become second to yours? Why are my opinions wrong and absurd? When did my silence become your turn to speak? Why, to you, am I small and weak? Why am I bad even if I’ve done nothing to you? Why, when I give the world, do you a
To feel you were meant to be more, It is a feeling I know well And with grief, my heart does swell No hubris, to that which may quell There will come a day, soon Where I may roar,  But not as a beast,
Dipping my toes Into the endless midnight blue To me, it's a deadly hue. First my ankles, Then up to my knees. Pause. Remind myself to breathe. My clothes are wet now
Dipping my toes Into the endless midnight blue To me, it's a deadly hue. First my ankles, Then up to my knees. Pause. Remind myself to breathe. My clothes are wet now
I see a river levee with bridges on both sides  it’s early the air is wet, my clothes dampened by it. People gathered and noise all around.  I’m running to you, your motionless.
I am at a loss For words For thought This loss Too much Too soon To process My loss Your loss
I've traveled many lands To a find a mind like yours. I'm writing down new plans Once I reach new shores. Now i'm somewhere in the islands Underage mystery face in a bar.
Air is an acquired taste That most want to breathe But my own air is two parts heartbreak One part grief It burns my lungs It burns my lips It burns my tongue  
My dog died over four years ago, And her ashes rest above our fireplace: A mantlepiece Behind a photograph of her that was there when she was alive
December 10th, 2018. A horrible memory.  Sadness swells. Tears start to fall. To everyone else that day is just a day. To me,  That day was the worst day of my life. Winter passes.
Savior of oppressed people, Maintainer of tranquility and peace; A country’s epitome of power, Justice, justice, justice!  
These bed sheets are arms, Holding me, Eating me alive. They moisten with the pressure of clandestine prayers, Breath a ghost, The ghost of you,
Step one: stay in your room alone, smash your phone against the wall so glass rain coats everything. Swallow darkness like handfuls of pills, or swallow darkness and handfuls of pills, let it boil in your throat so no color comes out.
Let the aroma, the sweet intoxication, of the lilies take you away. Their white petals, beckoning, follow them
Hey dad  How are you? Oh me? nothing new. Why am I crying?  Don’t worry, I’m fine.  Don’t try to wipe them daddy, it’s okay, you’re so kind...   I should talk to you more, but I don’t know how
Street lamps and the last train speeding through ringing its arupt and startling bell "clear the way" it says to an empty road The night is dead
I can't hold on, I can't let go... I keep on breathing But each breath is suffocating. My heart keeps pounding But in my own blood, I'm sinking.
my grief is not linear i am depressed and then angry i accept that you are dead and that is something i cannot control i think of you and the glorious mess you were
  my grief is not linear i am depressed and then angry i accept that you are dead and that is something i cannot control
  Everytime I see someone since my uncle’s been gone, they tell me how different I look How I cut my hair short How my acne cleared up How my lips aren’t chapped anymore
 It felt like a thousand waves crashing into my body. As I clung to anything I could. A person. My bed. Like they were a lifeboat in the storm of losing you.
And then three years later and look at us now.. We were talking about marriage & having some kids in the house. Man nothing ruins a relationship quicker than doubt. Used to say you were so confident in what we had.
I stand in a place that I've been once before, A garden of sadness that's watered with tears, A plot in the earth where I made an exchange: I buried my hopes and gave birth to my fears -
Today is the worst day. I knew it would be. My last goodbye to you Was yesterday And I look back To see what I missed A call, a text, a post Should I have Called you, texted, replied?
Why? Can you tell me why? My heart is crushed, sad, blue My heart and arms are aching To hold and be with you * I close my eyes and think of how You brought such joy to me
I cried today, and it's okay In hindsight now, I can't fall prey To doubt and fear, or dark dismay Their dreary biddings to obey * I cried today, it's tough to say Just why I cried, I can't convey:
Look at the way at how you treat your lady She seems bitter and confused Darkness sadly surrounds her As a result of your abuse She put her trust in you And you have let her down
Some of the sunshine disappears When a loved one sadly passes away You think of all the good times you had Each and every day Those precious memories are still there Even though that your mom is gone
It has been seventeen years Since that dreadful morning Thousands lost their lives unexpectedly Hearts are still grieving The events that took place on that day Sadly presented turmoil and corruption
Sometimes we search for answers That we can not find So cryptic and puzzling And justifiably unkind Pain and darkness rears its ugly head This is quite the mystery Such confusion and frustration
This, a River This, a river, I am not lines but curves Winding around sand bars Creating islands  Revealed in low tide My current pulses life Tadpoles, carp, algae I smile in light
Shocking scars, The past, So long ago, Hurt entrenched so deep,   No words can describe, The manner in which it resides, No tears can make The agony seap.    Ever present,
Its just there, On my bosom, Just there. Centre point.    It feels heavy, This weight is wrapped, Front of my chest, Penetrates my soul.   Takes away, Joy,
heaven is a topic of controversy that dwells amongst great populations - from a young age, I was exposed to such trauma of Death in circumstances that a young princess should not have withstood.
Goodmorning How could I have known what sick meant You were sick, been sick your whole life Suffered your old life with A smile
Frantic wings beating blindly, Bombarding the window pane. Beak nimbly tap tap tap tapping the glass it doesn't see, Jewel toned chest sparkling sapphire in the sunlight.
the rain pounded heavily last night drops of water ran slowly down the car windows matching the silver trails of the tears that wound down my cheeks rough hands that weren't yours stroked my skin
My name is a tombstone rubbing,I am dead and rotten,Flesh and coffin long forgotten,To roam the world underneath,In rubble, stone, and compost heaps,Lay not lilies at my feet,For I am no longer there
Death pervades my waking sleep,Icy wrathful breath of mildew and moss,Corrupting the images of light and love,Memories fleeting dreams,Rustles in the predawn curtains,Faint presence of something there,
White robed skeleton They had to lift you - three or four at most How did it feel to be so powerless? You could barely speak and I forgot the words How does it feel to only wait
Bad news bends me down Like snow icing a birch tree How much more can I take before I break?   Splintered into a thousand shards- I can't melt my heart anymore
It all started with a purse. A beautiful deep plum crossbody. Embossed with a household name. Kate Spade.
The sunlight echoes across the room in waves. We said goodbye; they left down the callow way. Later, after fizzy breath and Valentine thoughts,
  Curse my luck Please curse the day My only sense of sanity was taken away   With such little words And movements so slight
I love you! And I don’t know how to tell you that I love you Is the problem that we’re having here The thing is you don’t even realize How much I love you And you won’t unless I make you realize
A surge of fear goes through her heart; She's all alone and torn apart. Just weeping softly in the dark Without a single light or spark.  
When suicide took you, my whole world from me, I had nothing to fall back on except poetry. Grief had consumed my mind, It filled inside me, and the only way to keep myself alive
Grief reigns supreme when precious life is gone; the echoes of past time lie silent in the grave. Mute testimony of what once was, and never will be again.   
