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In elementary school, administration required my mom to send a handwritten note to excuse me from class My mom always wrote in cursive              so I could not read the letter. I felt like a grown up
Hi, my name is Faith. I am a 4.0 student I went home today, and my mother asked me how school was. Hi, my name is Faith
Studyin' all day Gotta boost my GPA Get to work by five Concessions at the cinema dive Cleaned up the puke and condoms Found poop in a cup Reeking of popcorn when I hit the door
On the first class meeting of my freshman year, I was told that when you leave highschool you are two numbers. SAT: GPA: keep up your grades, stay out of trouble, get involved.  
time on the clock i breathe in *tic toc* and it occurs to me *tic toc* i've been waiting for this moment
It makes my mind go tick tick tick thinking of the things that will make it swift the only thing to get me out my futures what its all about
Bullies,   They push us around, laugh when we're down
As a teenage high school student, it’s reasonable that one thing always on my mind is school Not only school itself, but the lessons school has given to me
The world today is abandoning values We are all simply numbers An amount, a score, a grade What categories do we fall under?   4.0? You're a great person 3.0? You're like the rest
There's so much pressure nowadays On kids and young adults. Pressure to meet every benchmark, And to have X amount of extracurriculars, And to do damn well on the ACT, And to earn X amount of dollars,
We shouldn’t have to chooseBetween our mental health and our GPA,But we do.
The nights are blue, as well as my shoe.  You make me ill i really must spillMy failure to keep my gpa strongYou must be upset the add's not goneThis has no rhyme but i hope i get a dime!
Grades are good but I mean there is no other choice. Academics are basically your only voice. The only way to be heard in such a loud world. A world where geniuses are born with a GPA higher than yours.
This is for you. You know who you are. The nerdy kids. The smart kids. The, “she’s just so bright for her age” daughters and the “he’s always excelled at everything he’s done” sons
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