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Saying farewell to the night and hello to the day I wake with a groan without a moments delay I get up too early before the sun can even rise To go through the torture of a seven long hour ride
The awkward, quiet, concentrated air fills the morning As the birds try to sing but only sound like sandpaper to my ringing ears I sluggishly move the plush covers on top of me to the side
Autumn mornings I wake before the sun, scrape tired limbs from under the covers, leaving bits of myself behind like raw pancake batter... Pancakes... Is there time to make pancakes for breakfast?
Life is complicated, The world is complicated.   So maybe I greet the day, For everything that is simple. The moments otherwise ignored,
up, Up, UP! Say “hello”, “Goodmoring” Get Dressed, GO! Day-in, Day-out Quickly, forward go, Go, GO! Pass it. Bye.   A light in the distance A Spark in the Sky
What I Want To Be….   I wake up, dead The time , I dread Though I know The time really b l o w s…   The Equations a-wait,
The night comes alive with dreams hopes of a future to come bursting with imagination at what is possible Eyes open, and the haze dissipates, but thoughts remain in the clouds
The sun is so powerful Bright with extra radiant  Extraordinary light illuminates the sky The light kisses my face Oh how I feel the warmth of its embrace I open my eyes 
From yesterday to the next day The future is seen unknown and grey What we can perceive as current time  is actually the catalyst of cause and effect The past, what you may choose to reject or accept
Waking up is not fun,Especially if you have to run.Rushing from home to school Does not make me so cool,    Yet going to school will hopefully make me bloom.  
I dislike waking up early for school, But I don't let people treat me like I'm a stool What motivates me to greet the day Is the smiling face of a past family member, It doesn't matter what people say
Dawn Approaches   Bells shrill ringing alerts me to the approaching dawn. To lift the weary head off a pillow throwing off blankets that offer warmth.
I woke up startled by my dream Lately I've been waking up filled with anxiety again I dont like going back to this Hearing the birds chirp Seeing the light but somehow not being able to grasp it
Opening my eyes is already a challenge. Getting no sleep, has become a bad habit. I see her in my dreams in the rare occasion I defeat insomnia.
It’s 5AM and you’re crying (again).   You’ve climbed, into my bed, onto my chest. You put that cute face in front of mine,   so close, your whiskers poke
The world we live in is vast. The time with in it dwindles quickly, the faster it dwindles, the more regret that builds. I awake to the challenge of not having my dreams and curiosity to drown in that regret.
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