Never Farewell By: Ricardo A Arreola In a world filled with lies and made up memories Hate is all a child ever grew to know But when lying next to frozen stone one
you are hurting my mind hurt me to think about hurt me to be without i thought about you today and i felt the pain in my chest where you were not leaning
You said that you loved her But, your actions sing a different tune Unless your demeanor changes She will leave you really soon How can you call it love? When all you do is manipulate her mind
They yank on their skates, criss-cross the laces and tug on my hand with stubby fingers. The ice is thick and crusted with white chips Pondscum and cattails are hidden under the marbled crust
Throughout life, there are those too important to let go. But no matter how hard anyone holds on, We'll all end up gone; There's a close to every show. You were precious in every sense of the word.
I don't know what they're talking about Saying that your gone Saying that you'll never come back I don't want to know what they're talking about No more What do they mean When they say you gone forever
I rejoice in sharing the earth With someone so lovely as you. I think of your face and I'm filled with mirth; My joy and happiness can't be subdued. But despite this thrum of ecstasy, I carry great trepidation,
Claiming sadness to be all your own Your only comfort in life, the sorrow you've known. Could anyone know the tear as well as you? Be seduced by the pain, as it cuts your heart in two?
Nothing but pure madness As teachers and students run for their lives Such a dour situation Filled with corruption and strife The mark of evil Has sadly, reared its ugly head
Remember when I was born? Remember when we went to Las Vegas? Remember when we went to Chicago,
Dear Gabi, Last night I had a dream that you were alive That you had tried to jump out of your window, maybe to fly And I sat by your side because you didn’t die.  
Dear Dad   When you left, Everything went to shit.   I cried, But you were never there.  
When I thought no one cared And I was alone, You were there.   When my situation back home became too much to live with, You were there.  
Dear pal, I remember. I remember how your hair Shone like burning embers, Though your eyes Were the color of ice.  
Dear Dad, My life was mine until that July, it was to be my birthday soon. You grabbed my face and looked me in the eye told me you loved me without realizing that was goodbye.
I wanted so much for you. I wanted you to learn how to walk before anything else so that you could always rely on your feet as foundation to hold you up during times of desperation.
Dona Julia Ama, I think of you everywhere I go. I feel you in everything I am.
It’s been 1325 days since i found out that you passed away and i didn’t cry then but now my eyes are carrying the tears that are hanging on by a needle and thread.
U n t i l  T h e  T i m e By: SeemsPoetic   O n e   l i f e   w e   l i v e...   One life we grow...   And In the end...
What if dying isn't deathIf when we leave this world… The weight of it is simply off our chest When we take that final breath
Wake up at night   all I can see is your face   ten years and still not right   I wake up and think about   if someday in the void of bright white light  
Dear Nana, How are you? How have you been? I've been trying to be happy but how do I begin? I remember your last day like the back of my hand Little did I know time was running out like dripping grains of sand.
My dearest little one:   What words are there to say? To pass between strangers, Stranger, my very flesh and blood Between an expectant older sister And Heaven's smallest saint?  
I see you in my sleep, there, you’re still alive, Refusing to accept you’re gone, is the only way I survive,   I reveal all my stories,
Dear Pompa,   We miss you down here. I didn’t know it was possible to miss someone’s silence, but I do.
My dearest Karlie,   They say that time heals but the time without you is like the sand At the bottom of an hourglass, growing heavier, heavier still
Dear Justin,  Only Fifteen  Still Learning How to Live  You taught me how to stay strong.  You gave me laughter and smiles.  During a time I only had sadness and grief.  You had me and I had you. 
Dear Ryan,  Why am I writing to someone dead? The farthest it'll go is the Stone; The last remnants I have of you - except your Jacket, of course; I sleep with it, but it no longer smells of you -  
You gave birth to me in the month of October while my father peeked over your shoulder. You raised me with love and compassion always and I desire to follow in your ways. On a cool morning in June of 2004
I found you there – you were still warm, but we knew you were cold Sometimes I see you but I know you aren’t there Your hands smelled like smoke, but that was more permanent than you were
Dear dad You left so soon I didn't even get to make you proud You promised you'd watch me graduate, grow, marry But you're not here now You didn't even see me turn 18 Cancer ate away at your lungs and
I remember that day I had heard it many times that day, Someone else had lost time. Who? I wondered. As if it was a broken record, frantically reaching for an answer in my mind.  Who could it be?
When you bury a poet There's so much poetry lost The wind and the rain weep And the sun shines to dry their tears But dew drops are left behind Like an unfinished sonnet Where the words trail off
She has decided to walk away Because, you did not treat her right Nothing but a chaotic scene Situations sadly, ended in a fuss or fight Face the reality of the matter She often drowned in tears
The first knock at the door, curiosity. Gold stars badges with an unfounded look of grief, Wait a minute, isn’t your job to save the day?
Dear Matthew, I often wondered about you. How you'd laughThe color of your hair, If you were strong, If you were scared.  I often wondered about you. My sweet little boy,My playful kin, My eldest brother, My might have been.  I often wondered abou
And the tears will be fire on your cheek, Your heart stricken with venom from the serpent of Anger.
The sun reflected milky white off my skin outside the gym When you asked me where my sister was I told you that she was sick   You asked me what I meant  
Dear Anthony,   I’m fine. Am I? Yeah, I’m fine. Miss you. Miss your laugh. Miss your smile. Miss you. I go to school, Work, Eat, Sleep, Miss you.
A Letter to My Mom: Mom, did you know? Did you know it was your time? You couldn't let me know I wouldn't see you when the sun shines? You couldn't call me to your room and ask me why dishes were in the sink?
To Missense I only write letters to family though estranged, that you still are, after all You’ve run in the blood
  With the poinciana tree in view, I’d at my window sit, Starting the day in meditation made the tree a perfect fit.   Yesterday morning, the tree loppers came, Watching them made me feel almost lame.
Dear those trying to comfort,  Don't tell me you understandDon't say you knowDon't tell me I will surviveOr for sure grow
I get a call around midnight delivering the news. My father has died, I can’t be told how until I am 18. My world feels broken now, and I don’t know how I am supposed to deal with it. I don’t sleep that night.
I remember when I heard the news. It was hard for me to follow. I remember when I went to see you, My mind was still and hollow.  
Because I love you, I want to help other children like you Because I love you, I will study my hardest Because I love you, I cry that you are gone Because I love you, I miss your laugh I miss your smile
Day One: This morning I woke up crying I miss you I couldn’t talk to all the well-wishers I couldn’t even talk to my mom I miss you
You were never there Nothing but pure neglect A child was born A moment that you seem to forget Nothing but a dark cloud Bitterness sadly rears its ugly head Just take accountability
Girl, what happened to us? Conversation has sadly ran dry This has become a masquerade Time continues to pass us by If we do not communicate Darkness will appear Of a melancholy nature
Tears fall from her face That is ever so clear You did not treat her right You were insincere You messed with her heart And played with her mind Nothing but an insolent demeanor So degrading and unkind
It seems as though a cloud has permanently settled over my head  And my chest is burdened with a twenty pound weight that doesn't belong on my bones.  Emotionally, I'm dead. 
