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  Sans is Pretty dang cool He is very epic Because he is a skeleton So yeah SwaGgy    
I walked up the stairs since I knew that’s where you would be And found you sitting there in front of the TV I interrupted your video game for the hundredth time
A strange person, a new place Commissioned with a purpose Embark upon a quest entrusted to you to lead Be wary of your life force, be not careless   Followed by others who will aid you in battle
Lost in love, I don't want to be found, Dear God I have never seen  an angle this close to the ground. Being lost in love is such a strange feeling, not being found just sounds so appealing.
Gamer Best left in my own Fantasy Made of gigabytes Megabytes Not real Just a program That’s who I am Gamer Call me whatever Freak of Nature Loser I don’t care
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