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Today I woke up and stayed in bed.   In my dream, I died, but it wasn’t scary.
An ugly egg A newborn angel A sigh All enter a room Unidentified, unsocialized Yet the air closes in, closeting hearts Fury, Confusion, Ignorance run in Crowding the virgin
My defender, my first love, my dad.  In my early years you were all I needed, all I had. Then with no waving, death came for you. Alone at only 10, I felt it had taken me too.
He seemed odd to me. That’s what I was told to see. “Don’t let him near you”   Now I see the truth, Does not matter who you love; Just know I love you.  
Not only did I glow, I grew  Not only did it change me, it invited me to see a new view  The transformation from unpleasing to appeasing made me love this new person I was seizing 
Two sycamore trees bounded by a vine who was just a seedling at the time. Where a trailing plant was once relentless on letting loose, Because it was blinded by memories
Being a kid was elementary Inviting everyone to your anniversary A couple of passes for being fussy A few free passes for being bratty   Branching off to a new school Power went to those who were cool
When was the moment I realized I was an adult Maybe when I no longer could place the blame and say it was someone else’s fault Or maybe it was when I could mentally make sense out of certain childhood trauma
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