Pray, and a message you’ll receive, Sitting unconvinced of eternal love and devotion, Abandoned in a confinement of grief, Weary of further exploration into this emotion;  
You have to continue on Even though you have lost a loved one Remember the good times you had with your mother She taught you how to be strong She is still there to guide you
Darkness strikes Nothing but a calamity Anguish, sorrow, and grief sadly appear What a major catastrophe Through the hurricanes and earthquakes Countries are in a state of ravage
Dear Best Friend, The small smile that appeared on your face when someone acknowledged you or your loud laughter at the simplest joke... It was gone. You are gone.
She was just sixWhen he told her to fixHis dirty desireRemove the heat of his fire She was just nineWhen she was toldTo kiss him below the lineBy that gigantic old
An Ode to an uncle   By: Hannah Beasley     You died doing what you loved; Playing basketball Your tall lanky body was always perfect for the sport You died happy
Love needs a reason to stayI prompt, is this the only way?To make it more strong and deepThe first time, I might cry and weep
It has been sixteen years Since that dark day Our nation was under attack Total chaos in every way Three thousand people sadly perished Nothing but pure frustration Along with sullen moments
writing, seeing behind teary eyes: lies in disguise; love and hate, war, we paint
This is unreal. As if she is here, I still do feel; this is unreal. I do sometimes forget and the tears they do fall; and I admit.... this is unreal.
by Damiam Henry on October 29, 2014. © Damiam Vincent Henry, All rights reserved She gave her life to me. For me. She gave immortality. I felt her love so infinitely, Yet her heart I lost inside the sea.
you told me, i’m a fighter, you told me, you’d always be here. you were your sister’s protector, and I’m my brother’s keeper, you suffered
I once spoke to a man with the same complexion, Whose suffered from the vast cruelty of rejection. ••••••••
how dare you! leave her childless; how dare, this world... this icy world, with sin and shame. allow two boys to take the blame. who sadly lost their mother, to the fists of a drunken father!
She put her trust in you But, you have sadly let her down Always there and one who cared Now all of the joy has turned into frowns How could you treat her that way She was once your queen
His beauty is unspeakable and incomparable; not because his words are able to inflict pain upon me, but because his heart will forever beat in sync with mine.
You cried You cried for maybe 20 minutes? 15?   Then you pleaded You tried to at least But why? What's the point?   Then you screamed Screamed at the world
Why do we cause so much pain As if the world Didn't have enough? We hate as viciously As we love Hurting the ones we touch. Burning, tearing, stabbing Ripping hearts and Stinging tears.
my hair is short now i wonder if you’d like it i draw much more now i wonder if you’d like it i write poems now i wonder if you’d like it
i do a lot of staring staring at the computer screen staring at the ceiling staring at my hands when hurt them staring at my feet when i bruise them
a vicious thing the pain that always comes from never getting to know from no real conversation that went beyond me wondering
Grief whether it be the loss of a loved one, loss of an opportunity, or loss of ones old self Is a nasty virus that effects can be worse then the spread of HIV or Zika
I've seen grief in the form of quiet tears in the dark of night. I've seen grief in the form of checkered pillows to muffle the screams. I've seen grief in the form of cigarette smoke puffing in from the garage.
You call to me in the night, A silent black monolith of blue light, Looming in my waking thoughts and dreams, Punching buttons and tapping strings,   The world I think is dull and grey,
You put me on my knees and I sob to God "Please" This poem isn't any different than the ones before It's about how I love you  Something I can never ignore It's about how you love him, too
A year ago, my mom was diagnosed with cancer for the second time.A year ago, I found out I was moving from North Carolina to Illinois.  
The Hit We were in the same city when you died.I didn't know until hours after arriving homewhen I saw the pictures,saw you,I didn't understand. Wade, I thought it was your birthday.
january, noah's funeral. february, this shouldn't have happened. march, it's all my fault. april, i should have talked to him more. may, take a deep breath.  june, i miss him.
Yesterday,You were okay.We had a conversation.We laughed together,you reminded me of the good in life.
it was winter when we met   and summer when you left   maybe there’s some irony in that,   but i haven’t found it yet.   as soon as our eyes met,  
The impossible has happened and now I am impossibly numb. The bitter sting of an empty core, I wanted more. More warmth more sun, more love, hope. And I want more still.
The stilled voice; the raspy breath A gentle beep and the smell of death The eyes are open and yet they see Far more than me A small shudder as the devil tries Just one last trick, one last disguise
Dad, These are the days where I, With special clarity, With attentive mind Give heed to the cavern in my heart. These are the days where I wonder And I miss your smile. The days I remember.
I was the type, that held on, expecting the worst, unable to release myself, from what I presumed was safe. I would hid in the shadows, waiting to be cleansed by the rain, but,
I can see it. I can see the light located at the end of the tunnel I run faster and faster towards it Praying with each step I'll be one step closer, closer  to being free.   Free from the bullies
Looking outside my window Through sorrowful eyes The sky tells me its’s time Gathering my strength I walk into the cold The sun decides to hide Behind thick ashen clouds
If only you were here, You would have been able to kiss me goodbye Wish me luck and try your best not to cry As I drove off to learn and live alone Instead, I had to tell your tombstone If only you were here,
          All I saw was loss At loss of words and feelings          But I am still here 
The last time I felt this empty  Felt the air around me  Was the first time I went to DC  After my brother commited suicide
My room smells like death and urine So do my bedsheets But I don't want to clean his cage And I don't want to ride the bedsheets These are the last scents I have   Against what becomes memories
So this is empty How nice. I feel like stabbing myself because I'm convinced I wouldn't feel anything More extravagant than this Heaviness
I saw my shadow for the first time  And didn't believe it was mine Just some girl Following behind   As both our hearts break politely
Red is for the blood of our brothers and sisters spilt Orange is for the heightened awareness of global warming Yellow is for the joy felt when our rights were awarded to us Green is for growth of knowledge society 
Up on the hill in Deer Island Park, a sicamore is felled.    no one attends it's funeral, or wears a black veil in it's honour.  a man used to sleep under that tree, a woman took her children there for picnics. 
The Art of Moving On    The birds were chirping, bees buzzing, cars zooming; The world was moving on after she left us. When my mother and I finally hauled the stubborn door open,  the aroma of the 1930s rushed past us. I half expected to hear a t
                                                              By: Gisela Rosa               Growing up with you was rainbows and smiles. Reading books aloud to you, doing my homework next to you, watching Bad Boys with you, makingjokes.
