future job

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One job may change my life. One look of a kid. One smile.   Teaching is what i do best. I thrive on the production of ideas.   The simple understanding a child obtains
Wam, bam, this WORLD is oursThey told us we couldn't do but they were liarsTo express ourselves through jewelry and clothesTo finally be able to take a load off and be oneself
I’m 6’5’’, wear size 16 shoes, built like a bull
A dream is just that: a dream. But what if it could become a reality? Journeying and trudging through the surprises life holds in the palms of its fragile hands, all
Black as pitch,
Kaffir Boy Life as a Kaffir, harder than a nigga You see in my world white people pull the trigger We might share a dead beat daddy But you rap about caddies While I’m struggling for scraps
Frequent struggle, heightening through Without a trace, without a clue Yet something inside me knows what to do With a pen in hand and a book overdue.   To write is a passion
Jittering just at the thought Of another brilliant day, Up and higher, is the only direction
If dreams come true, Then excitement will fill everything I do, I'll work hard for all I gain,
I can’ t paint with a brush  that well, But I know how to paint with a pen and an ink well. My words form pictures that pictures themselves couldn’t describe. Your photograph may be worth 1000 words.
The number does not change, it never changes No, all they can see is that number. The number that distinguishes me from other applicants.
When I tell people what I want to be, reactions vary. Some of them are good while others are not.   "Oh, that's a respectable job, but how will you afford school?"
I am a homeless manenraged at all the voices. A shotgun is in my hand. The hordes are never noiseless. I swear it’s all a game, I can feel that they control me. Never meant to bring them here,
  My ultimate dreamy job is to be a traveling journalist/author writing short stories and the like. Every week I'm in a different lavish hotel, my rooms paid for by a 
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