first generation student

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It's been so long since I've seen her.  That little girl I used to know so long ago.  When she was little she sat for hours and stared off into space.  Hoping for a better life, wishing for things to change.
It's getting to me how I'm much closer to strangers than my mama  How if my eyes are unfocused in the morning,  I could easily grab one of my three roommates toothbrushes  How I can't hear my sister's snores from the bedroom next door But the girl
  I feel the burn of the smelly and strong relaxer on my head The chemical takes hostage of each of my natural curls and permanently damages it
Changes are going on And it is a little hard to deal When things aren't what they were. You don't know how to feel. College is right around the corner And you're the first one to attend
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