I loved to try on your clothes, the cute crop tops and fuzzy socks. I loved to sleep in your bed,  to play games on your laptop, to eat tacos with you and  to talk to you, 
She went at 53, And took a part of me She probably didn’t know I’d come But, too bad, life played her like a drum.  
Waking up is not fun,Especially if you have to run.Rushing from home to school Does not make me so cool,    Yet going to school will hopefully make me bloom.  
She's dead and I'm gonna die And this will all come to nothing, because I don't do things half way This won't end peacefully I might smile as I burn the things that I have to get rid of
The Wolf in the sky howled until he grew big enough to swallow the moon. And there was no light left but the stars which he could not reach.
Do you think I forgot about you?...Never...You are my baby...I will always be your mami, baby. I will always continue to sing you lullabies from my heart into the wind.
I loved you even though I didn't know you I held you even though you were never in my arms You were with me even though I didn't know it
Image by Vesna Kittelson   "Halt, friend. Trouble not their moments passing Death hath kissed their fellow gone And now they have but not left For it is here they wander on Earth
Reading excerpts of his cherished poems, As the ocean breeze fluttered past our noses offering the smell of salty water, He taught me many lessons.  
Mama started goin’ gray some years ago. Her body’s breakin’, or so she tells me All damn night and all damn day as she cries. I’ve got to agree; she never used to Cry her eyes and ears off all the damn time.
Heart breaker she was, who's apth was littered with crimson dipped pieces of her past. Every broken promise was like a knife to her heart.
On the day my sibling chose the rope A woman came to the door  After dad cut him down  I listened to his chest There was no beat
We live in a land of hurt, a land of pain, a land of passing. Its throat is burnt, its face is plain, its lungs are gasping.   Sweep it off and ignore the beast 
I thought about you then I wanted to fight for you I didn't want it to end I thought about you then I wondered how you were doing, I meant to call, to tell you that I missed you
We dance, merry in a fortunate life With lights flashing blue and green and red Our only wish: that this will never end A sentence without a terminal point We are young. We are free in this great dance
I have a story to tell. It's not much, it's my two cents of what makes sense. I guess in retrospect it might not be much but it's who I am.
I walk to my home, the summer air is thick; surrounded by hallowed street lights and homes of made of brick The streets I walk, normally awake with life, are empty and dull; not a cackle of laughter in my line of sight
Pouring down In unrelenting sheets Washing all In its path Battle-worn soldiers Pellets of water That are cold to the touch Leaving numb traces And mingling With salty tears
The Breeze is flowing, following the day The winds in my face, brushing all away My amber eyes, are seeing clear Guiding me straight, through all fear-- But I call, I call, and no one anwsers
Once my heart was full of petty things, Like dolls with tufts of hair and wedding rings, Today my heart is empty and hollow, For the rest of my life, filled with sorrow, People do not understand why
They stand shoulder to shouder Forming a circle around the casket Heads bowed in prayer His daughter, the smallest of all Only wanting the return of his life Everyone there contains grief
When one close to you dies You find yourself in a foreign place Nothing feels the same Nothing tasts the same Nothing works the same.   I recognize the face in the mirror but
The darkness of this night envelopes me in its cruel hands I'm swallowed in darkness - sinking into a black put that deflects light or even beauty My heart is dashed into pieces each becoming lost and forgotten.
Have you ever drowned in a dry space? 
Darkness is what you will see When you follow the wrong crowd Life will sadly pass you by No one will want to come around Your issues with substance abuse Will put you on a path of nowhere
The breeze floats my way, as I sit here on the bay.   I think of how much you'd love to be here.   When the time came for you to leave, there was no warning before we took the plunge to grieve.
Alone and stranded on a bare-naked island, no food, no water, no warm toasty bed. The sunlight glares off the endless sea-- my eyes and reality have not yet met.   I watch the first sunrise, cursing my luck.
outstanding or buried deep down under cover of granite stalagmites.that grief so entirely lambasted & lamentedreprehensible- often i wished i could live without itbecause it is cruel& it is constant.
I was reaching for the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, a circadian morning medication for unadulterated energy that defined a young life unblemished by the discovery of coffee.  
Tears, sobbing, falling. Curled up, disappearing. Fading, caught, captured. Reaching, yearning, clinging. A gentle hug, stroking, calm. Then darkness, sleep… But no, wait, no, wrong.
winter used to mean angel feathers tickling red noses and cheeks.   you'd want me to laugh again, but all i feel on my face are ashes.
A little dot here A splash of color there Just add a little bit of "omph" everywhere.   My soul has been unleashed My attention must not cease I want to forget; that is my silent prayer.  
A rose is a rose A heart is a heart A mind is a mind A soul is a soul A person is a person And no one can change that. That in its self, is a victory.
The news I heard was fast. You looked like a doll.   You lay there in white, A cross wrapped in your hand.   You do not look real. You look like a doll.  
Dear Kiersten, I hope heaven isn't just full of angels. I hope there are abundant ladybugs, majestic horses, and cuddly dogs. I pray heaven is filled with beauty and song!
(In memory of Farrah)   Every day I hear the thunder clap. 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi, 4 Mississippi, I count the seconds until the lightning flashes. I hear the pit-pat-pat on the rooftops,
For the girl whose laughter filled the room, And the boy with the eyes, so brilliantly blue, In the silent graves and the darkest tomb, We in the starlight remember you. We remember the way she splashed in the pool,
Today, the earth still spun and sun did rise;             The creeks still flow down from the mountain top. The flowers bloomed and the sparrow still flies,             But still, to me, it seems it all has stopped.
Here's what you've been missing After all these days There's a rocking chair still sitting Outside that she wishes wouldn't stay Here's what you've been missing Since you passed away
Je suis Click, click Black heels reverberate smoothly in sync with the lithe body of a metal barrel shining in the streetlights an omen
So I’m actually stranded here on this deserted islandIt’s kind of ironic how many times I played that game when I was youngerWhere you pick three objects to bring with youThe heat is unbearable
I don’t want to die Not for the pain, but for the loss I don’t want my absence to leave a gap in the cosmic fabric I don’t want my family to leave flowers at a marble cross   I don’t want to die
It burns brighter than passion and higher than dreams a red brain, holding so much more than it seems. Beneath its front it boils and bubbles, melting our most hideous troubles. 
So this is how it ended... Bullets are memories, so you ate one. How does it feel? You laid yourself down beneath the soil. Won’t you wake up?
She traded scars for callouses,and silver stained fingertips,rubber shaving bits sticking to her shirt,she drew and wrote the pain away,for all that it was worth,  
it is cold  the breathe she sighs   freezes  forming tiny clouds over her head; an icy halo.    " so many letters..." she mutters, "so many words just tossed away,  
Sorrow It pulses through me Taking away my life Taking away my friends Welcoming my death   Death I would find release No more pain No more hurting Just nothing  
Can you just get one more chance to embrace her? Sadly, you just can not Your mother is gone forever You will just have to adjust as things come about Remember the things that she taught you
Liz   It’s in the morning that I think of you I can’t seem shake the feeling in my chest Though I thought I was breaking through
Why do you push me away When all I want to do is help? Please let me help take care of you, Since you cannot yourself. You used to be so kind to me, Now you won't let me in. I can't win.
