greet the day

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On the days in which my blackness be a burden My body just a container, a casket. Mahogany skin cultivated to hold dead things.
Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. (Genesis 1:3)   A single drop of water creates a ripple in the pond, And the ripple resonates through the waters
Once again My heart has beaten into a fresh puddle of dawn The sun has licked my eyes awake  Chance sits on the other side of my front door. Outside, the grass waits for my toes
The wind whispers as it ruffles through the trees. Birds sing along to nature's tune. The glowing sun shines through golden leaves as it rises to the day. A king to its kingdom.
☼ the sun peeks over the rooftops warming the sliver of horizon visible from my window city pigeons transform into morning doves silhouetted against soft yellow melting into blue  
The ocean, so large and full of mystery, such as a new day, for you, or for me. The waves, they tumble over one another like the many ways, we often find eachother. 
I wake up with a song in my head Can't wait to get out of bed With a guitar by my side I strum a few chords   Music is my energy A force that drives me everyday Hop on the bus to get to school
I wake up every morning to greet the day. To greet the faces that smile back and make their day. A warm embrace from friends, happy to see you will conquer another day.
The day begins and my eyes shine I see sunlight coming through my blinds A familiar face appears in my head And makes me get up and out of bed He is telling me to change and put on my shoes
A smile, a compliment, a wave, Impromptu gestures that could very well save A life such as mine.   Friends to be seen and words to be spoken
Wasn’t it just night outside? I can feel the sun. Somehow I find myself again splayed on the couch SVU still muted on the screen.         Every morning starts like this, in blurred disarray
Today is the day, the day to rise. Rise above all that has been lost, all that has been done. I have been told that hope is lost. I believed that all hope was lost in this imperceptible darkness
You ask, What inspires me to take on each day, Well, he eats hay. Every day roll out of bed and cannot wait to see his head! With a winny and a neigh Sarge, my horse greets my day.
Alarms ring, four totalBegin to peel the covers, the warmth, awayChilled feet push up the stairsDrag the boy from his dreams
How I greet my day:    Not with a smile spread across my lips Or an energetic laugh Making my two friends holler with joy As I spill out a witty remark.   But rather With downcast eyes
The phone buzzes me awake. All i want to do is the classic "5 more minutes" but i know i cant I get up, for them They want to see me go far in life, to take the opportunities they didnt have
What incites the rise from my rest? What keeps the beating beneath my chest? What brings me home like bird to nest And takes me beyond mountain's crest?
The night brought pain    of an ever tomorrow    but sleep would ease the pain When dreams would seem to stretch    dreams seemed so clean, but then    you wake up “Tomorrow will be better” They say    when is my tomorrow?    When tomorrow ends an
When I first greet the day, it’s not a greeting at all It’s a quiet stirring, an unwillingness to face the day, and overall Quite rude When I open my eyes i’m either faced with blinding rays of
The buzz of circular blades, Cry of the time piece, Voice of a feline, And Mother’s melody All pull me from slumber.   The smiles of peers,
Half of what lies in my vision I know,half I don’t Faces I know smile and I smile back They give me a hug and I hug back
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