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Every Child Has A Dream, Wheter It's Playing Football, Or Making The Basketball Team.
Mother Hope your happy now Your dream Was lived through your child But what ABout mine Must I repeat this par- adigm So I go Wondering Should my dream stay A dream
  You're told you can achieve whatever you yearn
(spanish version) Siguen siendo noches frías por más felices los días. Le pido a mi destino, no seas tan clandestino, pues me vuelvo insegura. No puede ser este mi aura…
Do not ever give up
I am the one who everyone calls short I am the one who often needs support   I am the black ballet who dreams My dreams are real My hopes are precious My hard work is golden  
Courage, the pride of a lion. The heart of a marine. Something everyone strives to acheive, but many fail. Is courage best earned when it is ignited from love, anger, or fear. The costs can be high but the reward is sweet.
Before I step on the spotlight, I dip my pointe shoes on Rossin. Adrenaline pumps my blood and my senses change; I am not myself anymore. Once the melody strikes, the brain doesn't think, it feels and creates something beautiful.
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