I sit in a room full of people, Looking upon teary eyes and blotchy faces. People who knew him longer than I, Better than I, Who shared jokes and stories and laughter and tears. I listen as they speak,
We walked around with you in our halls Always thought you were beautiful Always thought you were fine I guess it was a lie
I am a little off never quite fitting in mildly autistic a little bit artistic my childhood acidic. I am young the first time I say I wanna die.
3 years 8 months and 4 days has gone by.1,343 days in total since I found out you were gone. Control was lost. Everyone was tearing up while the concept was lost. How are we able to heal after a death of a loved one?
Seventeen: Ten thousand voices grab me and swing me through the Autumn air as I try to figure out how I got to this college campus.
I walked in darkness today My heart trembled I thought of you and I shook How can you touch me through time so clearly YOU are the essence of my deepest secret heart
If I see a day, may I know the night For in the darkness, you hold me tight   Carry on my sweetest soul For tomorrow shall bring us closer still   And though,  
Ashes to ashes Dust to dust   My heart was consumed by lust My heart ate up by desire My heart burned upon a pyre   Love is lost, kindness gone
It Ain't Heaven till you get here   The stars are not as bright nor the moonlight as sweet It is not the same until I find you in my arms   The air is damp and musty without you
From the darkness, I feel your hand Reaching from the mists beyond My heart fails, my mind paralyzed   The room is dark, sheers cross my face A veil into the unknown  
Grieves Grieves the soul Grieves the heart Tarry not fool Tarry not heart Grieves Grieves each thought Grieves the mind Tarry my soul
Do you truly understand grief? It is what makes you set an empty chair beside you on dark nights, memories of a passed loved one.   Grief 
My life, a book closed I reflect, heartbroken Beloved, misjudged   My fingers  They grace your face Tears fall   Empty dreams, false hopes
Why must suffering even exist,That of whih I've been forced to feel?Why must the pain continue to persist?Oh, my soul shall never heal!That night, my friends, it just had to rain
As I look all around me, I think of everything happening and weep; I thought I was free, but it seems I am returning; to the thing painful to be, made of emotion constantly turning.
               Rage against the dying world, Rage against the light, Rage against the sorrows that bar my heart from flight.                 The morning left me winded, The evening left me bare,
Setting in the dark head full of thoughts the voices are screaming and screaming who are you? Do you even recognize this horrible being you call yourself?
You told me I was beautiful You said I made you smile You said, “Take care,” “Be happy, child.” I ran your hand through my hair You said you loved it short It’s longer than it was
I remember it as the day the stars had all hung themselves. The day the wind didn't shake me. The day God died. The day we buried you.
I had a baby.  Almost. I had an almost baby. An almost life of diapers, bottles, little fingers and toes. I almost chose that. Almost.
It was forty-four years ago today when I left your womb.Your death has brought about tears, despair and gloom.Usually pregnancies last nine months but you had a longer wait.
I sit here as a child watching the eyes that once smiled blink out Doubt fills my mind as I try to find a rhyme that explains this sadness ripping into me like rain rips the sun
Darkened is the mind's vision when grievingCrawling about, looking for luster.Unsure of your purpose, you tryand mend the pieces-- clingingto the fragile ideaof logic, reason.Vision finite
Dreams are just DreamsUntil you make them soarA Wish is just a WishUntil you fight to make it happen
I cherish the silence, hearing naught but the breeze As golden sunlight filters down through the autumn leaves. Peace fills my heart as I take in the comfort
    This one is dedicated to The sons and daughters whose existence Depends on three simple words: Get. Over. It. It being them, them causing grief,
  A calming sense of silent solitude             washed over her like the waves that stroke             each grain of sand.   The rays beat down upon her pure skin
Her words were never heard they were never spoken. She created her own language through her eyes, her vibrant sapphire eyes. We grew up together, her and I... and yet she never really grew up,
Slash at my arms, my legs, my throat What God is there to pray to  that creates such emotions as this. I pray.   To not feel, I search for a void to I search for a void I search for
Insipred by the 2012 Waldo Canyon and 2013 Black Forest fires in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
As the days pass, each one harder than the last,  Not a single day passes, in which my mind relaxes, You're running through it all day, my throat still clenches, before every word I say.
Now that you're gone, I sit here and wait, You've been away too long, I'm still expecting to hear you come in late.   In the middle of the night, you tend to cross my mind,
Good grief Why is it hard to find hope? I haven't smiled in a minute This darkness ain't a joke Been trying to find light, but the switch done broke Crawling around trying to feel for a lamp
I’m helpless to help you, 
I ask you a question but I get no response back,
sadness clouds my eyesgrief steals my happiness ah how time flies as I wallow in this madness
I'm happiest after the lowest of lows, the deepest of blows. 
i still find your hairs on my pillow and i stillthink of you when i open the doori still manage to worry if i've left any papers on my floori still sneeze as much as i didwhen you were around
Under tired mist and winter fall
When I feel like I am just playing the part,  I turn and listen to the rhythym of my heart. Each beat lets me know I am still alive,  Every day I have a reason to strive.  Life has a terrible beauty,
When I look at you I don’t just see some sad, lost girl, I see someone beautiful, who makes my world melt when she smiles, I see someone whose laugh just makes me want to laugh right along with you.
He held the gun close to his head."I just want to be dead"
My heart aches for his touch The one I never felt For his words The ones I got to read For his voice That sweet angelic sound He's like a drug Addicting No matter how long I'm clean
Death is such a strange thing. There are people who will have know the person really well. They will express their grief either by crying or by some other form. Then there are other people who will either vaguely know the person or not all.
Pensive, Paralyzed Hopeful, Stardazed Each love a new hope The pain of one’s own heart beat Each time completely lost Each time completely given Pain, vulnerability, longing, grief
A tear, a whisper A shout, a cry No one seems to hear No one is by your side.   Everyone is oblivious until it's too late, Another angel has been sent back too soon.  
Driving home that rainy night, Everything was normal, everything was right.I turned the same way I always do,quickly running out of time before curfew!Almost home, just a few miles to go, 
The wildest, rawest sound I have ever
Everything you feel, it's all in your mind Overwelming thoughts leads one to be blind The danger is real, but fear is a choice Save yourself from all of that noise
Stop! Don't think,Just breathe,It's over,He's gone,He can't see you cry,     Deep BreathStop: the tears,The lies,The pain,The regret,The blame,     Deep Breath
Why must we sustain ourselves and reframe ourselves to bes the perfect image of what others defines as perfect?
