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When you realize that she is telling the truth that she is getting it right  maybe you'll understand  why I hate my life    hea gonna forget about you and all of us
Petrichor  That is the word for how it smells after it rains   It seems like we don't appreciates The small things in life Instead, We give it a name Assign it to a category
it's been a year a whole damn year and here i am sitting across a gym full of people and all i see, is you your obnoxious smile your loud voice and your annoying friends
it's been a year a whole damn year and here i am sitting across a gym full of people and all i see, is you your obnoxious smile your loud voice and your annoying friends
Close vibration, sounds felt up and down my body. Just sounds - no meaning. But these words soften my tightness, calm hush calm soft calm warm.   I'll always love you.
I fell asleep and dreamed a dream With vivid, bright, familiar scenes And someone new, I knew before But I'm unsure just what this means - I burst awake, with pounding pulse
How will you do this? Where is east? Where is west? The fist fits in the hand and the four corners touch only here. the witch's finger, the little chef, the frying pan
I miss the old days The times spent with you But friends finally told me To find someone new. 'Cuz you sure have changed now But I haven't left My heart aches so much as  I hope for the best. 
to you, who loved me without love:   it has been so long. three years ago You were everything. had not touched me yet
Last night I was perched High up on a tree. The higher I was, The more I could see. How great this view shines Way above the ground. But I could see more. How great did that sound?
Maybe I am going insane. When I want to break down, Cry for the stupidest thing. Cry over the fact that I hate myself, That I will never be good enough for you, Absolutely not for myself.  
A genuine smile stretched cheek to cheek When she realized the haze that had made her so weak Was gone from her life, thrown away just to be A memory: undoubtedly sad but finally!
The whole room shook as the music took over as the figure got up on the stage and let the music take her body under. She danced in a way,  that intoxicated all as she flipped her head, 
They say the best thing about memories is making them,
The most terrible thing has occurred! And there was something that I had slurred,
My thoughts Are falling down my throat -- I didn’t want them to tip over.
I am the opposite of amnesia,
 Our life is full of lies and misconception My presentation of myself is a lie if only if someone can look behind my smiles into my lonely heart if only if someone can tear down my walls once more
It's YOU! It's always been YOU! The one I run to when my life is a mess The one that with a single smile kills all of my stree Your the curve in my smile, the glow in my skin
Get a grip and forget. If you keep focusing on things of the past you may miss out on wonderful things that may present thethemselvesmselves in the present and/or future! Learn to move on.....
How many times have I forgotten you today... Five?  Six?  A dozen times perhaps....   once when I saw a shadow and realized it was mine with none beside it. You were gone.  
we are full of stories to tell memories we store and dreams that we sell soon they fade from view sadly they dry as the morning dew ignorant of a dream's worth or a lesson to which  memory gave birth
i’ll tear your touch right off my skin, wipe your kiss off of my lips, blink away all sights of you, rip every little
It slowly crawls behind a person  Like a shadow in the early stages of life The few who leave early  do not get consumed by something so divine 
I’m trying not to lose these fading memories,Because they’re all that I have left of you,Even when the pain brings me to my kneesAnd I can’t breathe because I’ve glimpsed the hue
A twinkling shade of innocenceA meteor in a pitch-black nightA tranquil glance with adorationA significant message to a blank mindThe blankness at a speckA tradegy diffuses itself
You've infected my heart, My soul, Like an ink pen to paper, Whose darkness bleeds all throughout,  Soaking every fiber in shadow, never to be white again. There is no taking back, Erasing, Deleting, Throwing away,  Cutting out. There is no riddin
Back aches in the morningHeavy eyelids and sore feet that drag across the ground.Another day to waste awayWishing I'd just die alreadyMostly so late assignments become the past
Each day before they parted they told her,“Remember”.So she did,she remembered,keeping their facesnext to her heartand listening to their voicesin the silence of her mind.
I long for a chance to know you again, the way I used to.. To know the dark echoes of your heart, and the pools of light that filled your eyes. I wish I could drown in your self loathing
  Disease: dark, empty. Waiting for hours. That strange thing, of disappearing   It would be just me, if she vanished. The world beyond was black.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, Says the ticking clock. Spiraling through day in day out, What if memories stop. How long before forgetting becomes a familiar thing. Fading faces, fleeing places,
I have forgotten to write it down, That Idea I had for this poem How careless of me! How irresponsible, To have forgotten this great Idea Which once comforted and soothed My aching mind.
Pen on paper, Black on white, Alone and bored on that day I reached inward And created a few companions, They laughed and played On sun-lit beaches As I smiled and looked on I gave my creations
I once met a woman who confused me so, Her eyes were crazed yet sparkled aglow. She lived by herself in an old little shack, And all she did was rock forth and back. Her hair was frazzled and white as snow,
I will yet be so quietly forgotten.
Can't help to not to cease to forget you Can't help to not to try to let go Deep Inside, full of feelings oh so very low Betrayal, selfishness, and fear once part of my past Situations you never deserved
Lines on my arms, mark the hurt I've felt, the blood that was spilled. Scars lined up, showing lessons learned, a testimony made.
she died and it was so strange i never understood how they would say one minute here and the next gone but that’s just how it happened and i feel guilty because i keep forgetting
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