Knowing that you are alright my future always looks forever so bright
When I was born you were next to me, Then I grew and you gave me your hand, I remember your look,your dreams, your eyes shined they could talk. Something happened that Autumn your laughter was lost
I'm writing this letter to you,
I've always told myslef to be strong    But what do I do on those days when the tears total to a tsunami; overflowing and chaotic, unable to control  
I feel your presence, when the grass shakes a shiver That’s when everyone hides and everyone covers You paint sinister lines over clouds of silver
Black Black clothes
On the first Saturday, I was a stranger in your house.
Sarah had a little lamb,guarded in pink meadows.A young forebearer, no doubt.A deserted motherseeking to conquer the cosmos.
I can see it all. The downfall of men. The inevitable destruction of all we once held close.   There is nothing we can do, but watch.   Watch as all the hope, comforts,
“The truth will always come out” they say It happened on that cold rainy day When Granddad passed away   Not related by blood but by marriage The previous year My late grandma turned to ashes  
You killed my confidence and left me crawling— Not that I was old enough to know before That it’s okay to love myself and someone else At the same time with nothing to be sorry for.  
I lost my shadow, I lost my friends, Even my reflection is running away. What did I do to scare you? I was always nice, always generous, I gave you everything I had
Sweet child, why have you left these green fields,Tall trees and swaying buildings beckon.Your chilled palms mock my burning cheeks,They'll never grab for fallen sticks and running hares
I cry when no one's watching. So they never hear my tears.    I wait 'til they have gone, 'til it's silent.       'til the silence screams at me.        I yell back.               And cry.
The light burns bright in this dark excuse of a room. There's so much fight Amidst the grief and gloom. Optimism engulfs the wife Whose lost her groom. Though her heart feels strife
C'mon silly girl, swallow them whole
Dearest lover, I awoke this morning to find you had gone. No note, No flower, No sign of your existence at all Except for the sour taste on my tongue
“I had a family once,” muttered the old man through his gruff and straggled beard, in the tone bearing the remnants of a great tragedy that ripped out a piece of him, strewn across the desert and left to dry.
They say home is where you hang your hat
It was a cold March day That's when I got the call And I hadn't had much to say But then I started to bawl
Stabbing in your heart,
You are gone, not physically here anymore.  I know this; people do not have to remind me anymore. I know you left me, I know it happened. But everyone tells me you are here in my heart.
We were two minds into oneYour fight was mineMy tears shed through your eyesWe believed that our strings would never be cutUntil I shredded it to peices and walked away
The pain of misfortune Is one that’s bitter One that’s sharp Not something that would be played On an angels harp   Its more like the devil Coming back from the fiery hell
Together is where I thought we would always be, until that day you were snatched away from me. Sitting on this rock, watching the waves, Remembering the days.   The day I met you,
I don't understand what it feel like for someone close to die.   I can sympathize. I am unable to empathize.   My hand is held out; I love you, I do.  
Sometimes I think you are here   It is in little, subtle movements and noises that force me to question if you are still on earth   I cannot see you, only in pictures  
At ten years old, Little did I know that a hospice was a place to die. It sounded like hospital. Just take off the a, the l, the t, And tack on an extra c and e. I thought it was another place to get better,
It was quite..just for a second, forgot about everything that was surrounding me,I felt myself struggling to move my feet because I was so weak at the knees.I could still hear the echoing of her voice..her beautiful voice,I could still feel her w
I sit in my room all distraught         I think of a far away land.
I see my daddy in heaven, right next to gram, They see me, They know. I don't really see them. 
Its in times like these that I wish I had you right by me to hold me, comfort me & tell me everything is gonna be okay
First came the anger, Then came the grief,
Your eyes, red and swollen, your eyes set to kill lock on me. Why me? Why Me.........
Are you cold?            Do you see?         Do you hear what I must want to say?
I used to fall asleep, head brushing fur to the gentle melody of your steady purr   And I can still remember exactly how it felt warm and safe and comforted, my head on your pelt  
  l Laying amongst these sharp blades
 IT’S A girlThe three deadliest words in the world.So many keep disappearing just because of the flip of the coin.
  Being smacked down Before being allowed to get back up again Taught me something very valuable about love:   it isn’t always a cliché  
She shine like a star, I've given the shatter lights Blind by my lust of blood Gloom through my shadow lung Thus, no words has come up I yelled, I screamed, I shouted I... Was in my nightmare
The smile inside your eyes A giggle upon my ear
Tock Tock Wash your hands.  Remember: paper, lines, game.  Paper: history, English  O.  Did I lock my car? Memorize your lines Rehearsal rehearsal rehearsal. 
Caught off guard; Shock held silent grip; A few sniffles emerged; Red cups in a fence with a bouquet Spelling the words RIP Spez. For the first time Teachers sobed openly in front
When I was young and you were younger, We laughed and had a grand old time. When I was young and you were younger, We thought we were invincible. When I was young and you were younger,
Burning Stinging   Fire     It hurts       Salty         Crashing           Waves              Spill upon the rainbow Trails of black   Snake their way downhill    Cool
He had been 'reading' for As long as he could remember. His mother's voice was soothing to his ears As it washed over them in a soft, murmuring tone. A tone that was betrayed almost every time
Anticipation is a beautiful
Literature is as necessary to the mind as oxygen to the body, Reading helps the brain develop and imagination soar. Ranging from an ironic drama to a jocular comedy, Literature has several shapes, sizes and form.  
    Am I biolar?
Not a geniuine, honest comprehension, Only pity and "empathy", but why empathy if they don't understand or feel with me? Gradually becoming one with this shattered emotion acceptably,
People keep staring I just look to the floor Strangers start talking a few more steps to the door. Beep.. Beep.. Beep. Heart racing; too much noise Cheery smile, happy face.
You asked me if I sang, do you remember? And you berated me for the foolish nonsense on the frail floors? Those below could hear my noise?   And you prepared the suppers we devoured
Eyes of grey crystal,
I blame you I blame you for the whiskey not burning more I blame you for the weed not making me forget And for the cuts not bleeding enough I blame you for the good days and the bad days
I wait I sit there and wait as life passes me by Still wishing that it could all be a joke Time heals all wounds is a famous lie You just learn to cope I'm waiting
One... Two... I love you and I don't know what to do Three... Four... Fear is at my very core and you can't escape this hot war Five... Six... I don't have a bag of tricks and I'm sorry, there is no fix
  What wilt thou give me for ashes?
Unbreakable, that's what I thought you were. Never sick a day in your life until after daddy died. Cancer wasn't supposed to take you away like that.
Finishing a case of beer was never a problem for you As you always practiced emptying the bottles during your free time. The different you that I despised came out as you became drunk.
When people and life give you grief there is some advice you always receive:  “Take it with a grain of salt,” they say.  It’s such a cliché.  And what they don’t tell you 
A young boy, misunderstood. Seen only for a color                                         a tone                                                       a shade.
I feel it, I sense it. It targets all my veins and reactions. My heart stops for a while and I can't breathe. I suddenly start to drop and watch as the Sun eclipse before my eyes. This is my pain. Can you feel it too ? 
Sometimes I'm talking to everybody when I say why, why, why? And somtimes I'm talking to no one at all because I don't want your mellow-toned condolences.   I'm scared I don't feel enough, but
The calm before Yolanda
A word to my loved ones Who still walk this earth: Do not cry for me For this body is only a shell Rather, laugh with me in the breeze Smile with me in the sunshine Drift with me on the tide
  As i stared out into the ocean, my feet covered by the sand, my rope-twisted hair danced gently in the breeze. Then I remembered how this beautiful expanse of royal blue and green had been....  
Judy It’s been two years And time has flown A time for tears And now I’m grown   Empty inside
I grow weary with every step I take, down the endless broken path. My head grows heavy with every breath, my vision blurring through a swarm of tears.  
Mami found a picture of us today.You were smiling as five year old mekissed your cheek.I want to smile, but all I can dois dwell on how cruel I could be to you.I wish I could tell nine year old me
You held me in your arms and told me It would be okay. It’s not.   Its been a year since I saw you last. I always know how long it’s been.   A year seems like an eternity
  How can a box so small Hold an entire person? How can it hold 3 months Of memories, happiness and life?   Holding Amelia  On the bed with mom at the hospital
  “Did you hear? Nothing else matters right now. I don’t care who is looking.”   He nods his head and I can’t help but fall apart. I don’t even try to talk, because a my throat swells in sorrow
RIP 1921-2013 Though my body, broken and batteredHas long since faded away,My mind and soul and heartAre vivid and shall not decay. Though my bones may moan in protestOr my limbs cry out in pain,My spirit is as young as ever,For never shall I wane
And it's really sad, how this all worked out. I watched the scene alter, watched it all fall down. With a tear or two, maybe three.  I can feel them drowning, or is it me?
Nick was a young man with an eager heart that he gave away willingly to the kind natured Sarah They planned out their lives each second with each other and with him came a boy with wide eyes so blue
A line, a queue, is distance ‘tween two points. While the future end of ours did not change, It grew back where we stepped in, human joints. Two hundred souls we saw within our range.  
Pain.It strikes quicklyalmost unnoticedalmost unfelt.It settles in stages-A fear, a sadness,you shiver, you shakeyou feel the heart quakecrumblethe feeling sinks in
I’ll Never See Your Face Again   I close my eyes and try to remember your face Every detail Every shade The pain swells up as I know                 I will never see that face again.
Here lies the woman of dreams who escaped turmoil on the high of laughter, plummeted into the stories sung by written words and tears, and danced in imaginary lands while cowering from the sun.
soft fur fat cat from twenty pounds to ten at twelve years old and still a fat cat in my mind with baggy skin who can't eat and softer fur protuding bones watery eyes
As I stand here, at Ground ZeroI reflect on what happened all those years agoSo many bitter memories on my mindFrom the day I escaped with just my lifeI should be a dead man, I shouldn't be alive
Twist and turn, My body will yearn. Your presence is always near Don't tell me you are not here.   So open your mind and dive into the shallow waters of your heart You'll create a sort of dark-art
He whistled, I think. I can't be totally sure. Now I wish I knew.
Do the dying know that they are the dying? I mean those who aren’t terminally ill with ‘best before’ dates stamped on their bodies. Those who can’t schedule their own funerals,
  I do not think that I can excuse myself From the never-ending cataclysmic cycle In which I switch between the various stages Of love and grief and self-deprivation and narcissism
Death is there waiting. Fuck you, why did she leave me? I miss you grandma. 
I lie in bed at night Thinking of what might have been.  I dream of white gowns and blue flowers. Imagning all the whens.    But the whens never come because the ifs happened instead.
I have to re learn to write because my words got knocked out of my mouth my teeth they no longer speak They harbor mice and those mice  carry my teeth in their bellies
The trees are budding and all is brand new. Yet the sorrow I'm feeling is so strong. I wonder around my thoughts just of you. Hoping this feeling won't last very long.  
Praying for sleep after a warm bath, lavender tea, chocolate jelly beans, things meant to dull pain. My hair is sopping, bleeding into my pillow the pillow with the little angels on it. Fitting.
Blood exits my veins, Like a rushing river current. Bile rises in my throat, Ready to explode from my mouth.   I recognize sadness Radiating from my mother In the form of red, puffy eyes.
  Soldier By Sophie Leveille     He’s undeniably dead, Suddenly gone, And never coming back. He fell to the floor without a second thought. No wish or cry can resuscitate him.
J'aimerais que tu saches Je pense à toi Tu me manques J'aimerais que tu saches   J'aimerais que tu saches Je rêve, j’espère Se voir, se parler J'aimerais que tu saches  
A moment, stuck in the breath of a lost memory. It's cold and will not breath the same again. A heart is frozen, wrapped in born sadness of lost words.
I should have sat next to your bed When the air was full of dread. I should have listened to your sorrow, But instead I said tomorrow.  I should have gave you comfort, In your time of need, 
Clockwork heart. Wind it up and off it goes. Don't get too close, or it might explode. Dormant, it lies, therefore unscathed. It one was new, pure, whole, expectant.
The beauty of dawn, the beauty of day, Like my love, washed away. The beauty of dusk, the beauty of night, Like my love, gone from sight. Like Homer's heroes, like Vigil's men,
And how do we comfort those who are left? Those with life? Those with breath? Can you see the shining light flicker out and slowly die? That is their hope, that is their dreams,
    My emotions remained bottled When the loss broke my heart My one and only mother Had went on above when I was just 16 My voice was quiet for a while The pen and pad became my vocal chords,
War is a terrible monster,      it devours everything in its path,           and leaves only destruction and ruin behind. War is like a spider,      it waits for countries to become ensnared 
Perfect flowers do exist. But only where the good people are. When I close my eyes at night— I like to think that only then am I waking up—and everything else is a dream.
I sat there Unworried, stress free  Or in other words calm and collected about the whole situation Determined, expecting Looking past the affection Only concerned about our connection.
Words that tortureWords that blessWhat shall put my thoughts to rest? Heart held captiveBy the mindFeelings ever left confined Words that tortureWords that hauntConsequence of fate unkind
I traumatize myselfMy white wallsAnxiety hovers over me when patients and people enter 2002It started when she was nine years old,her grandfather was laying there in his hospital bed.
It’s been a while since I saw you last I don’t know what you’d say To me. I hope you’d be proud Of me – But there’s no way to know.   Five years since I saw you last
Cancer,  i had heard about it,  learned about it at school,  thought it was the most boring thing ever. now Cancer,  is a part of my family. just over two years ago, 
bullets streamingclashing minds,killing his and bruising mine,tearing us apart andbreaking timeheart stopped,glitching minda vessel of thoughts ran dry,no love, no trust
Here I sit, ah this black chalice so alone, and silence embracing my every thought,every emotion.  
Days are cold, and nights will dew. Time is passed, memories crude. A morte recalls, that sweet distort. I envy peace, desire heart.
You weren't perfect I'm not either But we made each other smile We made the time count Now it's all gone No more you No more us So I just sit here Writing poem after poem
It's not a burning sensation More like a puffing As though you wish to look down See your eyes fall out of their sockets
ShatteredLittle droplets of my heartSplatter on the floorMixed with splintersOf my sanityI grasp the edgeAs I sinkMelting under thePressureA spoonful of acidReplacing the sugar
My Mother seems so far away from me, On that beautiful white shore across the sea. Yet I remember love’s soft glow upon her face, And the feel of her touch and tender embrace.
As I kicked the tiny, gray pebble in the street, walking home from the park, all I could think about was the fact that I needed to get home right away.
The sun rises another morning, And I kiss the moon goodbye. I think about the sweet times we had together, until you died. It's been three years now since I last held your hand. Losing you?
I write for the women before me Who had no rights to express their thoughts Oppressed through the generations Until someone took a stand
Expectation is experience laced with arrogance. I would be lying to you if I told you that I expected this. Because of this, the impact was cushioned by a pathetic surrender to a philosophy of acceptance.
Maybe life goes on, even with you gone, Maybe this is how it's supposed to be. Like sunshine you'll follow me wherever I go Even through the fog and the cloudy days.
Our life is Fragile, our life is short So when life took you I didn't know where to go I found myself visiting the places we’d been Reminiscing of the times you stood next to me The more I remembered the more I cried
"A Father's Farewell" The final day unknown, When hate transforms to tears, Farewell. The indestructible bond like duct tape rips, As time intoxicates a heart so vile.
Coal black attacks like razor knives, And grips and rips your dreams good-bye. It calls your name—oh countless lives Have no known clue what myst’ries lie.
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A teacher asked: What is Death? And the student answered: Death is that state where one lives only in the memories of others. Some see it as a changing into an indestructible form,
Give me your pain every ounce of it Drop every single drop into my mouth Let me taste it swallow it, consume it When your pain is in me, you are in me I am you, but you are not me.
Thursday morning, just like any other I wake up. the vibe is different. I have yet to find out, but something is wrong
Sadness floats around me Hovering Always with me. Like mist, It creeps over me Settles down and suffocates me. The fog of depression hides the sight of happiness. The shadows are dark,
There is always a gloomy day where you wanna lay in the rain When you lose someone a part of you brakes away
Numb is always my emotion I've become so bland nothing effects me anymore I only cry to know I'm still alive and because I know they're right.
Like a wave crashed down The tide pulled my soul My sister so dear Never made it to old The emptiness grows The pain won’t subside The unseen affects When you commit suicide
Awoken. It was 3:11a.m. The girl stared off into the darkness. The dark hallway disappeared beyond the border. Ring. Ring. Ring The thought of worry twisted back into her mind.
Everything's changed But then again, it's still the same With the loss of a loved one There are wishes for it to be undone To be redone over again With one last chance to say goodbye
If I took a step back to a time where my mother was before my eyes I would never had guessed I would take such a road a road that is so dark and gloomy it becomes ordinary to ones eyes till finally smacked by my own reality a glimpse to the inside
Sitting high atop her perch Brunette locks fly across her somber eyes Gazing down from the tree tops Lights of crimson and white appear
Get away from me. I don't want you to visit again. Last time nearly killed me. The pain; the crying. The worthlessness.
We will never be satisfied. It is against human nature To be content with what we have in our lives. Everyone wants more.
Because I did not die, I mourn. And I realized Heaven does not discriminate age. Three times, I held his hand. Watched him slip. And three times the gun-men fired.
Sometimes I want to dive in to greet the bottom of the ocean floor Sometimes I want to jump off to see what lies in the concrete. Sometimes I want to drink because I am curious about what hides at the bottom of the bottle
A dark hole called home, but it's not even mine. Not living only existing, no hope, no worth, dealing with what I've been dealt. Keep it all inside, the words inside my mouth. We'll all be the same, lying in the dirt.
Listen to what I have to say, mommy. I have so many built up emotions inside of me.
The shadow that covered me
If my heart was singing It'll crescendo lovely notes Repeatedly singing I want a sunday kindof love So I don't mourn monday Leave me broken on tuesday Over thinking on wednesday
It’s the shriek that wakes me. A piercing, horrifying shriek that invades my peace Like an unconcerned army marching blindly under the control of unknown generals,
I'm dangling on the rail of a hospital bed Clinging to you and the life you have left and Somewhere in between hushed breaths and the unnerving hum of the air mattress
I’ve loved a few people That have moved on From this world This existence This space To another Somewhere Far away
I knew that when I’d fall asleep, I’d only dream of you. And of the Last rose I’d ever get from the man that loved me too. And when the night is over, I wake up and I cry.
"But Mom, you're dead," When you meet in your dreams. Your eyes begin welling, hot and wet at the seams. For a moment in time, in a dream's snug deceit, thin, smokey angels hold you in sleep
Memories of you fill my mind. My heart aches and tears fall from my eyes. I miss you more than words can express. And I cry as you're laid to rest. Sometimes I feel so sad and alone,
I've got two guardian angels watching over me. One is named grandma and the other daddy. Both were loved so dearly and nothing brought them down. They were both so strong and lived their lives proud.
Oh how I wish I could turn back time To when you were still here, still alive I miss you more and more each day And nothing will ever be the same I can hardly cope with this pain
Whenever I see somebody with their dad, I feel so very sad. I miss you more than words can express, And I cry more than the rest. I don't know what to do now that you are gone. How will I ever move on?
Life is not so easy now that you are gone I cry every night for I am not as strong I wish you were still here with me right now But I know it is better that you flew up through the clouds
Art is truth, Or so it's been said. I'd say that's up to you. Nature makes art. I know that art is truth. I saw it today. On some beaches, There are two kinds of sand.
The gray cloudy sky, swollen with crystal tear drops, rids of its sorrows.
I don’t know how much Corpses can hear, But if you’re hearing, Some things must be made clear After this first year.
How I miss you Papa I could never describe
As a child In grammar school I wondered if a comma is Any similar to a coma, As an adult Having watched my father ride that frozen black bull too slowly into that Goodnight moon
Everyone around me is losing their lives Doesnt anyone see the grief in my eyes? What are all these feelings that are combining? Most of these feelings that have been hiding.
Inside me there's a life I may not give the chance To live nor To be a kid Nor To grow big I feel you baby Mommy is here Yet please my child Understand This world is evil
if darkness is night and morning is light ill take all the dark  and bring You to My light if spirits fly and bodies weep ill give Your body strength to sleep if wills do bend and bleed and break 
I feel a strong presence of grief And the heartbroken Spirit that has been deceive My painful heart beats fasten
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